8 Award-Winning Websites for Web Design Reference

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:36

No doubt, website design can be an essential factor for your website to become a brand. If your site has a good looking design, then there is an excellent chance for visitors to visit your website again and again. There are several award-winning web design websites and the 2020 nominees that we will discuss in this article. Good looking website designs have always been critical for visitors to visit your site and generate leads. Many things go into the excellent web design websites, but the most important as a user perspective are user experience, visual presentation, and full proof security.

Let’s have a look at the award-winning websites in 2020. Before that, we should have discussed the perfect tool for website design.

Right Tool for Website Design

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Features of MockinBot

  • Assets

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  • Cloud

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  • Collaboration

As mentioned above, you can collaborate with your team members and share your work. Keep everyone updated with the latest web design websites.

Top 8 Award-Wining Websites for Design Perspective

We've have collected the best top 8 award-winning websites of 2020 for design reference. New designers should get ideas from them. These are as follows:

#1: Blacknegative

Blacknegative nominated for an award in 2012. We also love its design and placed this website at number one on our list. Blacknegative has a fantastic interface for the user perspective. This website stands out by offering a great visual experience to the user.

Blacknegative has a unique style and fascinating design for visitors. This website seems slow during loading because it uses so many multimedia content and background music to the design. Blacknegative navigates by swiping left and right to the screen.

#2: Hellomonday

Hellomonday is another innovative web design website that displays a rich user experience for users. Hellomonday nominated for the best design award in 2013. This website also has a smooth and productive design and looks so attractive. However, not many color schemes used in design it seems excellent with fewer colors. And lots of animation used in the website design. These animations are the real thing on this website that magnet the visitors to the site. You’ll see a smooth scrolling experience while exploring the website.

#3: Aquest

Aquest is another example of pure animation work. The design of the Aquest is incredibly imagery and storytelling. There are lots of multimedia, visual design, and all the background music running at the background of the website feels relaxing while surfing. Aquest nominated for web design contest websites in 2014 and partners with Gold Microsoft.

The designers of this website have spent a lot of time with interaction and rollovers on the site. What is it on this website that looks so attractive for the visitors? The answer is the use of multimedia, lots of animation that makes this website more beautiful and appealing.

#4: Feed Music

Feed Music is another website similar to Blacknegative and Aquest; the difference between them is in the scrolling. Feed Music nominated for the best website design of 2015. Feed Music website’s purpose is to promote music internationally. This website is a perfect example of how to make an innovative web design website for users. Consider one thing in mind no matter which organization or company you are working on; animations, videos, pictures, and sounds are the perfect way to gaining attraction for the users. Now, animation and excellent visual presentation for the website is a must thing for everyone.

#5: Paper Planes

Paper Planes nominated for the best website design in 2016. This website is all about the introductory animation of their product. Lots of Paper Planes flying all over the site to promote or describe their product. A bright and exciting trick for them to create a connection between people through tossing a paper plane. The purpose of the website is to use an invitation to your phone or pc in the right corner, a globe spinning in front and paper planes flying everywhere; this website is just a theory in the U.S. accomplish by investing in a simple concept.

#6: Simply Chocolate

A chocolate maker and a lover created this website to promotes its chocolates worldwide. Simple Chocolate is expanding its chocolates to the world and presents an excellent visual presentation of its website to designers. That is why it nominated for the best website design in 2017. Again this website is similar to others we have discussed above in our article. The design is so perfect that every chocolate bar seems to come out of the screen, intriguing to reach it and grab it. Simply Chocolate has a realistic website design that creates an immense experience for the users/visitors.

#7: Koox

Koox is another website like Simple Chocolate to promotes its products through brilliance. Their website nominated as one of the best website designs of 2018 in the field of development and user experience. Like other websites, this site also uses continuous scrolling on a single web page and uses lots of animations and vegetable images.

The website designers worked very hard on this beautiful illustration to enhance the design of the interface.

#8: Maturecananbis

Cannabismature is one of the best website design, nominated in 2019 for best design awards. It uses everything to make the website more appealing to visitors. A colourful website changes it’s background color every time you swipe to the next page. The designing team has worked to create an animation like this; they also use 3D visual designs, floated animated elements. Overall, this website is so reliable in designing perspective.

Well, these were the website and their designs for the new designers to get some motivation to make the best web design websites in the future. Want to create a similar website? As we showed above, use Mockitt software to design prototypes like these sites and be successful in life.