Adobe XD VS UXpin: Which One is Better?

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:48:29

Adobe XD vs UXpin, which one has more features? In this article, we'll discuss the difference between Adobe XD and UXpin tools. We'll briefly discuss each of them to see which software or tool has more features. We've already seen many comparisons of prototyping tools, but this time we've Adobe XD vs UXpin. Both are popular prototyping tools nowadays.

It will be interesting to see which software is offering more features within less pricing plans. With comparing, we'll also see the pros and cons of these platforms. And we'll love to see their alternative in case you don't like features in UXpin prototyping and adobe prototyper.

Adobe XD Vs UXpin

So, let's get started with the comparison:

1. Features of Adobe XD

Adobe XD has many incredible features for creating beautiful and responsive layouts. Some of them are as follows:

  • Adobe XD offers a lot of reusable components. What are the components of Adobe XD? Components are the small elements that help designers create more comprehensive layouts for your designs like buttons, cards, and push changes to your design.
  • You can create states for your screens. Adobe XD lets you add hove and toggle to your screens and also create interactions between them. Create some variations of components for any scenario.
  • You can use services like drag and drop. By using Adobe XD you'll be able to make changes instantly in your designs.
  • Already have projects created in Photoshop, Illustrator, or even in Sketch? Well, that's great! With Adobe XD you don't need to start your projects from scratch. Adobe XD helps you work with the assistance of other tools.
  • Voice Prototyping, yeah, you heard that right. You can also do voice prototyping in Adobe XD. Isn't this fantastic tool for the designers. You can create voice commands and build in speech playback.
  • Auto-Animations: With the help of auto animations, you can create eye-catching motion effects in your designs.

2. Features of UXpin

Now, it's time to see the UXpin features in comparison of Adobe XD vs. UXpin. UXpin offers a wide range of features for its developers. Some of the features of UXpin are as follows:

  • With UXpin, you can design interfaces that reflect real life. Like Adobe XD you can create an interactive experience with stakeholders and developers.
  • UXpin lets its users test their designs and verify their ideas. Test clickable buttons and non-clickable designs.
  • With UXpin, you can create advanced interactions like button hovers, expandable menus, and much more.
  • Work faster with pre-installed libraries. You can use ready-to-use libraries and user flow full of interactive elements inside your design.
  • UXpin allows you the functionality of wireframing so you can create an advanced level of prototypes. Keep everyone on the same page with UXpin.
  • You can work directly in the browser with its browser-based software application that lets your work with your team anytime and anywhere in the world.
  • You can create not only beautiful layouts for your websites but also makes the best user experience with UXpin.
  • Gather feedback from other professionals or top designers from different platforms. UXpin allows its users to share their designs with the online community so you can receive suggestions directly from them.

Well, that's the feature section from both platforms. Now heads toward the real Adobe XD vs. UXpin.

3. The Difference, Pros, and Cons of the two tools

Some common advantages and disadvantages of Adobe XD vs. UXpin are as follows. Remember, these pros and cons are reviews from different users from all over the world.

Adobe XD Pros and Cons:

  • You can create prototypes for Android, iOS, and web applications. But there is only one platform where you can test your design on a real device. Testing design on the real device only supports for iOS platforms. Well, this feature should be available on Android devices as well.
  • To enhance the look and feel, you can apply transition effects and animations. With so many improvements, XD still facing a lack of real-time collaboration. With that XD doesn't allow you to install third-party plugins inside the software.
  • Although Adobe XD has exciting features, but its UI interface is not much attractive as compared to its competitor, Sketch.
  • If you are an Adobe design products user, then it'll be more comfortable to use. But it doesn't support image editing tools; if you want to make a minor change in the image, you have to go back to photoshop or other tools to edit the image.

Well, that's all from Adobe XD pros and cons now its time for UXpin.

UXpin Pros and Cons

  • UXpin has the ability to develop a low and high level of interfaces. Lots of tools that can help to use different tool and animations with UXpin. But the main disadvantage of UXpin is how much you use this software; it feels like you're learning this software how to use it.
  • Ability to create a prototype and test it inside the software. With the same platform, you can share your prototypes with the developer to better understand between designer and developer. Customer support is frustrating. You've to wait for their response through email. There's no live customer support available for you.
  • UXpin has the ability to create team libraries; it allows its users to create team libraries for brand and design consistency across projects. UXpin can be slow with a high level of designs, which is frustrating for professional designers. But it is perfect for less complicated designs.

Well, that's all from Adobe Vs UXpin thing. Let's move to their alternative in case you don't like any features from these two.

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UXpin Alternative

Above, we've discussed a brief Adobe Vs UXpin. Now, we've found a prototyping tool that might be the game-changer for the new designers. This tool has some fantastic features that will attract you to use it.

Wondershare Mockitt

Like all other prototyping tools, Wondershare Mockitt is also a prototyping tool that offers so many incredible features to design beautiful and responsive templates for websites and mobile layouts. It contains everything that you've seen in Adobe Vs. UXpin. Let have a glance at the features of Mockitt.

adobe xd vs uxpin

Features of Mockitt

Just for the sake of time, we are going to discuss some of its essential features:

  • Design: Mockitt provides the facility of Wireframe for interactive designs. So, the user can create interaction between screens.
  • Asset: Mockitt contains hundreds of widgets and templates inside the "Asset Library."
  • Cloud and Collaboration: Another important aspect of the Mockitt is that it provides a Cloud storage facility to its users. So, they can collaborate with the other team members easily.