What is UX Testing and How to Do UX Testing

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

History is proof that any application that performs well is highly user-friendly. User experience UX testing is hence a critical factor in determining the success of any app.

How does the customer select between two apps with similar services? The answer is simple; the app with better UX always wins over the other. We'll discuss what makes a fantastic app UX. Furthermore, we'll go over how to do usability testing in detail.

What is UX Testing?

UX testing or user experience testing is a method to determine the possible user-friendliness of a software app. Usability testing is collectively an analysis of qualitative and quantitative analysis. Concept testing is usually a part of the SDLC's early stages (Software Development Life Cycle).

UX testing thoroughly scans through the services of an app. It evaluates the app acceptance by the end-user. After all, the ultimate goal is to attract more people to stay on the application.

What comes under user experience?

User experience is an umbrella term for the following and leads the way to the success of any company's app and services:

  • Usefulness: Usefulness of any app means it should solve the problem of the user.
  • Usable: The app's learning curve should grow naturally without minimal external guidance.
  • Desirable: The app should appeal to the user emotionally and visually. It must convey the brand image. In addition to it, the services must be on display and easy to avail for the app user.
  • Findable: The app services must be easy to find and locate. Navigation must be easy for the user at all times.
  • Accessible: The software app must incorporate alt text for images, for accessibility. The headings/ structured content also plays a significant role in making the features more readable.
  • Credible: Your app must establish a trust factor with the user. With it, the customer will make in-app purchases or avail the services.
  • Valuable: The app should contribute value addition to the user's life.

The Best UX Testing Tool

We have learned so far that concept testing UX is beneficial and critical to an app's success. Firstly, the ultimate user experience or UX testing is paramount. Moreover, it is worth paying attention to the details. We'll recommend a wonder-tool to make this process easy.

Wondershare Mockitt is a prototyping tool that can make the process of usability testing easier for you. Above all the cool features it offers, you don't even have to code! With Wondershare Mockit, you can design app layouts quickly and save significant time that goes into app design. Lastly, app design and user experience go hand-in-hand. It is wise to consider these together in one go.

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The unique Wondershare Mockit features that you can start using today:

  • The design process to create wireframes and prototypes is easier than ever before! The simple drag and drop interface is the design community’s favorite.
  • Interaction elements like animation support are available on the tool. You can preview all possible screen links too; solo or with your team.
  • Inspect & Discussion with seamless communication is convenient with in-app features.
  • Templates inside the library are industry-specific. Also, you can customize the elements like buttons, etc.
  • The cloud collaboration feature lets you resume the design process from where you last left.
  • Enterprise Solutions makes it easy for the project members and teams to collaborate efficiently.

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How to Do UX Testing?

Wondershare Mockit is a handy tool that lets you do user experience testing as you design. Here are the detailed steps on how to do UX testing with Wondershare Mockit:

Step 1. Create a prototype

  • Login-in to Wondershare Mockit, or sign up. Now, select “Create Prototype.” You will get an option to choose from the available list of platforms (iOS/ Android/ TV) for which you are creating a prototype.

Tip: You can resize the project to your liking.

  • Now continue to add widgets and icons for all your app screens.

Tip: You can also change the shape to triangle, square, and so on.

  • From the Link Panel, you can add links between the screens to make your project a cohesive set. You can drag and drop from the left panel into the target space.

Step 2. Test the UI by Preview

After linking all screens, it's time to review what you've made. Here you can easily work out the navigation flow of the app. The app functionality and screen navigation is easy to assess on this stage. In addition to it, for all changes, you can go back to the project canvas. Lastly, you can tweak your project elements and make edits to your linking.

There are three modes of preview on Wondershare Mockit:

  • Preview on PC

Click "Preview" on the top toolbar. Now you can easily interact with the prototype on your PC and test the screens.

  • Preview on mobile

You can download the Wondershare Mockit app on your mobile device to get a preview of your project. Alternatively, you can click on the sharing link to generate a QR code that you can use to preview the prototype.

  • Preview offline

The three offline preview options with Wondershare Mockit are:

  • Click "Download" and download "HTML5 ZIP".
  • Click "Download" and download "Android APK".
  • Download the Wondershare Mockit Player on your mobile device to view the project for later offline viewing.

Step 3. Test the UI by Share it to Others

You can share your prototype with others using the method explained above. You can go ahead and click on “Share” to get a scannable QR code in order to view the prototype and project in general.

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Tips for UX Testing

Some convenient tips for UX testing are:

  • Keep usability testing UX in mind and keep your app design neat and easy to understand.
  • Start testing on the early stages of design to make changes(if any).
  • Select an appropriate user-base that is likely to interact with your app and services.
  • Pay attention to the critical features of the app.
  • Keep bandwidth, connectivity in consideration of app performance.
  • Conduct in-depth research before testing your app. Do testing on competitor’s app to get a clue of what to look out for on your app while testing.
  • Do a five second rule testing. Here you can evaluate if on landing the app, are you able to understand the services you offer over a short duration of 5 seconds.
  • Do negative testing.
  • Do tree testing on your app services.

These were some of the common testing checklists and tips that can help you do better testing on your app prototype.


User experience plays a huge role in customer satisfaction and hence the app’s success. If of hence utmost importance to keep the app functioning in coherence with app design. A good app design will empower your platform to attract and retain customers.

UX testing is a powerful way to understand if the app will be a hit or a miss. It is a rocket-launcher for your app development process (SDLC process) and enhances it before it enters the development phase.

To faster and ease-out the design process as well as UI/UX testing process, you can use free tools on the internet. One such free tool is Wondershare Mockit, which is loved by the design community of 1Million and counting members base. Try the Wondershare Mockit tool to make flexible wireframes and prototypes for your web/ mobile/ other devices today!