Top 5 Free Online UI UX Design Courses

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

To become a successful UX/IU designer it is good to have ample skills in the field. This calls for you to attend ux design courses that will help you gain the necessary knowledge. There are many courses you will find online, some offered for free while other are paid. The course you choose should be determined by your specific training requirements and goals. It is also worth noting that the industry is advancing fast, so any UI/UX designer should move along with these changes. Participating in the ux design courses is a great way to help. This article offers the five best UI/UX Courses and more information about Wondershare Mockitt which is the best tool for UI/UX design.

5 Best Online UI/UX Courses

1. Skillshare's online UI/UX classes

Skillshare is a web-based learning community where you find working experts creating courses teaching on the things they do best. You find an entire section that is fully dedicated to UX/UI design. The ui ux designing course has several topics ranging from web design, mobile design and prototyping. There are general introduction courses and other specific ones like resume design, how to use illustrator and adobe XD. Here you will have a myriad of UX online courses that will take your profession to a higher level. The great thing is that you will get these courses for free and in a simple way, so even if you are beginner or have a limited budget you get a lot to learn here.

2. LinkedIn learning's

UX/UI designers have a great opportunity to learn more about the best practices and techniques from LinkedIn learning's course. This is a ui ux online course that is perfect for you if you are planning to branch out your career. It is a paid course that provides a wide range of classes to assist you change or advance your career in UX/UI designing. The great thing is that for the first month, you will get free classes. For the curriculum guided content, this ux online design course takes twelve hours. You start with an optional course with an overview of the UX/UI field that helps understand all what is involved in the field and assist jumpstart your career in it. This makes the course a great option for beginners.

3. Udacity's product design

Udacity provides both free and paid UX/UI design courses. All the courses you find here are created to teach the relevant skills that most of the top technology companies worldwide hire for, including UX/UI design. The UX training provided here offer concepts, that you learn regarding actionable metrics you should measure. In addition, you also get to learn more about Google's popular design sprint process. For beginners and those working on small budget, the free course is the best option. If you have advanced skills and knowledge in the field, you can opt for the paid courses to sharpen your UI/UX design and take your expertise to higher levels.

4. Coursera

This is a ui ux course created by California Institute of Arts and takes about four months to finish. The course is created with the aim of deepening knowledge in specific areas in the field. It consists of four courses, a practical four month introductory course that is best suited for freshers in UI/UX work. The courses cover an entire UI/UX design cycle including creating sitemaps and wireframes. The first course focuses fully on UI aspect of UI/UX i.e. the graphic user interface. If you want to focus more on screen designing, this is a great ui ux designing course, but if you will not be focusing fully on creating UI screens you should consider the four month ui ux online course. Whether you want to learn more about UX design or want to change your career, Coursera is a perfect UI UX online course.

5. Springboard course

This is a UX design online course that takes about three months to complete. It is a course that does not only collect and share particular knowledge in the field. The course is also designed to help subscribers launch new careers. In the entire ui ux course, you will be able to build your project. You have access to several page designs to add to your UX portfolio. You go through the entire ux/ui design process. During the course, you are provided with a personal mentor you will have weekly meetings and guide you through the course. The feedback and mentorship you get from the UX professional, make the money and time spent worth it.

The Best Tool for UI/UX Design

When doing UX/UI the best tool you can use in the process is Wondershare Mockitt. This is a collaborative prototyping tool that has become popular among many UX/UI designers because of its high level efficiency and ease of use. This makes the tool great even for beginners in the industry. By using the tool, you will be able to design interactive prototypes and wireframes for website and mobile app. Wondershare Mockitt has a sketch plugin that makes it easy for designers to import sketch files and create prototypes fast.

ux design courses

The tool has a handoff feature that makes the designing process smooth from the designing process to the development stage. As a developer, this feature makes it possible for you to get specs and a multi-platform code when you share the link and export all the assets with a single click. Regardless of the system you are using, you can create UI/UX design efficiently. You can use it as you work on windows, mac and linux faster comped to most of the other tools you find online. When you are done with the designing, you can easily do testing of the prototype on your Android, PC and other devices. You get comment and feedback that helps make the necessary changes on your prototype.

Wondershare Mockitt allows for collaboration in case you are working on the design with other team members. It saves you the time to send screenshots or the need to use other tools to add others to your project. All the users can choose color themes, screen transitions and gestures, test application, colour themes and also create a lot of screens. With the built-in templates, it is easy to create prototypes and wireframes. The tool also has a lot of predefined widgets, object templates and combos that you can integrate into your UX/UI design by simply dragging and dropping them on the canvas.

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