Top 6 Wedding Color Palette Generators! [Create By Yourself]

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:47:41
Want to DIY Your Wedding Color Palette? Try This Out!

Wondershare Mockitt Design Tool, as well as a color scheme generator, helps to create different color palettes for different scenarios. If you have any color ideas for weddings, use this to customize your wedding theme colors. Bring yourself an unforgettable wedding ceremony!

If you find out this article, I guess you might be looking for a wedding color palette generator to bring you some ideas on your own wedding days or make your client's wedding a memorable event. Luckily, we have given some information for you to take advantage of your wedding color palette projects with some recommendation tools.

6 Best Wedding Color Palette Generators

Having no idea of your wedding color? Here are the 6 best websites with plenty of plans to make color schemes for weddings. Pick one of them to get the classic, casual, novel, or custom wedding color theme.

1. WeddingWire

This wedding color palette maker has the most extensive network of local wedding vendors. This is one of the most comprehensive wedding sites. On WeddingWire, you can find your desired color palette in your budget and plan your wedding as you imagined.

It is very simple to get the availability, pricing details, and answers regarding wedding venues and themes across town. Along with the best wedding vendors, they are also offering free and easy to use planning tools.

weddingwire wedding color palette generator


Chicfetti is a useful wedding color palette creator. You can also use it for custom party color palettes. You just have to choose from many pre-made color palettes that they are offering to create your fancy custom color palette by mixing or changing the colors in the color palette editor.

Once you are finished creating your color palette, you will have two options to either print or download the palette as a jpg, png, or pdf file.

chicfetti wedding color palette maker

3. NearlyWeds

NearlyWeds is also offering an amazing feature to generate a color palette for weddings. They have provided a workplace to build your perfect color palette for your wedding. There are some featured palettes and suggested designs. You can also save your created palette schemes in the library.

Here, you can create a theme that connects wedding party factors like decorations, flowers, invitations, and fashion together. Most importantly, their standard services are free of cost.

nearlyweds wedding color palette creator

4. Magnet Street

Magnet Street has all the hot and running color schemes on the main screen. You can design free artwork in your custom palette. You can also share your palette with others on social media.

We know that it is not an easy task to design a wedding color palette with your two favorite colors and use them as the foundation for every detail at the wedding. You should try to lower your confusion by using this tool and follow the tips they have given to select your hues.

magnet street to generate color palette for wedding

5. Bridal Guide

The Bridal Guide consists of over 200 color combinations for your wedding color palette design. Are you worried about which color scheme you should use for your wedding?

They have teamed up with the founder of The Perfect Palette, Chrissy Ott, who has given all the information to find the perfect shades for your wedding and arrange a celebration theme according to the season.

design wedding color palette

6. Lulubell Paperie

Lulubell Paperie is a convenient website with coordinating wedding invitation suites, wedding color palette combinations with free of cost color swatch, matching wedding decor with the theme, and much more. They have a list of many wedding colors and themes to select.

The content and designs emphasized on this website are originally represented by LuluBell Paperie. You can download free color swatch palette cards and save them on your device or computer. Color hex codes are also included with the color schemes.

lulunell paperie wedding color palette generator

Tips You Should Know
If you are looking for an easy-to-use generator for creating your wedding color ideas, here is the one.

Make wedding colors with ease

Wondershare Mockitt

Wedding Color Palette Generator >>
• Select and generate solid or gradient color with ease
• Easily create icons and graphics with samples
• Offer wedding website templates for editing
• Cross-platform supported - (Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Web Online)

6 Classic Color Palette & Schemes For Wedding

Below are 6 classic palettes you may use as your wedding color scheme. Read on to see if these could inspire you.

1. Black And White

This color scheme is good for formal winter weddings. It will give that classic touch. Most people think it is intimidating to design, but you can go with your own choice of different textures, décor accents, and fabrics. If you need to make an appearance, you can wear a black and white dress or simply a gown.

black and white edding color palette

2. Peach And Sage

This palette is perfect if you want to give a whimsical spring to the wedding. It illuminates springtime enchantment. These two colors blend wonderfully together and blossom further if combined with alfresco reception space. Everyone loves the way this theme blooms and inspires the details of your wedding ceremony.

peach and sage wedding color scheme

3. Yellow And Gray

This color palette often used in casual outdoor weddings. It gives you a fresh and tempting party vibe, a cheerful palette of yellow fused with dark gray. You can use yellow as a lead in most details such as bouquet wraps, cocktail napkins, and envelopes. If you want to give a depth touch use grey.

yellow and gray wedding color idea

4. Jewel Tones (Eggplant, Ruby, and Fuchsia)

There is no restriction on how many wedding colors should you have in your wedding color ideas. If you want to go with more than two colors, Jewel Tone can give you a special experience. You can try a range of tunes in the same color shades. Keep it to the colors that are alike in saturation. You can find unlimited options in florals, don't forget about the excited bridesmaid, they can choose their own dress color.

jewel tones for wedding color

5. Light Beige and Champagne

Light beige and champagne must be the best choice if you want to have an elegant and graceful theme for your wedding. These cool tone colors can reflect the solemn and formal atmosphere, and the beige color is almost close to white which is also classic.

light beige and champagne wedding color

6. Terracotta and Greenery

This color palette is suitable for outdoor wedding scenarios, like forest, woodhouse, green yard, camping, etc, and can perfectly blend with nature. It is more casual and relaxed to hold a wedding.

terracotta and greenery color scheme for wedding

Create Your Dream Wedding Palette Design or Websites in Few Steps

After reading the recommended color palette for weddings, do you have any wedding color ideas for yours or your clients? If you want to customize by yourself, use the following color palette generator to do you a favor.

Wondershare Mockitt

Wedding Color & Website Creator >>
• Offer color schemes or website templates for weddings and other usages
• Share your scheme with others, preview and edit anywhere.
• Cross-platform supported - (Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Web)

Let us give you an in-depth review of Wondershare Mockitt. It is an online prototyping tool that supports you to generate or create interactive mobile app wireframes and website designs quickly. A well-organized workspace is ready to work including drag and drop features assuring no code is needed. You can use this online platform without any hesitation to develop your mobile apps or create various website designs. Once you complete your prototype you can easily save it with your PC, laptop, or even iOS or Android devices.

mockitt wedding color palette generator

If we go to detail furthermore, we will find many features and benefits of Mockitt including wedding palette designs. You can enjoy the free version's abundant assets. You can instantly use widgets and icons. You can make any website design or prototype having zero design experience. Mockitt is daily updating its template list which includes templates for covering e-commerce, industry, finance, education, and other app or website design sectors. You can use screens, widgets from the templates, and even add video graphics with Mockitt. Add a navigation bar or make a carousel to the website design.

Mockitt has made interface design and interaction quick. It consists of a fully stocked built-in asset library, just drag and drop to create interactions and beautiful interfaces. Import custom design files from the computer directly to add interactions.