What is UX Design Bootcamp and A Full Introduction

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:48:18

Learning UX design skills has become easy in modern times with the many learning opportunities and courses provided. One of the ways you can sharpen your skills whether you are a starter or experienced in the field is by joining UX design bootcamp. This is an excellent way to learn since the bootcamps focus on assisting you to learn practical skills, while the normal UX courses focus more on concepts and theory. UX design bootcamp helps put your knowledge into practice and ensures that you also develop real-world skills fast.

What is UX Design Bootcamp?

UX Design Bootcamp refers to a training program created to teach tech skills within a short period of time. Here you receive face to face or online training, a chance to learn with others in real life, and a fixed course plan. You learn the tech skills by attending classes at a particular location. During the UX designer Bootcamp, you get taught by instructors, but you might be required to move where the classes are being held. One of the important things you need to note is that most of the UX bootcamps occur at particular times which helps offer more structure for your learning.

You find that some best UX design bootcamps offer weekend programs or part-time evening programs. However, some require a lot of weeks of daytime classes. You also need to invest time and money so that you can be able to receive focused learning and a highly structured learning experience. They are expensive compared to other types of UX classes, so a good budget is needed. UI UX Design Bootcamp helps you attain your skills and make you ready for your next job a few months after you are done. The bootcamps usually cover modern UX curriculum, coding, real projects, networking, and portfolio.

What can you learn in a Design Bootcamp?

When you make the decision to participate in the UI UX bootcamp, you are bound to learn a lot of design skills that will take your career to another level. In a UX bootcamp online you should expect very rigorous and well-detailed syllabuses that give you the skills and knowledge that you require as a UX designer. You will be taken up to speed with the UX design thinking process, testing techniques, and overall UX hygiene. You also get to learn more about and how to use various designing tools such as Sketch, Adobe XD, Balsamiq, and Wondershare Mockitt. This ensures that you can be able to do your design using any of the tools perfectly.

In case you opt to attend a more hands-on UX bootcamp, you will always be given several exercises that will accompany all the reading materials provided. In addition, you will get a compilation of several learning resources, worksheets, and videos with clear instructions on how the UX design process is done from the start to the end. You also learn how to create mental models, user personas and user flows. The instructors help you understand how to create your first wireframe and prototype using the different tools and applying a wide range of techniques. You also gain the necessary skills to perform usability tests on actual users.

Are UX Bootcamps Worth it?

Are UX bootcamps worth it? This is one of the questions that most people ask themselves because of the time and the money spent. The simple answer to this question is that UX bootcamp is worth it as long as you choose the best one. The bootcamps have strong virtual support networks that ensure that the learning is effective. You find that most of them have slack channels, active Facebook groups, and many other platforms that make it possible to connect online and learn a lot during the process. You also find that some of the UX bootcamps have a mentor who guides you through the whole process, check on your regular, and give new perspectives on all the challenges you might face.

There is a notion among many people that a UI design bootcamp offers only theory, but this is not true. They have a lot of practical work in their well-rounded and rigorous syllabuses. The syllabuses usually have a strong focus on the current skills that any UX designer requires today. In case you need a hands-on UX bootcamp you get exercises that accompany other reading resources such as worksheets and videos. You get practical expertise that is critical for your UX designing career.

How to Choose a UX Design Bootcamp

There are several UX Design Bootcamps, but not all of them can offer you the quality of learning. So, it is good to pay due diligence to ensure that you select the best. Here are some of the factors to consider as you make the selection.


You need to check that the UX bootcamp online has the right syllabus. Check that the materials are updated regularly, ensure the course covers everything, the coursework is well structured and that the materials are created by experts.


It is also good to look for a UX design bootcamp that is fitting your schedule. Note that bootcamps require a lot of effort and time. So, you have to consider your day to day work so that you can determine the best time to attend. Look for one that offers flexibility so that you can attend when you are free from your daily chores.

Check reviews

The best way to know more about a certain bootcamp is to check at the reviews given by others who have attended them before you. Here you get more information about the coursework, capstone projects, mentor relationships, and presentations. Through the reviews, you get crucial information that allows you to make a more informed choice.

The Best Tool for UI/UX Design Online

When you want to carry out UI/UX design, you come across a lot of tools you can use in the process. Among the many tools you find, Wondershare Mockitt is a prototyping tool that most suitable for UI/UX beginners. The tool is a perfect choice for you when you are creating wireframes and prototypes. You can create your wireframes or prototypes for Android and iOS devices. With a clutter-free and convenient environment, you can do the UI/UX designing work without having to do the complex coding. With its simple drag and drop functionality, you find it easy to use even if you are new to the designing work.

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The mean features of Mockitt:

  • Fast prototyping – Create a complete prototype in only 10 minutes!
  • Prototyping on the Cloud - Olympic Games Cloud service infrastructure!
  • A wide variety of design resources – 500+ libraries of icons, components, screens, and templates
  • Project synchronization - 128-bit SSL protocol for data transmission encryption and multi-level disaster recovery backup.
  • Interactive teamwork - Strong teamwork support: Save an average of 6-8 hours as well as $200 per project!

Wondershare Mockitt gives you the kind of flexibility you need as you perform UX/UI designing because you can do it on any system without a lot of issues. You can download it to your windows, MacBook and it is also possible to create wireframes and prototypes offline. It also gives you a chance to embed your app into any web page without a lot of problems. It also gives you the flexibility in that you can easily switch screens and select text copies by use of the preview and sharing mode.

If you are doing the design with your team, the tool makes it possible for you to work on the same project simultaneously. It also allows you to design animation with state transitions on the same screen. With the icon library that has more than 100 icons, you will find it easy to carry out the designing job efficiently. With Wondershare Mockitt, it is also easy to view your entire workflow, do editing, and share the URL of flows without a lot of problems.