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There are ample web design examples available at the cyberspace to explore. Choose the best designs and learn about it in detail to present a better design in your career. If you take a closer look at the website design examples you will observe a lot of mesmerizing concepts to persuade the webpage visitors. You must be aware of the quote 'Learning is a never-ending process'. As Graphic designers, you need to update to knowledge and design skills in pace with the digital trends to survive amidst the competitive market. Every website design example is unique and holds special features in it. This article focusses on those hidden design ideas in the below-discussed examples.

Design aesthetic webpages enlightening with the web design examples


It is a financial sector website deals with Accounting, Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoins etc. It is a trading hub and makes use of an effective algorithm to trace the changes in the value of the Bitcoins worldwide. It has won Awwwards title as 'Site of the day' in the year 2018. It is a trading bot incorporating machine learning and data analysis techniques for a flawless operation.

web design examples

Source: Crypton-trading


  • Awesome animations as you scroll down the page
  • The trading explanation is given in an impressive manner

Concepts to learn

  • A systematic and uniform approach to persuade the webpage visitor
  • Neat layout without any unnecessary elements in it.

#2: Reductress

This webpage is exclusive for humour. It is a digital magazine platform entertaining the readers to the core. As its name refers that this webpage helps the readers to reduce their stress level amidst the mechanical lifestyle. When the visitors step into this platform they will disconnect from the external world and spend time for themselves.

website design examples

Source: reductress


  • Won 2018 Webby awards for its humour concepts
  • The entire webpage is categorized with common titles like 'Womanspiration, News, Love and Sex, Living' etc.

Concept to learn

  • In this webpage, you will learn how to arrange many contents on a single page with good readability.

#3: Overflow

The landing page of this webpage has won 'Best Site of the Day' title and 'Best Website Gallery' in the year 2018. This website helps the users to create flow type diagrams to explain the process, procedure, workflow etc. It aids the communication in the organization and the ability to integrate with a wide range of web design tools like Sketch, Figma etc.

good website design examples

Source: overflow


  • Illustration of a flow diagram is displayed in the form of video for better understanding
  • Excellent arrangements of the design elements at the right place without any distractions

Concept to learn

In this web design example, you must observe flexible ways to align the controls, menus, buttons at optimum space for a professional outlook.

#4: Frans Hals Museum

This website design example is the internet platform for a museum located in Netherland. In this webpage, you can learn about all the facts related to the museum such as tickets, opening hours, what you will see, interesting news about the artworks displayed etc. You can also buy online tickets at this space effortlessly. This website is quite impressive and informative.

web page design examples

Source: franshalsmuseum


  • Persuasive webpage displaying the design elements in a unique way
  • The home page promotes the museum's Instagram account elegantly.

Concept to learn

  • Entertaining animation works to engage website visitors.
  • The colour theme is remarkable and looks professional

#5: Movie Mark

The home page of this website is stunning with animations. It is a video marketing agency and the entire webpage speaks about the services they offer to the clients. In this web design example, the strategy adopted to promote their brand is overwhelming. It is a Colombia based video marketing agency.

web design proposal examples

Source: movie-mark


  • This website adopts a unique theme. It embeds necessary information about their services optimally.
  • The videos are visually pleasing and persuade the viewers quickly.

Concept to learn

  • In this website design example, you will infer how to promote the services and products in a compelling way to convince the customers.

#6: Guillaume Tomasi

It is a photography web page displaying impressive images and artworks of an individual. This webpage is coupled with an Instagram account comprising of the immense collection of professional photographs. The overall design pattern focusses on the artwork displayed on its web page.

best website design examples

Source: guillaumetomasi


  • The resolution of the images is simply great. It presents a realistic illusion of the pictures.
  • The transitions and animations in displaying the images are remarkable

Concept to learn

  • You can figure out how to place the high-resolution images at the right place without any disturbances.
  • Discover professional animation patterns to display the letters and images in a webpage.

#7: Nowness

It is a video blog and unique. This webpage is a crowdsourced video blog and had won Webby awards in the year 2017 as a 'Best cultural Blog'. In this website, you can find sources from independent creatives. It serves as a cultural hub displaying stories in the form of video format.

web design examples

Source: nowness


  • Connected with many social media platforms wisely.
  • It is the coolest webpage comprising of a wide range of stories worldwide

Concept to learn

  • A sophisticated way to integrate many social media platforms at the desired webpage without any issues.

#8: World of Swiss

It is an airlines webpage and had won Webby awards for 'Best User Interface' in the year 2015. This website explains how travellers will feel when they fly with them. It is a feature-rich web page displaying strong visuals and animations to persuade the viewers. In this website, you can book, make preparations to fly safely with them.

website design examples

Source: swiss


  • The user interface is excellent and simple to use.
  • The home page is filled with video stories related to travel which entertains the website visitors.

Concept to learn

  • From this website design example, you will learn how to create an effective user-friendly interface design pattern optimally.

#9: Rainforest Guardians

This webpage serves as an activist platform raising voice against the deforestation practice in Amazon forest. It is an awareness platform educating the webpage visitors about the importance of rain forest. This webpage has won Webby awards for 'Best Activism Website' in the year 2016.

web page design examples

Source: arkivert


  • The greenish colour theme persuades the webpage visitors in no time
  • This webpage connects the people with the cause and converts them as a volunteer to protect the environment.

Concept to learn

  • The webpage is highly interactive and you can explore the tips and tricks in making the website lively.

#10: The Teachers Guild

It is an educational webpage connecting the learning enthusiastic under a common platform. This website covers a wide range of enlightening topics to bring awareness in the web page visitors. In the year 2016, this website has won Webby awards for 'Best Association Website'.

good website design examples

Source: teachersguild


  • Intellectually balance diverse content. You can find a wide range of topics under discussion like programs, solutions, approaches, collaboration etc.
  • It displays prominent visuals with clear facts using apt background

Concept to learn

In this website design example, you can learn how to make use of the white space backgrounds optimally to display the desired content professionally without any distractions.

Good web design tool for beginner

The Wondershare Mockitt application is the perfect program for beginners to trigger their creative skills. The Mockitt from Wondershare serves as a good startup tool for the newbie. The simple user-interface design assists the users to explore its features quickly without any difficulty. You can design faster at this space and discover innovative design patterns at its 'Asset Library'.

website design examples
  • Cloud technology to share your design works to other team members
  • The built-in templates help beginners to create stunning web designs quickly. You do not have to begin the website design from scratch.
  • The widgets and icons are customizable and options to save for future use in other projects.
  • Simple drag and drop are sufficient to embed desired elements on the web design layout.
  • It is an easy prototyping tool and doesn't require any coding skills to develop complex webpages.

The above-discussed features trigger you to try out Mockitt application. It is an online program and you do not have to make any download and install process. This app helps you to build a website compatible with Mobile phones, TV, watches etc. You can choose according to your needs during the first stage of the design procedure. The Mockitt app is the perfect partner to reach greater heights in the website design field.

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