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Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

A UX design portfolio is not only the story of your design journey but, more importantly, a gateway for future destinations. You never know who’s going to be looking at your UX portfolio and ask you to head their next major design project. That’s why it’s so important to have a website to showcase your UX portfolio examples and really put your talent out there for others to see. As such, a UI UX portfolio is a powerful marketing tool to garner new clients by telling a visually compelling story of how you got to that point in your design journey. This article looks at some of the very best UX design portfolio websites out there. Appropriate credit goes to the owners of these websites who have shared their work for everyone to appreciate.

World's Best 5 UX Design Portfolio Websites in 2021

1. Vandana Pai

ux design portfolio


One of Spotify’s in-house senior product designers, Vandana Pai, lives in NYC. Her UX design portfolio has a very relaxing and ambient feeling to it, as you can see. Her UI UX designer portfolio website is called and showcases her best work across different genres. One of the things about the website that strikes you immediately is the simplicity of its design, which speaks volumes about Pai’s own philosophy of connecting with and understanding people.

2. Simon Pan

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Having worked with well-known brands like Amazon Prime Music and Uber, Simon Pan currently works at Alphabet, Inc. on the Google News design team. While with Uber, he was picked to be part of the team that refreshed the Rider app and made the pickup experience more suited to the fast-growing behemoth that the ride-sharing company has become today. His portfolio perfectly showcases his creative abilities and markets his UI portfolio in a powerful way.

3. Jason Yuan

ux designer portfolio

Source: Case Study Club

Jason Yuan is best known for his “Apple Music Case Study”, which he developed after he was rejected by Apple. Prompted by several readers of his case study, Yuan finally agreed to become an intern at the very company that initially rejected him. That’s perseverance for you! We’ve showcased Yuan even though he doesn’t currently have his own UX design portfolio website because it’s a classic tale of the hard life a design student has to go through in order to succeed in a competitive space, and we felt that he has it in him to succeed.

4. Kyson Dana

ui ux designer portfolio


Some of the iconic brands that Kyson Dana has worked with include SolarCity, Adobe, and Rivian. His UI design portfolio is a powerful story of his design journey as a lead UX designer, product designer, senior designer, art director, and senior art director.

5. Gloria Lo

ux portfolio examples

Source: GloriaLo.Design

One of the things that pop out when you see Gloria Lo’s website is the interactive nature of the home page. Bring your mouse over the words ‘design’, ‘sing’, ‘paint’, and ‘write’ and you’ll see them changing colors and backgrounds. This high-impact approach is ideal for clients who want to see upfront what their potential new UX designer can bring to the table.

The Best Tool for UX Design

All these UX designer portfolios are fantastic examples of what the best UX portfolios should look like. We just can’t wait to see what Jason Yuan puts up when he’s completed his first few design projects! But there’s something common between all these great designers who are at various stages of their design journey, and that’s the fact that all of them had the tools to turn their designs into reality. If you want to become a designer or you’re a designer looking to create a UX design portfolio, you should seriously consider switching from your current design tool to Wondershare Mockitt.

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Wondershare Mockitt is chiefly an online solution for UI/UX design and prototyping. Its comprehensive features, collaborative nature, and user-friendly UI make it ideal for beginners and professionals alike. While senior designers will love the rich asset libraries, customization options, collaboration tools, and developer handoff capabilities, new users will love the intuitive interface and how easy it makes the design and prototyping process.

Breathe life into your prototypes by using dynamic widgets and tons of ready-to-use transitions, animation effects, and gestures. Your prototypes will be fully interactive and help your client make those critical decisions to take things to the development stage. The preview and feedback features tighten the loop between the designer and other stakeholders and help deliver rapid turnaround times for design reiterations.

Wondershare Mockitt is a godsend for developers as well because it ensures that the designs all have the required specs, code, and documentation when it’s time for the handoff. Designers can quickly inspect code and download packages so they can start working on the backend functionality of the UX prototype.

Most of all, designers love this tool because it turns a complicated process into a simple one mainly involving drag-and-drop, double-clicking, and other simple actions to give powerful results. Try Wondershare Mockitt today and create a UX portfolio website that will blow everyone’s mind and immediately shortlist you for their design team.

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