The Best 10 Websites to Find Awesome Icons

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:08

Icons are an integral part of good design. A website with icons is essential because of several reasons. They instigate as an emotional trigger to incite a response amid a shortened attention span. Almost every website has icons and logos on the top of the page.

Icons are essential to help the brands create a unique identity. Added to this, icons help the users understand the website's content and move forward in a seamless flow across the interface. However, the key is to choose the right website to find the most diversified and appealing visual cues. This guide will help you find out the top 10 websites with icons for the best results.

Critic's Choice: The Top Website to Design and Use Free Icons

Beginning with one of the most efficient and future-ready platforms to either get or create free icons for your website, Wondershare Mockitt . Mockitt is a state-of-the-art platform that helps users ideate and create website designs. Starting from prototypes to mockups, wireframes, and live website designs, Mockitt is a maestro in handling all these tasks.

You can either choose from a huge library of web design icons or use the artboards to design icons as per your requirements. Added to this, Mockitt allows vector designing which means that you can also adjust the existing icons to ensure that it fits with the overall website design.

Read on to know more about Mockitt's usability and effectiveness to create website designs.

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  • Creation Tutorials: Even if you are not aware of the website designing, Mockitt walkthrough tutorials to help users to identify the core concepts of the platform.
  • Drag and Drop Interface: Another one of the amazing things of Mockitt is that it allows designing web pages and icons with a simple drag to drop functionality. As a designer, you do not need to learn coding, just pick the element and drag it into the artboard to create the design you need.
  • Create what you Imagine: Mockitt regularly updates its icons library with trendy and best website icons. Apart from this, it is super easy to create icons as per the website requirements.
  • Save your Icons: Mockitt's My Asset Library allows the users to save and manage the created assets. Moreover, sooner, the users will get the ability to share their individual assets with the team on the Shared Team Asset Library.

Once you have created the icons and web pages, you can also test run the design on live preview to visualize the flow of content and interface. Lastly, Mockitt also allows the entire designing team to collaborate and work together on a single project simultaneously.

Websites with the most amazing and Design-Friendly Icons

Listed below are the top 10 platforms that will help source the best website icons.

#1: Icons8

Icons8 provides ready to use icons, images, illustrations, and videos that can be seamlessly embedded into your existing website design. Added to this, you can also add some music if you want to the website design.

An area where icons8 outperforms the competition is the diversity of icons. For a simple icon like that of a printer, you will be able to find plenty of different designs for the same.

icons of websites

#2: Iconmonstr

One of the best things about Iconmonstr is that it is a quick, fast, and reliable website with icons. Here you can find icon images in the PNG format with the highest resolution going up to 240px by 240px.

Moreover, for personal use, Iconmonstr does not require any attribution. You can simply download the icons from the website in a set format and add them to your website.

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#3: Freepik

Freepik houses one of the biggest resources of icons and images on the web. There are a lot of choices and options to tackle with Freepik, and every form of design has a multitude of options on the platform.

Freepik also has a premium version that will give you access to more designs and images, but their free version will also suffice to build a visually appealing and interactive website. Not only just icons, but Freepik will certainly impress the users with its graphics and other sorts of illustrations.

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#4: Iconshock

Iconshock is a perfect fusion of modernity and highly effective platform providing best website icons. Powered by Unusual Minds, the in-house design team has developed icons specific to almost every platform and also for general use.

With over 2 million icons available on Iconshock also has a plethora of customized icons and styles. Lastly, you can download from a single icon to the entire pack of icons from the platform.

website design icon

#5: Pngtree

Pngtree may be new to the industry, but it has scored millions of icons for creating highly appealing and next-gen designs. Furthermore, it also provides illustrations, vectors, and a lot of backgrounds. All the icons will fit seamlessly with the website's layout and match the color scheme.

Another important aspect of Pngtree is available to browse and search in various languages. So, any user spanning from a different linguistic nationality can easily get relevant icons from the website.

online icon designer

#6: Iconstore

Iconstore works on a pack-based model. The website is filled with more than 200 icon packs that have been designed and created by the top online icon designer organizations. It further allows the users to filter the research for the best website icons on the basis of their requirements.

All in all, Iconstore has a great variety of icons and all of them have high-quality designs and vectors that will certainly help you frame the perfect layout for your website.

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#7: DeviantArt

DeviantArt is a community-based platform which gives access to the users for creating icons and then posting them on the website. However, there are limitations to usage rights. So, before downloading your set of icons keep an eye on the attribution.

This means that DeviantArt is also an online icon designer, which means that as a budding artist you can also create your own icons and down the line also sell them.

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#8: Freeicons

This platform provides selected packs of icons for the users that have been handpicked for best use cases. Additionally, the majority of the icons are tech-related and carry a professional theme plus aesthetics.

Apart from this, the variety of icons available on the platform ranges from food to travel, automobiles, management, country-based, and so on. So, if you are looking for the best website icons, you know where to look for them.

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#9: Dribble

Well, whenever the discussion is creating a great looking website, Dribble's name is bound to come in the conversation. One of the great platforms for getting access to free icons after Mockitt, Dribble, has a huge customer base as it gives effective results after searching for any type of icon.

Dribble also allows the users to create their own icons and post them on the platform. So, while searching for the icons make sure to enter the right search terms to get the best results.

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#10: Iconfactory

Iconfactory specializes in creating and sharing website design icons for gaming websites. Apart from this, the users can also get access to various other sorts of icons and that too for free. However, remember to give an attribution link on your website to save yourself from any sort of issues later.

A unique aspect of the icons available on Iconfactory is the level of depth and intensity of the icons. This can be primarily because its a website specializing in gaming icons, but such a level of in-depth color scheme is found in all the icons.

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