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Wondershare Mockitt is the best altenative to Adobe XD:


How to Create Drop Down Menu with Adobe XD

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

Are you wondering if there is a way to create drop-down menu using Adobe XD? The yes to this is yes. The Adobe xd drop down menu allows you as the user to pick on items from a dropdown menu adobe xd, list, and they come in various options to choose from.

Adobe XD is a prototype that allows you to get a powerful software for your entire UX/UI design process. Make user wireframes, flows, interactive prototypes, high-fidelity designs, animations, and many others. These features make it among the top prototyping tools available that you can use in making adobe xd dropdown.

This piece of writing will enlighten you on how you can make an Adobe xd drop-down menu step by step. You can use this tool to make the drop menu you want. But we will also introduce another alternative prototyping tool that you can use to create your xd dropdown menu and customize it to your preference.

To learn more, we encourage you to read till the end of this article.

How to Create Drop Down Menu with Adobe XD

You are in the position of creating a drop-down menu with Adobe XD as your prototype. We are going to show you how this process is done, and we will also show how you can choose values from your Adobe xd drop-down menu, which will permit you to navigate to other areas within the prototype. If you are willing to learn the process of creating Adobe xd drop-down menu, please follow the steps that follow below:

How to Design the Adobe xd Drop Down Menu

  • On a new adobe xd drop down menu prototype web, from the top right, drag a widget of Text Table. Move to the palette of properties and rename the ID of the Text Table to “Main-menu.”
  • While still in the properties palette, decrease the text table row number to one. You should also make sure that the number of your columns matches the options that your main menu will contain. For example, ours have four columns that correspond with four in the main menu options.
  • On your text table, type in a value in each of the cells, for instance, tour, pricing, home, and features, and you can customize the text table style according to your preference.
  • On the canvas, drag a second widget of the text table, and put it on the below cell of the text table of the initial text table. Move to the palette with the properties option and remain the cell to “Menu_items_1” this is because this cell of the text table will be the one holding the subtitle of the menu for the option of the main menu.
  • On the same properties’ palette, decrease the columns of this Text Table to one, and you can now customize the row numbers to correspond with the main menu option sub-menu items number. You can have three rows, like in our example. You need to type in the values in the cell of Text Table and then start to customize the font style to meet your preference. Then you can reposition the remained cell in step 4 that is the “Menu_items_1” to be directly under the main menu option.
  • Repeat phase four and five to ensure that your Text Tables has items of the sub-menu “Pricing” and “Features” main menu choices.
  • Add another screen to your adobe xd drop down menu prototype by moving to the option with Screen palette and double click on the ‘+” symbol. After this, rename the screen following the primary item on the sub-menu of the main menu choices. Add another additional screen; let us call it the third screen for every item on the sub-menu of the main menu choices.

How to Create Drop Down Menu with Adobe XD Alternative

Apart from the adobe xd drop down menu prototype, another good alternative prototype for designing a drop-down menu is Wondershare Mockitt.

adobe xd drop down menu

Wondershare Mockitt is a prototype that is supported by various platforms, for example, android, iPhone, watch, PC, and Pad. You can also customize these devices to your preferred size. The main features of Wondershare Mockitt are as below:

  • Easy drag and drop
  • Plentiful widgets and icons
  • Quick preview and sharing
  • Multi-format on offline download files.

In Wondershare Mockitt, the drop-down menu can be utilized in multiple screens; thus, it is vital to use the feature of “Master” on this prototype. During the steps of creating a drop-down menu, we are going to use “Master.” Below we have given you the steps of the process.

  • Make a new template, “Master.”
  • You should create two screens as well on the area of editing in the master template; the first screen should be for “menu-icon” then drag the icon of “hamburger” from the icon panel found on the left side; the second screen should be set for “dropdown,” here you are allowed to drag icon like “Messages,” “Likes,” “Settings” or any other components that are found on the component panel that you can use to fill the page contents.
  • Between the two screens, add a link: in the first screen with “Hamburger,” make sure you link it with the second screen, and the second screen “Hamburger” should be connected to the first screen. Besides, your template size should be on a desirable size as that of your dropdown menu;
  • Then save your work. After saving is successful, you can now return to your workspace.
  • You can now drag the master template to your project, in order to preview your dropdown menu click on the “Launch.”