Top 10 Cool Widgets for Your iPhone

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:47:23

iPhone users have different widget requirements. Ranging from sticky note widgets to music discovery, this article has a wide range of cool widgets for iPhone. To make your home screen more interactive, the article contains home-screen and lock widgets. These cool widgets for iPhone on your home screen can changeyour experience with your device. Not just unlocking, but it keeps you notified about the current weather, and manage your tasks. If you want to make your device more interactive, install these top 10 cool iPhone widgets.

10 Coolest Widgets for Your iPhone

1. Launcher

The launcher is probably the most customizable widget for your iPhone. Besides being easily customizable, the widget allows you to launch your favorite apps quickly. Moreover, you can synchronize it to call, message, email, and kickstart video calling feature. You can also play your favorite tunes with the music launchers and alter app icon labels and stack widgets. However, you'll have to purchase the premium version of launcher to avail all facilities. Due to its usability and versatility, the Launcher widget deserves to be on the list of the top 10 cool widgets for iPhone.

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2. Smart Stack

The Smart Stack Widget has a lot of features to offer. One of the best features about the widget is about its ease of use. This widget allows you to get access to information depending on your usability. All you have to do is embed it on your iPhone by using the Wondershare Mockkit. The widget displays podcasts during your show reminders at that specific time. However, it is an amalgamation of several applications including photos, music, reminders, weather, calendar and many more. Being compatible with iPhone, it also includes Siri Suggestions. Scroll down the widgets to refer the essential information from your home screen.

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3. Weather

Another one of the exceptionally cool iPhone widgets people love to embed is "Weather." It shows the current climate data initially. No doubt, the weatherwidgetis just perfect to monitor climate data like temperature or wind speed. Furthermore, if you own an iPad and are not utilizing any external iPad climate applications, the Weather widget is the most ideal approach to get to climate data. All things considered, this widget is more than able to satisfy the errand, outsider climate contributions. For example, you get the Carrot Weather feature at $4.99 and Hey Weather for free. These features are measured understand.

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4. Batteries

"Batteries" shows up on Google as one of the coolwidgets apps for iPhone. Installing this app on your iPhone allows you to keep an easy eye on the battery life of the iPhone. The widget can also be used from compatible Bluetooth devices like AirPods. The "Battery" widget comes pre-installed on your iPhone device. Therefore, there isn't any need to install it by using external third-party apps. It is completely free and doesn't contain any premium memberships or trials.

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5. Advanced Battery Widget and Usage Monitor

If you need to keep a tab on fundamental data like a battery, stockpiling, brightness, and memory, Battery Widget and Usage Monitor is the one you should utilize. The gadget is completely customizable and allows you to equip data easily. Besides, you can utilize this gadget to follow network data like Wi-Fi organization and cell information network association status. Remember that the freeversion of the widget is restricted to limited features only. Also, if you need to open all the highlights, you should upgrade your membership.

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6. Dataman

This widget makes the way towards following information utilization on iOS byundertaking directly. Furthermore, you can access it directly from the home screen of your iPhone. In this way, you can easily get notified about the data consumption of your device. The system of tracking data in precise and notifies you about the status by sending custom utilization alarms. So, if you want to attend any video call lecture, the DataMan widget will keep you updated beforehand.

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7. Chrome Suggested Sites

Each time you need to get to your browser destinations, you don't have to take the typical courses. With the Chrome Suggested Sites, you can rapidly get connected to the sites you want to visit. You can easily get access to the sites which you visit regularly directly from the Today View screen. The internet browser keeps a tab on your perusing history and offers proposals. However, the widget accordingly makes it inconceivable to get to specific sites.

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This widget is for all the sports fans out there. ESPN's widget permits you to monitor their #1 group standings and follow their present matches progressively. People love the ESPN application and follow all my number one games groups on it. The gadget is extraordinary since it allows you to investigate and discover how your number one groups are getting along. Regardless of whether you are not utilizing ESPN, this ssportsapplicationis a widget that you can use to keep your craze alive.

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9. Copied Touch

Copiedtouch is an incredible application that stores a background marked by your clipboard.So, you never pass up the things or texts that you'vecopied. The application permits you to duplicate numerous things in progression. You can proceed withoutoverwriting the last text or number. Thiswidget gives you snappy admittance to the last couple of copiedtexts.So, you can arrangeit back at any place you need without much of a stretch.

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10. Sticky Notes

Sticky notes iareone of the most popular and cool widgets forithePhone.It helps the user to track important notes without any complexities. So you can have a brief idea of your notes on just having a glance. On installing this buy the wonder share market platform you can see sticky notes right on the home screen of your device. Users can also edit and customize the themes as they want. The sticky notes cool iPhone widgets with jtheet is completely free where you don't need to spend bucks for operation.

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The Best iPhone Prototyping Tool

Wondershare Mockitt is one of the most popular prototyping and collaboration tool. It helps you to bring your creativity to life by allowing you to fabricate wireframes and prototypes for interactive apps. More than 2 million individuals and 15000 companies have availed the services. Some of the irresistible features are:

  • Prototyping
  • Collaboration
  • Hand over to the developer

It has plenty of widgets which you can embed to your design. For a detailed understanding, below mentioned are the technical steps in detail.

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You can add cool widgets to your iPhone and enhance its beauty on Mockitt. Explore the exclusive collection of wonderful widgets on Mockitt and give your phone a whole new look. The above steps will guide you on how to easily add widgets to your iPhone.