Design Your Own Website for Free: Checklist for Beginner

Albert Shepherd updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

It is essential that you know how to design your own website so that you can advertise and broadcast yourself to the world. For many people it has been a harsh task that needed much time and programming knowledge.

Not anymore. With online applications revolution, like the Wondershare Mockitt, you can easily plot and design your first website. There is no need for special equipment or any other assistance. You will choose everything you need from the online tutor and build your site as it pleases you.

Now, this is a checklist for beginners about how to build a website successfully. Make sure you pay attention to this short article to create the most extravagant sites that attract lots of traffic.

A Comprehensive Guide to Design Your Own Website

If you want to design own website you should stick to some rules and guidelines:

#1: Set your site's scope and strategy

If you like to create your own webpage, then you must know what it would be about. The scope and purpose should be clear and understandable by your audience.

There is a great necessity that you know your industry you are hopping in. Your site's design should reflect both your eagerness to inform people and become a natural selling point.

It is also crucial that your site always has a strategy. The strategy means the ways and manners you use to present your case to the audience. Either you have a purely informative site or a heavy selling one, you need to have a precise sequence of the content you publish on your webpage.

Strategy means that you know the exact timing to publish articles online, to bend them with links going to selling points, and expect your audience to leave feedback and communicate with you.

Only sites with a transparent purpose can survive the web and stay there for a long time, attracting traffic.

#2: Get to know the most recent website design trends

Even if you know how to design your own website free there is a big chance of failure. That happens because you have not invested much time in searching and learning, which are the website design trends across the world.

The majority of visitors to your site believe that design is the most important aspect that is going to attract them to stay longer on your online premises. Modern people and millennials communicate using emojis and GIFs.

If you want to have a site that attracts people of all ages, you have to readjust the design of the pages according to their preferences. The trends are that younger people pay more attention to colors and shapes, while older visitors are mostly interested in the content.

Another great thing is to have online support for your visitors. The worldwide trend would be to have a chatbot available to gather the questions and provide reliable answers and solutions.

People who visit your site expect it to have a readable sidebar and menu bar in all possible internal pages they are going to navigate. The pictures and videos should rapidly play and be informative and comprehensive.

#3: You may easily create a prototype with the popular online application

Wondershare Mockitt is among the best sites to create your own website. It has a free version available to all visitors without the need to pay a single penny. People from any part of the world can create their own prototypes and be precise about the audience they are directing.

 design website

Mockitt is easy to install either you work on a desktop PC or on your smartphone. The application remains compatible with any operating system and needs just a few MB of memory space to install. Just a couple of minutes are enough to download and open the application.

Then on the front screen, you can choose between the various shapes of the sites.

If you design your own website free then you must have many options to choose. Mockitt offers a Basic and an Advanced section for prototyping. All of them work with a drag and drop way so you can have everything you need on the central screen of the application.

The application asks you to add widgets and icons to your site after deciding its shape and size, either on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop PC.

Then you can add links between the various pages. That step is essential for your site to have consistency. Going further with the prototype creation on Mockitt, you can create interactive animation and download your assets library and make it available to visitors.

For site creators that are confident with their online web design abilities, Mockitt offers the advanced prototyping section. You may easily add audio and video, manage the Google spreadsheet, create a navigation bar, and even make a carousel for an interactive experience.

Mockitt makes these sound simple since even a novice can start and design his free website without any prior knowledge.

#4: Pick the platform you are going to use

The platform you are going to use is the number one issue for the success of your site. The best way to create your own website is to have a viable platform supporting it. WordPress has been the world standard for free websites.

It is easy to understand and use and there are no bugs connected with the site's functioning. However, there are many alternatives like Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix that have given lots of escalations lately.

Some of these platforms also have an upgraded version to support the e-shops. It is vital that you know which one you would need to use as changing from one to the other platform wouldn't be a comfortable experience. E-commerce websites are also different in support and bandwidth, and that is why you have to know the exact purpose of your site before you consider the platform.

The platforms are sometimes offering their services for free. However, you must prepare yourself to pay a minimal fee.

#5: Decide about your templates

The layout of your site is of great importance. You may have the best of the ideas and ruin them by choosing the wrong template. That is why you should look around and check which are the industry standards for the background layouts.

In case you don't know exactly the industry and the audience you are directing to, you need to select a general template that fits in all purposes. Always have in mind that visitors are quickly scrolling to your site. That is why you need to have an attractive and robust background as a general template.

It would be the icon they are going to have in their mind. The first impression is always the one that remains engraved in the brain.

#6: Have a clear notion about your branding

Many people engage in website creation without having a clue about branding. Especially when you are selling goods and services, you need to have a specific brand to differ from others.

Modern website creation apps like Mockitt can give you lots of ideas about branding. You better ensure that your brand is unique in the industry so that you have all your rights reserved later on. The color scheme, the font style, and the imagery are the three pillars of successful branding. People view a brand and imprint its icon in their memory.

If you want your site to have a clear branding that visitors easily recall, make sure you insist on these pillars' perfectionism.

#7: Content Optimization

A new website, even if created for free, is useless without the right content. After you have finally managed to attract the visitors' attention, you need to provide them with highly qualified content.

Content writing is essential to follow the optimization rules for the Google search engine. It is not about rocket science, but you have to pay attention to the headings and keywords. All your content should be optimized and have some titles meta-description to help the Google bots rank your site higher. The better the quality of your content, the higher your website ranks on the organic Google ranking.

#8: Take care of publishing your website

Publishing is the last step to finish your website creation. You need to check that all the previous steps work and all the requirements fulfilled. Publishing the website also is about creating backlinks to site with higher traffic.

You may need to invest some funds to have your site linked in other bigger sites, but it's worth the money. Never forget that publishing never stops the time you press the final enter button. It is an ongoing process to check the website analytics and make daily corrections to your website content. If you feel that some patterns and icons don't match your targeted audience, you better change them immediately.

Creating a free website could be a challenging procedure. Mockitt has made it easy for beginners to have faith in themselves and create their site according to their abilities and resources.