What is UX Design - Understand It Easily

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:48:46

In this advanced world, the cities turn into tech capitals where you will find people talking about designs of applications. If you are keen to know about app designing, you should understand it’s two fundamental aspects, that is UX design and UI design. UX designs deal with the whole experience of the user and interact accordingly. Like you need to understand an app, the app needs to understand you as well, and experience designs make this communion. If you want to know what is UX design, then you must read this article thoroughly.

What is User Experience (UX) Design?

If you are wondering the UX meaning, here it is. UX Designs stands for User Experience Design. User experience design deals with the interaction between the user and the product or service. This is the UX definition that you are looking for. This involves the features and usability of the application/website or a product and how it works with a user. The interaction creates a feeling for the user, which is the experience that keeps an impact on the user. These days the first thing a person wakes up to and sees before sleeping at night is an application. This much close relation with apps makes us very much dependable on them. This is the effect of user experience design.

There is no particular parameter for a better UX design or user experience since it differs from user to user. A user can seek some other features than another user from the same application or product they are using. The criteria where the app meets a user’s personal requirement will be a better user experience anyway. Don Norman, who invented the term ‘User Experience,’ said, “A product is more than a product.” What makes it more is the user experience provided by the product to its user and the interaction between them.

Why is UX Design Important

Now that you have understood what is UX, it’s time for you to understand its importance. UX design or the user experience design is a crucial part of any design, whether it’s a product or an application. Although there are two major aspects of designing UX design and UI design but UI design can be considered as a part of the UX design as well. It is because the UX designers have to keep in mind how the app works and how it will look like when it works. Besides this, there are some other importance as well.

  • It fulfills the needs of a user or the users what they are looking for in that particular app or product.
  • Provides the most positive responses and interactions which keeps a user loyal to that product or application
  • With a smooth and attractive experience, more users are likely to use the product or the app, which directly impacts the business's success. Apps with better UX design tend to be successful.
  • UX designs provide the solution for a problem or action to fulfill one’s needs.

Fields of UX Design

There are multiple fields where UX designs are used, and it plays the most important part of the experience of a particular product or app. It mainly focuses on the digital and technological platforms like Website, App and Software Design, Service Design, Voice Design, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to create an awesome user experience that can keep an impact on the users.

  • Website, App, and softwarewith a better UX design is 100% capable of attracting most of the target users. Smooth and user-friendly interactions create good communication between the app and its users
  • Forservice design and voice design, User experience is a vital part. Services like Google maps or Google assistant provides us a service by using a female voice tone interacting with its user. Siri, the AI for iOS is also a great example of great user experience where user talks and interact with an application
  • In caseVirtual Reality and AugmentedReality, everything depends on the user experience only. Users found themselves in some other place, or world or condition artificially created virtually to give the excellent user experience of escaping the reality.

The Value of UX Design

The value of UX designs in these modern days of digital life is immense. It is so valuable that the value for the app or the product depends on it. Even the future value or the business plan is also directly linked to it. The better the user experience, the more likely it is going to be successful.

Aspects of understanding the value of UX design:

  • It deals with the user’s satisfaction, pleasure, and motivation, which keep them engaged in the app. UX design not only takes care of the technical part but can also be amusing and fun.
  • It focuses on the usability of the app or product to bring out the maximum efficiency. Everybody seeks a fast and efficient solution to every problem. So a user does not get frustrated.
  • Thousands of apps and products are made every day just to provide the purpose of a person or user. With better user experience and design, lifestyle has become quite easy, and things became reachable.
  • There are several users, and every one of them is different from each other. One might not be technologically advanced, or someone can be a geek. User experience design are made in such a manner that everyone can access what they want with simple clicks and touches.

The Best Tool for UI/UX Design

Now that you know about UX designing or user experience design, it’s time to test your ideas. You can execute that with an online prototyping software or tool. There are several tools available like Axure, Invision, Balsamiq, and many others, among which Wondershare Mockitt is the most recommended one. It is one of the easiest yet convenient tools recommended for beginners as well as pro designers.

what is ux
  • Numerous widgets and icons: – There are several widgets and icons, built-in widgets, templates, and icons to help out the beginners. You can even create and edit widgets as per requirement and save it in the library for future use.
  • Drag and drop: - Simple drag and drop method to choose and add the widgets in the canvas with ease.
  • Interaction:- You can add links between your pages like – gesture, action, or animation to create a better UX and UI design. This allows you to make user-friendly designs yet attractive to interact with.
  • Inspection:You can seamlessly inspect through different projects to inspire or get inspired by commenting and discussing the project's designs. You can also check the work in progress.
  • Cloud Storage: -The option for cloud storage allows you to save and reconnect to your work anytime, anywhere, without any worries of data loss. It also lets you share your designs with others. You can have access through multiple devices and sync them anytime.
  • Enterprise: - Enterprise allows you to connect with graphic designers, developers, and managers from millions of users by which you can create your team to get the best output of your UX and UI designs. This option comes when you are done with designing and looking forward to handing off your work.