How to Do UI Testing Step-by-Step

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

UI testing refers to the process in which a designer checks the visual elements of an app to make validation as to whether they are meeting the expected functionality and performance. It is a process that helps a designer determine ensure that the UI functions do not have defects. The UI testing process involves checking graphical icons and visual indicators such as radio buttons, menus, check boxes, fonts, text boxes, fonts and colors. Some of the major aspects tested include compliance, visual design, usability, functionality and performance. For the best testing, you should use the right testing tool.

The Best UI Testing Tool

To get the best from the user interface testing process, Wondershare Mockitt is the best tool to use. This is a tool you can use on any platform you are using to do the UI design. The other great thing is that it allows you to customise your device size according to your specific need. It offers a free and convenient UI testing environment for novice and experienced designers. It features a lot of widgets and icons like buttons, text, image and others that do not only make the testing process easy, but the entire designing process too. Using the various elements presented is not hard, since you just need to drag and drop them on the canvas. In addition to this, this tool has a sketch plugin you can sync with your files and link the screens fast to take your UI test to a higher level. During the UI testing process, it is good to involve other people in the process.

It allows for quick share and preview through its shareable URL and QR code. They make it easy for you share your project with potential users and other team members to do the testing. The tool offers team members and users a chance to add comments fast and pin their comment in the relative area. This means that in case you get a lot of comments from other people during the testing process, they do not get messy. Besides, it is possible for the team members to make changes on the UI design and make comment without time zone or location limitations. This makes it easy for designers to work in remote location.

How to Do UI Testing

Wondershare Mockitt is the best tool you can do automated UI testing and get a glimpse of its feel and functionality. One of the reasons the tool is recommended is its simplicity that makes it easy to use even for beginners in UI designing. With the above mentioned features, you can be sure that the UI testing will be smooth and efficient. Here are the steps you need to follow as you do the testing.

Step 1. Create a prototype.

  • The first this g you should do is to create a prototype. It is simple, log in, create a new project and give it a name.
  • After you have created a new project, you get a lot of icons and widgets that helps you in creating elegant interfaces within a very short time.
  • Click and open the widget panel
  • Drag and drop the widgets to the platform
  • Now you can use the widgets to create beautiful interfaces
  • Include all the elements you would like the design to have. Make the right selection of the buttons, colors and others that will make it appealing to target users.

Step 2. Test the UI by Preview

  • After you are through with designing of the prototype, you do not want to release it to users without confirming its functionality and ensure it meets all objectives set. User interface testing gives you assurance that your design meets the expectations of the users. You can do the testing by preview. You can preview on your mobile clicking the share button through QR code or the sharing link. To preview on your PC use the top toolbar. By doing this, you will have an entire view of the UI design, its look and functionality and find out if there are some changes you need to make.

Step 3. Test the UI by Sharing it to Others

  • You can also do swift ui testing by sharing it to others. You can share it with team members, potential users or other stakeholders. This means them have a look and try using it to find out how it is working. The tool allows them to give feedback you can use to make improvements. Share by clicking the share button and get the sharing link. This gives them the chance to preview and do test on your behalf.

Tips for UI Testing

Like any other process you carry out during the UI designing process, you should make sure that the testing is done right. This is the only way you have a true picture of the UI design you have created and whether it will be of value to your users. Here are some ui testing you should use.

Know the test cases to automate

Automated UI testing cannot be done to all cases. Thus, you should determine the case to automate first. Those aspects that you test a few times should not be tested manually. The elements that are run frequently require automated testing. Other elements that require automated testing include those that cause errors, those that require several data sets and those you cannot test manually.

Do the testing early and often

To get the best during the testing process, start the testing early and ran as often as possible. The earlier you perform the testing, the more errors and bugs you will find. Bugs detected earlier are easier to fix than those detected later on.

Choose the right UI testing tool

There are thousands of testing tools you will find, but not all of them are worth using during the process. You should get a tool that suits your overall testing needs. Some of the qualities you should look for in a good tool include flexibility, number of features available, ease of use, efficiency among others. As indicated above, Wondershare Mockitt is the best tool you can use to do testimonial ui design testing. It is easy to use and has all the features required to do proper testing.

Choose the right people for the test

During the testing process it is good to choose the right audience to help you during the process. Besides your own preview, it is good to get feedback from others so that you can make the right improvements that will make your design better and of more value to the end users. Besides your other team members, you should choose the right potential users. They are able to give you more insights regarding the UI design because they are the ones who will be using it. Such users will tell you what they like about the design and areas you need to improve.

Take time

One of the mistakes most UI designers do is hurrying during the user interface testing process. It is good to take time during the process so that you can understand how each of the elements in your design working and how it is impacting the overall functionality of the design. This saves you time and efforts to make changes when you have already released or launched the design.

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