Top 10 Creative iPhone Widgets Ideas for Effective iPhone Home Screen

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:47:20

While the developers struggle to make your iPhone home screen more attractive, creative and imaginative iOS developers have shown the cast beautifully with custom iPhone widget ideas and attention-grabbing themes. Mainly because of looks new widget feature in iPhone has taken over the internet.

A selection of options and the ability to set down your own rules play an important role in the customization process. The basic concept is to allow for custom colors and fonts in widgets for these applications, although they have very restricted features. However, as can be seen on Twitter, the hashtags #ios14homescreen indicates the frantic behavior.

10 Creative iPhone Widgets Ideas

1. Dark theme

As we love dark themes, Apple decided to cover your iOS 14 home screen with a theme that looks pleasant and cool to your eyes. This is why Apple created a dark theme. In brief, it is one of the very few subjects of either of the two realms that deliver the best: increasing the declaration of style and optimizing the viewing experience. Give it a try, and we bet you're really going to love it.

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2. Vibrant theme

When you choose an attractive, colorful theme to be played on your iPhone home screen. So, please ensure you save them while the home screen is quick to capture eyeballs. Apple has HD & 4K backgrounds, Widget go, App Icon Changer, and Color themes & Widgets Custom for creating this glamorous theme. When you have colorful wallpaper, it is not a huge thing to build a theme that can look attractive, given you can generate suitable icons and widgets.

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3. Funky theme

The funky theme rarely goes out of style. And you must not hesitate to measure it if you are able to elevate the style quotient of your homescreen. Apple has 99 Love Wallpapers, Stack Widget, Icon Changer, and fitness widget to decorate the home screen in a funky manner. Oh, of course, Apple has put the fun widget Watch Out to the list.

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4. Nature theme

Nature is known to be evergreen for more than one reason. One of the reasons we're positive that it's in your unique themes set is that it never doesn't really impress. You can use the Natural wallpaper app, the Clock Gallery, the picture widget stock, and the icons #8 with an extensive library of icon packs to transform this Nature Theme into your iOS 14 home screen. As to the tip to establish a significant natural topic, we suggest that you preserve simplicity while ensuring the noise remains away.

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5. Abstract theme

If you look for total peace of mind or want the home screen to look very quiet, an abstract subject will smoothly blend into the scene. Without exhausting the suggestions for architecture too. Then, if you want to play with an abstract theme, you can look at what you have built by means of the Abstract Wallpapers, App Icon Changer, Clock Face, and Action & Data Widget. Don't overkill as the core feature of the subject can be taken away.

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6. Love theme

A theme of love doesn't have to clear enough that your unique themes deserve a safe place. Ok, if your home screen looks beautiful, you'd like to know that it's not a fantastic request to create love topics for the iOS 14 home screen. In order to get rolling, what you need to do is make a pretty wallpaper and decorate it with hearts and lovely notes, of course.

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7. Super hero theme

Well, Apple made this one especially for people who tend never to get enough superheroes. The superhero issue is for you if that's you. With the inclusion of the superhero wallpaper HD and a realistic icon update, it is very easy to construct a theme that can depict superheroes in their top-flight. Just make sure you can supplement your superheroes with your icons and widgets.

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8. Winter theme

Let's accept it everybody loves winter. The stunning landscape and the everlasting ice make the whole view look fascinating. It is entirely not wrong to say that having a winter theme never before was so easy if you would like to decorate the home panel with a subject with a touch of winter. Be mindful that winter themes need matching icons to look at their best. Make sure the sound is not sacrificed to the appearance of the landscape.

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9. Offbeat theme

The Offbeat theme is a bit different from the others, since the name itself is obvious. But if your home screen is desperate for another peek, this shouldn't be overlooked.

How to construct a unique iOS 14 home screen?Select an acceptable backdrop and then build it with unusual content. This is one of the intelligent ways of robbing attention.

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10. Christmas theme

We want to decorate everything in line with the festival as Christmas comes, from the phone to the home screen. It sort of makes it more exciting to wait. The Christmas theme would be a perfect picture if you were all part of the same school of thought. Creating a subject that will improve your euphoria for Christmas is far simpler than you expect. If you are ready to head into the Christmas swing a little early, select this theme that is always ready, or make another theme depending on your own personality.

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How to Use iPhone Widgets to Your Design

Wondershare Mockitt is a very helpful platform that makes it easy to browse and beautifully compose in the collection of functional modules or graphic elements, to build a website or program. Mockiit will save you a great deal of time throughout the next website, application creation, and widgets creation. The idea can be created on paper, of course, but why do we find the best prototyping online for goods and partnerships site to help create a page or device mock-up.

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After the launch of iOS 14, introduction of widgets on home screen of iPhone have created a lot of buzz over the internet. We have completed an exhaustive guide to help you add widgets and different iPhone widgets ideas.

Step 1: Find iOS 14 Widgets

After you create a prototype in Mockitt, you can click the "Templates" button on the left to enter the resources center.

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In the resources center, you can search and find the iOS 14 widgets and click "Save to Library" to include them into your works

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Step 2: Use iOS 14 Widgets in your Design

You will consequently work on your assignments in Mockitt as normal and natural. You have to go from the sidebar to "Widgets" and search for "iOS 14" to add some iOS 14 widgets which present different widget templates to use and customize them as you want in your projects.

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If you find the information helpful, share this guide with your friend and family. Keep visiting us for more updates.