5 Best Weather Widgets for iPhone and How to Use Them

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:47:19

The recent iOS 14 update brings genuinely necessary customization choices for iPhone clients. With the most recent iOS firmware, customers can place resizable and educational gadgets on the iPhone home screen. A few clients favour gadgets and choose the primary ones, for example, Clock, Weather, to-do application, Photos, and more on the home screen. The default Weather gadget is restricted with just temperature subtleties and hourly gauge for the afternoon. External applications take the experience further with more data to look at. This post will discuss the top 5 weather widget iPhone that offers a rich iOS 14 gadget experience on the iPhone home screen.

5 Amazing Weather Widgets

1. ClimaCell

ClimaCell is extraordinary compared to other climate cum weather widget iPhone out there. The application offers itemized minute-by-minute figures, showers, snow alarms, air quality guides, and wind speeds. The enormous size widget shows forecasts like if there will be downpour or snow in the following hour or not. It additionally shows AQI levels and notices if it's sound, moderate, or unsafe for you. You can set your home and work area and view both area's present temperature directly from the home screen gadget. ClimaCell likewise accompanies Google Calendar incorporation inside it. The application is accessible on Android too.

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2. HeyWeather

HeyWeather is a helpful application that notifies weather on iPhone lock screen to keep you updated about the ideal area's climate. Unlike many other climate applications, you have the alternative to modify symbols, shadings, and styles to tweak the widget. You can pick up to 10 urban areas to screen your ideal area's climate. Additionally, you can pick distinctive gadget sizes for every area. Concerning the application, people love those live liveliness of cloud and rain inside the application. You can see wind speeds, moistness, UV Index, Pressure, Dew Point, and approx.visibility around. Due to its attractive graphics and presentation, the HeyWeather deserves the second position on the list.

weather on iphone lock screen

3. SolarWatch

SolarWatch is a moderate and delightful perception of climate conditions. It depicts the day and night cycle in your present area and a huge number of worldwide areas. The application shows the current climate in the middle. It notifies while the climate for the following 24 hours is shown around the sun oriented wheel in a characteristic and natural design. So, if you are into travelling quite often, the SolarWatch is the widget just for you.

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4. Weather Line

Weather Line offers probably the mostdistinctive weather on home screen iPhone running iOS 14. The application offers a cool temperature diagram that depicts the hourly conjecture directly on the gadget. You can likewise look at extra data, for example, what it seems like outside. You'll be notified about the shower forecast, overcast cover, AQI levels, UV Index, Wind paces, Sunrise and Sunset timings, Pressure, Humidity, and many more. The Weather Line is a decent widget that reflects precise information.

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5. Weather

The Weather Widget application is centred around conveying climate gadgets for your iPhone home screen. Open the application, and it will treat you with the absolute best all set gadgets to look over. Tap on your widget and be prepared to tweak everything about the device. You can change the foundation tone and foundation picture. However, it is impossible to change the textual style or displayed data on the gadget.Being one of the best widgets for showing weather on the iPhone lock screen, it deserves to be on the list. So, try the Weather widget soon.

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How to Add Weather Widget to Home Screen

Adding the weather on home screen iPhone is very simple without any complexities. You'll have to undergo all the operations from the home screen itself. Therefore, go to your home screen in the beginning. Now, from the Home Screen, contact and hold a widget. You can also holdon a vacant region until the widget shake. Now, tap the 'Add'button. It is a grey button in the upper-left corner. Select a widget, look over three gadget sizes, at that point tap on 'Add Widget.' Finish the entire process by tapping on'Done.'

You can likewise add gadgets from Today View. From Today View, contact and hold a widget until the fast activities menu opens. At that point tap Edit Home Screen. Drag the widget to the correct edge of the screen until it shows up on the Home Screen. Then, tap 'Done' to finish adding a widget to Today view on the Home Screen. Setting your widgets on the Today View location makes the information easy to access.

How to Embed iPhone Weather Widgets to Your Design

Wondershare Mockitt is perhaps the most famous prototyping and coordinated effort apparatus. It encourages you to rejuvenate your innovativeness by permitting you to manufacture wireframes and models for intuitive applications. Above 2 million people and 15000 organizations have benefited the WondershareMockkit services. A portion of the five most powerful highlights of this tool are:

  • Prototyping
  • Wireframing
  • Interactions and animations
  • Collaboration
  • Handing over to the developer

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Mockkit has a few gadgets which you can implant you to your gadget. For a point by point understanding, you'll be introduced so some steps below.

Step 1: Find iOS 14 Gadgets

The chief advance to introduce cool iPhone weather widget to your gadget starts with finding the iOS 14 widgets. To begin, sign in Mockitt and go to workspace. You can click "Create" > "Prototype" to start a project.

Then you can click the 'Library' in the fundamental toolbox bar. And then choose the "More Resources" option. This will open the resources center and you can search for the iOS 14 widgets.

weather on iphone lock screen

Click on 'Save to Library' and you can get the iOS 14 to your library.

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Step 2: Save iOS 14 Widgets to Your Library

Utilizing iOS 14 on the plan is an exceptionally normalized approach to perform. You need to visit the "widgets" fragment from the sidebar to introduce a few iOS 14 widgets. Presently, you can pick any of the cool widget applications for iPhone design. Additionally, you can likewise alter and adjust them on a case by case basis in your new activities.

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Mockitt offers you awesome weather widgets which can be a treat to eyes every time you use your iPhone. Also if you are a nature lover, you will absolutely love these widgets on Mockitt. Follow the steps as shown in this blog and get yourself a beautiful weather widget.