Top 10 UX design tools

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:48:54

UX design tools are something that has its focus on the user experience. It deals with how the users will view the design. It builds the structure of the design as well as the way some users will experience it. There are a lot of best UX tools that make the process faster and easier. This article will specifically target those who are both beginner and a designer to help them progress.

The top 10 best UX design tools are as follows: -

1) Wondershare Mockitt -

ux design tools

It is a collaborative prototyping tool. It is the go-to tool for many UI/UX designers and product managers. It has multi-platform prototyping with multiple widgets and drags drop features. Many people can work on the same project and edit it.

It has a handoff feature and multi-resolution image export.

2) Sketch-

If you have been a designer, you might have heard of this free UX tools . There are various ways through which you can make changes here. You have library styles, layouts, text styles, alignments. You can make your own prototypes and save them for future use. It is a very easy process. There are third-party plugins, which makes the tools for UX easier to use.

3) Invision studio-

It has easy to useUI UX design tools. It has an easier communication interface. It has collaboration features that allow you to receive feedback so that you can make necessary changes as you progress. It has a whiteboard that allows other people to interact and share their ideas.

4) Axure-

It keeps track of workflow in the wireframe. It has a user-friendly interface. It has great communication, and it provides everyone to keep their work up to date. It is a great option for designing.

5) Craft-

ThisUX design online toolis an extended version of invision. It has various styling, editing features, which gives you a great experience. You get access to Getty and iStock photos that let you design better layouts. What interesting is you can bring your content from other sources as well?


It has many designs, layouts, and templates to help you achieve a good design. It has a smooth collaboration process. It has commenting and video feedback feature as well. It has associated itself with well-known testing products like Lookback, Userlyrics, and validated.

7) Adobe XD-

It has sophisticated UX tools for designers. At the same time, it has basic features where beginners can work. It is one of the most highly rated design platforms. It offers you real-time collaboration. It has vector-based free UX design tools for wireframes and mock-ups.

8) Marvel-

It makes designing very easy. It has both simple layouts as well as professional level layouts. It has a feature called handoff that gives developers the HTML code and CSS styles.

9) Figma-

It has dynamic wireframes and mock-ups. It allows multiple users to work on a single project, view them, and give feedback. You get to see the edit and inputs of a particular project. It gives access to all the project members. It is free for individual use.

10) Origami studio-

This was built by Facebook designers. It is for those people who are professionals and more advanced in the designing world. It integrates well with a sketch and lets you copy-paste them directly.

To choose the perfect UX designer, you must look for something very easy to use while serving your purpose. It should guide you to achieve the perfect design. Wondershare Mockitt does exactly that. It is a very user-friendly interface with tutorials that are very productive and helpful and is of low cost.

How to Choose the Best UX Design Tool?

When you want to choose the best UX design tools for yourselves or your company, you will have to be vigilant. As the designers' job is quite complex, you need to give them the right tools to produce the best outcome.

The tool is one of the best platforms to design the UI and UX of your client and customers. It gives you handy designs and a user-friendly platform to implement your ideas successfully. The prototype tools will allow your designers to implement your client’s idea marvelously. It helps you in building a unique and incredible app or website and test it thoroughly.

Here are certain features that you must know of this tool:

Asset Library: It helps you and your team work on abundant assets across the platform by making the use of templates for free.

Design: You can quickly design prototypes of your app and websites quite easily without having any coding knowledge.

Effective Presentation and Review: When designing an app or website, you need to show it to your clients. This platform allows you to do so for free in preview mode and perform modifications easily.

Other features also include handoff, cloud editing, and multi-member collaboration. These are some reasons why the tool stands out of the crowd.