Managing Web Design Projects? Follow These 5 Tips for the Best Results

Albert Shepherd updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

There are three responses to a piece of design: YES, NO, and WOW! If you want to get the last reaction for your web designing projects, stick with us until the end. But getting to that Wow factor is easier said than done. Organizations look towards vivid images, sliders, flashy color schemes all because they want to look cool.

But, looking cool should not steer your web design project management. Add purpose, objective, and customer personification alongside attempting to look cool. In the business world, looking great and pretty does not catch the fish that you want. Until and unless your website does not resonate with the customers and does not have good UI/UX, it just won't work.

To make web designing projects work, you need to go for performance excellence and that too with style. Here's how to do it. First, we will talk about the tool that will make everything possible.

Collaboration Design Tool For Your Website

Wondershare Mockitt is a new age cloud tool that is going to simplify and enhance your ability to create business-oriented web designs. Not only do you get access to a multitude of tools and integrations, but Mockitt also brings together several other expert features like preview, handoffs, and real-time collaboration. Since we are talking about web design project management, our focal point of this discussion will be the collaboration ability of Mockitt.

adobe xd alternative

#1: Platform Specific Functionalities

Mockitt hosts a complete set of tools to aid in website designing projects. You can either start creating your own designs from scratch or use the customizable templates. The best part is that all the screens, icons, badges, buttons, fonts, and everything else is perfectly aligned to the platform's size and dimensions. So, if you choose iPhone XR before starting to make the design, the tools and items that you will get will be adjusted to the default size.

#2: Multi-Member Project Management

Two minds are better than one. Mockitt allows the entire web design project management tool to come together on a single platform. So, if one member of the team is good at creating vectors, the other can work on improving the color palette. Similarly, another guy can work on the transitions and animations so that everything is done with perfection.

#3: Live Website Testing

One of the key components of Mockitt is that you can test run the website before sending the design to the development team. Experiencing how the website works beforehand will save a lot of time, effort, and money that will be spent at a later stage for corrections and edits.

Lastly, with Mockitt, you will be able to follow the significant tips for designing and realize the best web design projects. What are those tips you may ask? Well, here you go!

5 Tips for Web Designing Projects

#1: Tips for Web Designing Projects: Tell a Story

Your website is akin to a story, a saga that you wish to share with your customers and attract them to interact with it on a larger scale. Just like every story needs to captivate the spectators from start to finish, every web design project needs to have a great introduction to the business and relevant to the audience.

Always create a design that helps you stand out and helps the users understand and resonate with the message you are sending across. Most importantly, do not go for the super cool impression, wanting to create the magnum opus of the website designs.

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Image source: Pixabay

It is about creating a balance between the design and content. Both of these factors must not overshadow each other. Instead, they must add to each other's understanding.

Most importantly, telling a story also implies that you must create a deep understanding of what you want to convey to the viewers. Different businesses have a varied notion of the true meaning of success. Mockitt allows the entire web design project management team to work together, and this is the right time first to define what is ‘Success.'

This is imperative to save everyone from "This is not what I was looking for" conversation. Define your story, follow it, and achieve success.

#2: Tips for Web Designing Projects: Solve a Problem for your Audience

No, we have not talked about it in the first point. Setting a goal for yourself or working towards the goals set forth by the client to execute the best web design projects are different. Here, we will focus on what problem your website is solving for the user or audience. In other words, what kind of User Experience or UX you are able to create.

It takes a lot of effort and strategizing to discover that one key aspect that will hook your audience towards your brand and product in an instant. For an eCommerce store, that key aspect can be bringing the latest product to the customer at the lowest price.

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Image source: Freepik

In another scenario, if it is a coworking space's website, they solve a multitude of problems for the customers, but one thing that makes them stand apart can be anything from free parking to free beer or free lockers. Identification of the problems faced by the target audience and solving that problem, plus sharing it on the website, will get the attention your business requires.

Understand that behind every successful home-based web designing projects, there are stacks of research and key aspects that need to be addressed.

#3: Tips for Web Designing Projects: Don't Deviate from the Established Web Standards

The urge to build a website and, more importantly, to present something new drives us to bypass the set industry standards. As a simple example, 89% of the viewers on the web are habitual of seeing the logo on the top left of the page.

This is a sort of convention that almost the entire industry has been following, and thwarting it is not barred, but it just asks the user to do extra work. Ultimately, such deviations may have an impact on the UX.

More importantly, following such tactics do not bear fruit, you might be complicating things in the name of "trying something new." It is also important to be consistent with A/B testing the design aspect.

The difference between the two is that you must try to make changes or innovate with the existing pattern of the website design. This means the positioning of some elements like the cart button on eCommerce stores, Contact information at the bottom, sign up button, the search bar on the top, and so on.

These are the deep-set industry standards, and the final pattern might change with the type of website you are working on, but the core placements should not be changed.

#4: Tips for Web Designing Projects: Speed and Choices

One of the key aspects of building a website is looking after its speed. It has been proved and authenticated by Google and Bing that slow loading websites have a higher bounce rate.

The best web design projects take note of everything to build a credible website. This includes performance, time to click, query refinement, clicks overall, pagination, and satisfaction. Well, all these terms are a bit technical, but on the whole, they point towards the UI and UX of your website.

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Image source: Freepik

As long as you steer your website development towards curating the best UI and UX for the users, it will be great.

The second important aspect of building a website is not giving your viewers a lot of choices. Do you know what Hick's Law?

Hick's Law relates to a conundrum that you might be creating for your users by presenting them with a lot of choices. Based on this law, there is a Jam Tasting Study conducted in a supermarket. The set of customers who were given 24 jams to taste and check, only 3% of them bought the product.

In contrast, the set of customers who were given only six jam varieties to taste and check, 30% of the customers from that set bought the product.

The principle is simple: Do not fill your website with too many choices that will eventually confuse the viewers. This means that you should limit the menu items, have fewer fields in the form, focus on a single CTA, and make sure that every page has a single goal to fulfill.

#5: Tips for Web Designing Projects: Responsiveness

One of the best things about tools like Mockitt is that they will let you develop fully responsive web designing projects. A responsive website is compatible with every platform and every operating system.

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Image source: Freepik

This ensures that no matter from which device or OS your viewers are coming to the website, they will end up engaging with your business on a better scale. There is no doubt in the fact that the majority of the customer footprint is on the mobile.

However, creating a responsive website will certainly help you cover all the grounds in this matter, ensuring a potential customer or client does not bounce off without interacting with your online storefront.