5 Alternatives For Adobe XD Mac You Shall Know

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

Since Adobe XD came in the market, it is prevailing among all the other designing tools, used by designers to make UI and UX designs. It comes in handy with advanced features and easy to use tools. It is also compatible with Mac OS and Windows both so designers can directly download and launch it through Mac or PC. However, with growing demand in the Designing Industry, it’s essential to know about some alternatives to Adobe XD Mac.

Top 5 Adobe XD Mac Alternatives

With a plenty of design tools available in the market, you can find many efficient enough to be an excellent alternative to XD mac, which is also compatible with Mac. Can’t install Adobe XD mac? If not, here is a description of Top 5 Adobe XD Mac OS alternatives:

Wondershare Mockitt:-Wondershare Mockitt claims to stand in the top for its versatility and user-friendly advanced tools.

adobe xd mac

Best Features:

  • It is a free app for individual users. It’s entirely free for the basic, and even the advanced tool costs only $49 per year, so it is pocket friendly in pricing, unlike Adobe.
  • The easy drag and Drop method, smooth calibration makes it quite handy and easy to use for experts and as well as beginners.
  • Numerous widgets, build-in templates and icons are there to design your design.\
  • An option for cloud storage to save and reconnect to your work anytime, which keeps your design updated every time.
  • Enterprise system to create your team of developer and management so that you can work more efficiently.
  • Inspect seamlessly and discuss with other designers across the world to get the best possible outcome of your idea.

Axure RP :-Axure RP with latest version 9 and 9pro provides all the features that professional designer seek.

Best Features:

  • It is compatible with Mac and Windows both and comes with a 30-day free trial.
  • Create powerful wireframes with the help of Connector mode, flow shapes library. Unlike Adobe, you can easily crop and slice images here.
  • It is an intelligent tool with conditional logic and adaptive views which helps to make prototypes even better.
  • A fantastic blend of design and analysis lets you interact with other famous tool formats like – Adobe XD, Figma and Sketch. SVG imports can be done to.

Axure cloud is an advanced system that helps to inspect layout, CSS snippets and handle assets. Create a team and handoff to turn your static images into interactive prototypes.

Marvel :-Marvel provides everything that a designer needs to put ideas into real life.

Best Features:

  • Create amazing prototypes without any coding.
  • You can pull in screens from a sketch or any other tool and design on it as you wish.
  • You can validate your Ideas with user testing to see how they interact through your platform.
  • Fast sharing URL and offline download work without worry and the internet.
  • Over two million users and continuously increasing, creating a massive platform for designers and developers all over the world.

InVision:- It is one of the famous designing tools available in the market, which is known for its versatility.

Best Features:

  • Sign up for free and use the free trial.
  • Fast and easy uploading through the drag and drop method as the dropbox is synced.
  • Choose from multiple android and iOS skins.
  • Comes with an option for Craft and Craft manager where you can download many plugins and manage them according to your usage.
  • Advanced collaboration platform to connect with developers and other designers as well.

UXPin:- Last but not least, UXPin comes with a variety of features which makes it favourite for many designers.

Best Features:

  • Vector drawing tools allow you to create excellent illustrations with exact point and curve.
  • Use and create components and save them for future use. Change them once and update all in an instance.
  • It keeps your designs in line with WCAG contrast standards which helps to see all users who can have colour-blindness (8 different types).
  • Real-time collaboration allows you to work with a team in real-time as you do in Google docs or any other platform.
  • UXPin Mirror tool helps to preview your designs without any USB or Wifi but just by scanning QR code.

How to Install Adobe XD on Mac?

As Adobe XD comes with a compatibility with Mac and Windows both, it can be directly downloaded from the official website. You just need a Mac and a stable internet connection to get it installed in your MacOS. The steps to install Adobe XD on Mac are given below:

  • Open Google Chrome or the browser you use in Mac, and search for the official website for Adobe to find Adobe XD.
  • On the website, you will see there are two buttons, such as – Start for Free and Buy Now.

Choose start for free to use the free trial.

  • After the installer is downloaded, click on it to run the file. But to do that you need to put your computer password to give it access.
  • Then you have to provide username and password of your personal Adobe ID. In case you don’t have one, you can create an account to launch the programme.
  • Once you have logged in successfully, you will see a button ‘Start Installing’. Click on it.
  • It requires around 450mb data to get it installed.
  • You will receive a notification when the installation is complete.

How to Use Adobe XD on Mac?

Adobe XD is smooth to operate which allows you to design pretty efficiently. Here are some steps on how to use Adobe XD on Mac:

  • Create a new file by going to File > New and choose the correct device type and screen size as per your requirement.
  • Use the powerful tools like Repeat Grid to repeat design without any hectic, Finder to find your image components, Text inheritance to import and edit texts and fonts.
  • From the asset panel, you can choose assets like symbols and icons to add to the canvas. Change colours or text styles and add them to the design. This will instantly follow through the whole project.
  • If you are done with designing, you can start prototyping by clicking on ‘Prototype’ right beside ‘Design’ on the top bar. Preview your work and link the screens through wiring.
  • Add different artboards to your prototype, and the fixed elements can have a blur effect when interacting.
  • You can share your prototype by clicking on ‘Publish Prototype’ from the top right corner. The shared recipients can open the file and comment on the design or pin it for accuracy.
  • If you are good to go and want to share your design with developers, choose ‘Publish design Specs’ which allows them to see the specifications to generate code.

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