10 Website Design Templates to Speed Up Design

Albert Shepherd updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

One of the essential things in web design is to be inspirational. The website design templates can give your website more traffic and allow people to view it better.

The web pages design templateis a piece of crucial knowledge for all programmers that respect their audience. We will analyze the ten best website designs that you can register and download for free online. 

10 of the most desired free website design templates

As mentioned before, there are many web design template sites available online. These include the following:


Divi is a modern website giving you the solution you want for your templates. Anyone can use its features, and it can turn on to be the jumpstart of your website.

It has a web design proposal template that can offer you alternatives for any type of site you want to build. Either you are a novice or an experienced user, you may always find a friendly interface for your online work. 

Using the Divi service, you can have edits and remarks right at your toolbar. You are good to go with the integrated text corrector and the web pattern design customization.


It is a website design brief template that can offer you the agility you need when building your site. The Javelin online service has a free section that anyone can try for an unlimited amount of time.

You may quickly build top-rated webpages using Javelin, even if you have zero experience on the subject. There are multiple layouts, features, and samples to begin with.

The more you are experimenting with page building the best it is going to be for your website. It would be interesting to mention that Javelin has a special section for mobile sites. That practice adjusts the information for the wireless and remote users.


It is one of the most convenient sites you can find online. Limerick offers you a simple web design proposal template that matches most of the ordinary users' needs.

There is an option to start with five fabulous default pages that adapt to desktop and mobile phone experience. You can choose the one-step installation to download all your scripts right away to your site. It is also possible to have PSD files, typography control, and color options that make your building site efforts a lot easier.

Overall it is a rather inexpensive and secure web site building service to use.


Lester has been the modern legend among the online free website builders. It offers you the best website design templates and can always make you feel like home.

It complies with the HTML5 requirements for modern websites. That is a crucial issue for Google ranking. The templates here are easy to find and offer clean lines and sophisticated colors that match your audience preferences.

There is also the option to add videos and sliders to your website. Lester creates your site without any hassle from your side. On the other hand, your visitors will find it easy to navigate through it even though they have access from different sources (mobile phones, desktop, tablets, etc.).


You can build a website with any other online service, but with Gorge, you will feel fun about the whole procedure. It provides some simple website design templates that are unique in the universe of site builders.

Gorge complies both with HTML5 and CSS3 protocols that are excessively necessary for Google ranking to the first ten organic pages.

With Gorge, you can access a vast population of user testers that are ready to check your site compatibility to their devices for free. You will never have to write code on yourself since the site programmers have made it easy for users to upload their scripts and pictures.

The integrated SEO optimizer is also available in the Gorge website building. In this way, you will always have an assistant to your struggling for the first place on Google ranking.


Simplicity and minimalism are the best words to describe the Rockstar online building app. The system relies on the Bootstrap 4 technology to create a fast-loading web page that is secure from incoming dangers.

Rockstar can give you a website for a minimal price without worrying about its compatibility with different environments. You can navigate your site through any browser and any possible operation system (Linux and iOS included).

There is also the chance to have your clients getting in touch with you directly through the site. Rockstar also provides an extravagant web portfolio design that covers all your needs for a contemporary website that serves your audience's needs.


People who live in the present like to have the templates coming from Scrape for their website. As the name implies, it uses only top of the art designs and pictures that attract your potential customers' eyes from the very first moment.

Scrape can also guarantee the professionalism you want your side to reflect your audience. For organic Google results, the Scrape can offer you an automated bot that goes through your webpages and optimizes them for the Google Search machines to find it more comfortable.

You don't need to add any explicit meta-descriptions for your articles on this template since the Scrape can always communicate efficiently with Google algorithm. Overall, Scrape can offer you more for the minimal investment it asks you to make.


Here you have a website creation template that can amaze every visitor. Casely uses the HTML protocol to give you more independence regarding the content you need to upload and the downloading speed of your site.

The Casely service can give you up to twelve demo layouts to select the one that pleases you more.

Furthermore, the Casely needs zero effort to customize your site and upload all the necessary information. It has thousands of templates, colors, and fonts to choose from.

Casely is the revolution in website design.


The Skylith experience is unique among the other site-building programs. You can register your site's primary form for free and check the millions of patterns for templates.

There is always the chance to get free changing fonts and page templates for different pages in your site. 

Skylith complies with all Google ranking algorithms and can support the latest HTML5 version of page construction. It gives you optimized pages both for mobile devices and desktops.


You don't have to be a computer expert to operate the Ohio online web page design service. There are more than 27 pre-installed templates for you to use and build your website faster than ever before.

The Ohio website builder gives you more incentives to differentiate your site according to the particular audience you address. The ACF Pro plug-ins can make it easier for you to give your visitors the best possible experience.

The best web design tool for beginners

On the contrary, Wondershare Mockitt has many innovations to offer for people who need a fresh and fast website. First, it is the best value for money site you can find online.

website design templates

The various features of Mockitt.com are shown below:

  • Prototyping: Mockitt application can do the prototyping service to any possible environment. It can equally work on iPhone, Windows, Android, Watch, PC, you name it. There is a special customization sequence for the Mockitt that makes it easy for you to use it the exact way you like it.

    Here you will find the most convenient way to design a webpage, imposing your terms and conditions!

  • Thousands of Design Widgets and Icons: There are many widgets for you to choose from. Text, Image, Video, and iOS are only some of them that are readily available for you to work with.

    Using them you can easily create wireframes and prototypes. There is always the chance to use the widgets for new webpages without the need to reprogram them from scratch.

  • Drag and Drop for pictures and Interactive Prototype: With Mockitt you can be sure that you can always pick and drop any kind of picture, GIF or online pattern to your current webpage.

    There is also a Sketch Plugin that allows users to synchronize their Sketch files and work with them anytime they want. Mockitt brings your web design to unprecedented peaks.

  • Files download with a Multi Format: Every Mockitt user can export HTML/PNG/APK/IPA files even though he works offline. You may easily present your prototype under a test environment and share it with your partners and colleagues.
  • Share and Preview Modes are fast: You may share your web design project with your friends and partners only by sending them a convenient QR code. There is also the option for a shareable URL where they all can preview and interact with you without any need for passwords and usernames. Isn’t that awesome?

To sum up the Mockitt application is for people who perform UI/UX web design and need a free prototyping and wireframe tool. It offers them a free version that can support up to three projects and up to 20 screens in each of them.