The presentation of UX Design Patterns

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Human beings are inclined to look and get attracted to patterns. As people interact with any new product, the brain tries to figure out what they are dealing with. What is good is that recognizing patterns is something that happens unconsciously. UX patterns are designed to help come up with a workable solution to most of the common interface issues. They integrate best practices in design for each functionality, including site navigation or sign in. There are several categories of UX patterns such as navigation, content structuring, data input, hierarchy, among others. This article provides comprehensive information that helps you understand these patterns clearly.

The Best Tool for UX Design

To create the best UX design patterns, you should use the best tool. Wondershare Mockitt is the best UX design tool you can trust to provide you with a positive experience during the designing process and get perfect results. What makes the tool good for both novices and experienced designers is its features. One of the great things is that you can download it on your iPad or iPhone, thus giving you an opportunity to create your project on your device. Designers also find Wondershare Mockit a great UX design tool since it allows for screen switching. This feature makes it possible for you to switch screens and choose text copies by use of the preview and sharing mode. You might be considering making the mobile UX patterns together with your team members. The tool caters for that since it allows for team collaboration not only during the designing process but also for testing and previewing the final product.

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Wondershare Mockit offers an icon library that has more than one hundred icons you can always use when you are creating mobile UX patterns. Regardless of the type of patterns you want to develop, you can always get icons to help in the process. Another big feature of the tool is that it offers all screens in a single place. This makes it possible for you to view the entire workflow, do editing and share the URL of flows. Wondershare Mockit also has a unique ruler that allows you to hover the mouse in all places. This allows you to see the current location with X and Y unit. There is also a rich text editor that allows for changing text color, choosing italics, bold and other styles by double-clicking. The picture filter also allows you to adjust the graphics effects such as brightness, blurring and others.

What are UX Design Patterns?

UX design patterns are continuous solutions to constant design problems. For instance, as you design a website or wireframe for the same, you need to look out for the simplest way that the end-users will interact with your website. In almost all websites user are requested to sign in, sign up, log out and log in. It is tiresome for users to keep on entering their names, passwords, email, and other details at all times. All these problems are resolved by having well-designed UI UX patterns. A good website is one that only takes user the shortest time to find or do what they want. The patterns allow for websites that are user friendly.

UX patterns are effective in ensuring that users find solutions fast. They help reduce cognitive strain users face when accessing the web. With the patterns, the users do not have to think a lot regarding the next step to take to move forward. The patterns make them be familiar with a given interface. The patterns are useful since they offer a common language for the designers. As you do the designing, you just need to mention the name of a certain pattern to allow quick communication of your idea and avoid misunderstanding.

What does Dark UX Pattern Mean?

Dark UX patterns refer to deceptive UX interactions that are created to trick or mislead users to do something they are not intending to do. It is used mostly in the ecommerce industries on the intent. The main aim of using dark patterns UX is to help the ecommerce businesses get more subscriptions, generate high sales and achieve a high number of interactions. Business owners and designers began using these patterns to try and manipulate the end-users. Dark UX Patterns are sneaky and complex in nature.

One of the things you should know is that dark patterns UX are not mistakes, so you should not think that the creator is sloppy or lazy. The patterns are created carefully with in-depth knowledge of how human psychology works. The designers do not have the interest of the user in mind, but to trick them take an action that might not offer value to them. Dark patterns UX have been there for a long time, and you do not only get them on the internet. They might also include the web pop-ups that come informing you have won a prize. Thus, users are always required to take care to take any action requested by designers to avoid falling into this trap.

Differences between UI Patterns and UX Patterns

Most people confuse UI patterns and UX patterns and find as if they are the same, but, they are not. UX navigation patterns focus on identifying the need of the users. After identification of the need, a rough sketch is drafted that is then validated through a thorough test. The final design is then built when both the model and value proposition are validated. On the other hand, UI patterns focus more on the feel and look of the design. It aims to allow people to interact more smoothly with the website.

UX navigation patterns make the interfaces valuable, while UI makes the interfaces appealing. UX designer aims to create a product that is valuable to end-users. On the other hand, UI designer aims to make the site easy to use by guiding users, allowing them to know what to do and when to do it to help meet their set goals.

UX patterns assist users in achieving their goals, while UI pattern aims to create an emotional connection. Therefore, UX aims to help users get the solutions they need by visiting a website. UI helps make the site appealing to them so that they can visit, stick to it as they do their stuff.

Top 3 Sites for UX Patterns

1. QuickBooks

QuickBooks are the top-selling financial software, with a perfect web-based interface. It allows its user to access a convenient dashboard from the landing page. The home page provides more details about the various features with the entire product. QuickBooks work on any kind of device, this means that the user can get critical financial information from laptop, desktop and all mobile devices. In addition to its rich features it offers to the users, the site offers a simple interface to navigate. Users can get what they want fast; this means that the site offers value to all its visitors, making it a top 3 site for UX patterns.

2. PayPal

PayPal is another top UI UX patterns site. The website is updated using best practices that make it valuable and easy to navigate for the users. It has a well-streamlined interface and allows the users to get specific functions such as generating reports or copying invoices easy. In addition to this, PayPal is clean and presents information with no fancy images or unworthy features. All the details are clear, and you do not have to go through a lot of hassles trying to look for buttons for clicking to take the necessary steps regardless of the action you want to take.

3. Google store

Like most of the other best UX sites, Google store has a minimalist design that makes it easy for users to find what they want fast. Another aspect that makes it to be at the top is its speed. It has a fast loading speed that makes it attract a lot of visitors. This has helped it rank since it does not have high bounce rates. Google store also has a simplified checkout process, thus eliminating unnecessary queries. These qualities appeal to most users. This leads to high-level satisfaction with the store and high referral rates and repeat clients.