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Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:58

There are plenty of tools out there online, with the help of which you can create your free website designs. But not every tool is the best. Hence this is the reason we are here. As we will have a look at one of the most efficient website and graphic designing tools that you can use for creating web pages and many more.

The free website designing tool we are going to have a look at is Wondershare Mockitt. We will discuss each and everything about this tool, along with a few website templates that are offered and most popular amongst the ones.

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Design Your Website for Free

Wondershare Mockitt is a one-stop solution for all types of your graphic designing needs. With this tool's help, you can take advantage of free website design templates, graphics designing, template selection, and many more.

Moreover, one of the biggest things that people love about this platform is its reliability and efficiency. With the help of which users would be able to develop high-end designs for their website. This tool does not have any limit, which means you can carry forward free website designing for any website.

Some of the websites designs that can be created with this tool are:

  • Technical
  • Non-Technical
  • Personal Website
  • App-Based Website

Although this list never ends, there are many more such websites that can be designed using the tool. Let us have a look at the features offered by Mockitt the free web design tool:

  • Cloud support: The first and most important feature you get with the Mockitt tool is its cloud support. You can store all your designs, templates, and other such graphical posts designed by Mockitt directly on your cloud storage with the help of which.

With this feature, you will never lose any important file of yours. Hence you can access them from anywhere.

  • Vast library: Mockitt comes with a vast library where you can find free paid templates, designs, and elements that you can use for free website designing. The company keeps on updating the asset library with the latest options so that users can take advantage of new designs every time.
  • Faster designing: Mockitt is developed using a high-end network, hence this is the reason it never lags while designing. With this feature's help, you would be able to take advantage of faster and fluent designing.
  • Effects: You would be able to find plenty of gestures and transition effects within the package. Initially, you will get nine gestures and 17 transition effects from which you can select the most appropriate ones.
  • App designs: Mockitt also offers you integrated support for developing app designs; you can efficiently create designs for both android and iOS platforms.

This was all about some features offered by Mockitt platform, let us now have a look at the advantages of this platform:

  • The whole UI is made in an easy to use format because of which you don't need any type of instruction guide for getting started with it.
  • You would be able to get frequent updates of this tool to help you get new templates and designs for free web designing purposes.
  • One of the most significant advantages is that it offers cloud storage support for all its users. With the help of which you will never lose your created designs.

5 Website Designs That You Can Create Freely

Here we are going to look at five website designs that you would be able to create freely from Mockitt, let us look at those options:

1. ESPN Sports Programming

The first option in the list of 5 website designs that you can create using Mockitt is ESPN Sports Programming website design. In this web design, you must have noticed that the company has used exceptional designs and transition effects, with which the website design looks modern.

Not only that, but they have also used a high-quality picture on the top of the homepage. Moreover, on the top corner, you will find all the important sections that ESPN wanted to show-off with this website, from those sections the user can select any option and the visitor will be directly taken to the section.

If you are trying to develop a free website design for your business that offers numerous services, then this website is worth having a look at. You should try to learn about how they managed all the services and pages efficiently.

2. Mixbook

The next option in the list of Mixbook, which is a photocard selling business, once you visit their website, you would know that they have used light and fascinating colors in their design.

free web designing

Hence they are using such a color scheme because of the kind of audience they have. If you have a look at their significant audience, you would know that parents and kids are the audiences that this business mostly works in.

You would be able to find everything at one place, as they have created various sections such as Photo Books, Cards, Calendars, and many more. With this small step, they have made the whole website look impressive and easy to use, in case if you also want to make your free website design look easy to use, then try to follow the pattern they used.

3. Zillow

Here we have our third option, and that is Zillow, which is a real estate buying and selling website. The developers have tried their best to develop an easy design so that everything that visits their website can directly enter the location and start finding real estate options for themselves.

free website design templates

One of the biggest reasons they made this design look easy is that the more easily website design is, the less time the visitor will take to make an action. Hence right after making an action, the company would be able to grasp that person into their business efficiently.

Moreover, they have used white shade color design with the help of which user can read each and everything without any issues.

4. Revols

At the 4th option, we have Revols, a custom-fit wireless earphones website; you would be able to notice that they have done impressive branding of their products on the homepage. With the help of which every visitor would be able to know more about their products efficiently.

free web design tools

Hence on the top, they have used a simple web pages system for showing-off features and accessories that this company offers to its users. With the help of this simple approach to all the sections, they are able to make more people aware of their products.

At last, it leads to higher conversion rates. As you scroll down the homepage, you would be able to fetch more information about their products. Moreover, they have made it easier for users to understand their products by adding video-based knowledge.

5. FiftyThree Pencil

Here we have our last option from the list of best options for free website design ideas. Once you visit their website, you would know that, on the top, they have added a high-quality image and a slogan that depicts their services.

free home design website

With the help of this small step, the visitor would know what kind of products and services they can expect from this business.