The Best 5 Websites About Design That Will Inspire

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:49:41

Everyone has the right to have access to any website about design. It is crucial to have your website to promote your goods and services. Not to mention, that you should be able to build it yourself through free tools.

Modern technology gives you the chance to become a website building specialist and can offer you the best opportunity to differ from others on the market.

Let's check the blog about web design that is going to make a difference for you. Here is the shortlist to make your decision easier.

The top 5 websites about design that make a difference

These are some of the best websites about design readily available to serve you online:

#1: Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt is one of the most famous online free sites about web designing. You can easily start without having a particular knowledge on what you need to start creating a website.

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It has thousands of templates for you to use. There is also the option to import scripts from other sources on your desktop. Then simply drag and drop them where you like in the site that is getting built.

Mockitt is also a free web design site that can automatically adjust the environment to the desired size of the screen. No matter if you choose to deal with smartphones, tablets, or desktops. It can change its creating filter to match the real icon of your site.

Not to mention, that encryption and data security are at the highest level with Mockitt. You can always have others to comment on your site screens and choose the fonts and sidebars of your site using others' experience.

The main screen is easy to follow, and you can simply drag and drop anything you find useful in the original icons. Mockitt also has an automated corrector for your mistakes and can also communicate with the dedicated server.

It seems like when using Mockitt; you can have your site rank higher in search engines. That is useful for people who would like to advertise their products and services to others and need to be more identifiable than others.

Mockitt can also support multiple languages and gives you the authority to change anything you want on your site with no hassle. Either WordPress or Java, your website is going to thrive for free should you use the services.

#2: Kanopi Studios

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Kanopi Studios is also an innovative web design platform created back in 2010. It can give you some interesting facts about website design that you cannot learn elsewhere.

It mostly works for charitable purposes and non-profit organizations. However, you can have your site in WordPress, Drupal, or Mukurtu and be equally happy and satisfied with the outcome.

Kanopi Studios gives the visitor a dedicated guide that drives him through the whole site-building process. There is an integrated Content Management System (CMS) that includes all your scripts and information you want to give to the visitors.

The sidebars and toolbars are easy to install to the place you want. There is an automatic adjustment for mobile and desktop users, respectively. It develops your site by trying to create backlinks to other significant sites that have heavy traffic.

In this way, your site acquires a better google organic ranking and gets more visitors faster than with any other site online building machine. The services are free of charge for most organizations. Some enterprises may pay a minimal fee only if they want to create websites with excellent bandwidth and increased traffic.

#3:Cornershop Creative

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One of the online site builders that needs less effort from the users. It comes as a 100% non-profit service, giving you all the features you expect from such programs. The Cornershop creative also provides you many things to know about web design so that you don't feel ignorant.

It can serve both large and small scale organizations. The site builder is easy to learn, and there is a tutorial to help you and guide you through the whole process.

The site can have an HTML5 ready code and can use either WordPress or Drupal to make it simples for programmers to use. There is absolutely no need to start writing in code. All pictures can easily get uploaded and you can select the sidebar or menubar and place it exactly where you want.

The Cornershop Creative also gives some guidance about the content. You can have it optimized and make sure that your newly built site has a better organic Google ranking than any other similar one.

Finally, the site builder will not charge you a fee unless you are a commercial customer representing a company.

The scripts are easy to upload on your site, and you are ready to go with site-building at any time.

#4: Ironpaper

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We are talking about a digital firm that makes its living from building websites. They know all about website design and development, offering you the chance to create your site from the ease of your home.

At first, you are going to need to check in with one of their free online guides.

Then you are going to select the type of site you are looking for. Most of the time, you get in an initial environment to choose whether you want to create a smartphone and tablet site. However, you can freely switch from one form to another, no matter that 90% of traffic is already through mobile phone sites.

Ironpaper will never charge you a single penny for giving you instructions about setting up your site. You will have a full backup of your data uploaded to your site through their platform. Their primary concern lies with the security of your data.

That is why Ironpaper gives more importance to the SSL encryption of the sites that makes them less vulnerable to external threats. The scripts and videos are easy to upload on the Ironpaper platform, where you may easily pick the types of sidebars you are searching for.

#5: Blackbaud

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It is one of the least known online site builders. It has a non-profit reputation that makes it popular among users. The design of websites is easy there since you only need to select the colors of the fonts and the backgrounds of the landing pages.

Blackbaud offers you important backlink proposals for other sites with more significant traffic at a minimal fee. In this way, you can easily skip the SEO optimization for your site content and rank higher in the Google list.

Blackbaud also has a dedicated agent for your case. He will be available 24/7 and guide you through the process of site design from scratch.

The online services are easy to acquire, and you only need a regular computer set to start building your site. Even though you are a beginner, you will never have to worry about quality.

Blackbaud has to offer increased security, automatic adjustment of the site fonts to the mobile device you are using, and improved drag and drop mode to upload all pictures, scripts, and videos.

You only have to choose the patterns, designs, sidebars, and menu bars. All the others are Blackbaud priority offered to you for free.

Interesting Facts About Website Design

The more you dip into the website design, the more you discover things you never knew before. These are some interesting facts for website design that you never thought about:

  • The first impression is the most vital part of your website design. Make sure that you have a provocative page for a landing page. When people come to your site, they give you ten seconds on average to explore the content.

You need to have them attached to your site, by using simple fonts, bright colors, and a running language that does not make them tired.

  • Adjust for mobile phone use. More than 70% of the traffic is getting performed through smartphones. That is a trend that will not change during the following years. For that reason, it would be wiser to use the site-building tools adjusted directly and exclusively for your site's smartphone use.

In other words, you should avoid having a monotonous type of writing and a large script on the front page of your site. Make sure you always have the toolbar in the right place on each screen. The visitors should have the chance to navigate there easily.

  • Always design new pages. There is no use for a website that develops today to have the same fonts and page content for more than six months. Make sure that you always renew the patterns and designs to keep people coming back to your website.

With Mockitt, you can have all the site building expertise you ask for, using a simple service. Either a beginner or an expert, you can have your site uploaded in less than a day. There is no need for expert knowledge of programming.

Just select your favorite colors and designs, upload your content, and you are good to go.