Top 5 Web Design Course to Help You Start Your Career

Albert Shepherd updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Web designing is one of the most widely studied course globally. Reason being that it helps bring the creativity out of a person. Aside this, one has the ability to simply get into it right away without glitching. Most professional web design courses available out there require months or years of learning and training which is often discouraging. But web designing on the other hand is different as you could start becoming productive minutes after learning a specific task.

Although web designing isn't a hard course, one needs a guided online web development course that entails everything regarding the course. There are many online courses you can get started with, however, not all will provide you with all you need to become a great web designer. And this has prompted us to bring to you the best web design courses you could invest in to build a successful career.

Well, those are the top 5 courses available online which you can invest your money to gather all the necessary knowledge needed to build a professional website. But how come we did choose these course ahead of others in the web designing industry? To provide an answer to this question, keep reading.

How to Choose a Good Web Design Course

Choosing a god web design course isn't a walk in the park, but with our wealth of experience, we could make the right decision. Take these tips to start landing yourself the best web design courses in no time:

  • Is there flexibility in studying on the platform?
  • What are the means of tutoring student?
  • Does the platform offer visual learning like videos for each tutorial
  • Does the website offer free or paid learning? If it offers paid learning, is it affordable?
  • How long does it take to complete a course on the platform?

Now let me share with you a detailed information regarding the top 5 web design courses given above.

5 Web Design Courses to Help Your Learning

#1: Khan Academy

The first on our list is the Khan Academy e-learning website. It's a top class online learning platform that specializes in almost all courses including the computer programming section which is our focus in this write up. Khan Academy features a lot of self-guided tutorials, especially with experts in the field giving audio and video guidance of each topic needed to design an incredible website.

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#2: MIT OpenCourseware

MIT OpenCourseware is a great web designing platform that provides an abundance of self-guided courses. It's the best technical school in the US. Web designing as a course at MIT OpenCourseware is simple to learn since the school hires skilled employees with better understanding of computer programming, development, mathematics, and engineering to teach students who are interested in learning web design online. Learning on this platform is fun.

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#3: Coursera

Just like the afore mentioned web designing course website, Coursera is an outstanding e-learning site. It offers a plethora of online courses from several different universities around the globe. Learning on Coursera is free, hence, you don't need to pay while taking any course on the platform. It's imperative you know that there is a scheduled timeline for each course which you must adhere to while you are learning on the website. One problem with this learning platform is the lack of diversification in web designing. You are allowed to learn just Python and nothing else -you can't work on any other programming language.

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#4: Mozilla Developer Network

Here is another professional website designed for learning. It's built by the popular Firefox web browser teams to help individuals who are interested in learning computer programming. The website has gathered knowledgeable developers of all skills and expertise to help people who intend to study designing. The website uses articles, and tutorials to provide lectures for their students. Unlike other e-learning websites, Mozilla Developer Network offers a single course: computer programming. Another challenge faced by the platform is the lack of basic infrastructures needed to provide quality education.

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#5: Udemy

Lastly, we have the online learning platform aimed at providing quality education to adults and students from different culture and backgrounds around the world. The website offers more than 150 online courses which you can choose from. Design, photography, development, business, marketing, IT & Software, and personal development are the major courses offered on the platform. One problem with Udemy is that they have not been accredited -which means courses offered on the platform don't count toward college credits.

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