What's the most important in picking a web color theme?

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:26

Choosing the right color theme for website is always essential for the designers. Professional designers always take care of every little element that design needs. That is the reason they always remain prosperous. If you want to become a professional designer, you've to think like a professional and act like a professional. Selecting the perfect color theme for website is always a massive task for the designers.

Plus, the best color theme for website is significant if you are establishing your brand identity. According to research, "Color increases brand recognition by 80%."

In this article, we'll discuss the crucial aspects of picking the best color theme for website and how the professionals get inspiration from?

What's the most important in picking a web color theme?

Picking web color themes is similar to choosing color schemes for mobile apps. Both have the same procedure but different in platforms. Brand color is directly proportional to brand value. So always be careful with that. Any wrong set step is similar to stepping on a minefield. Therefore, before choosing the color theme for website, you need to follow some steps or tips that are as followed:

1. Colors Psyche

Before going to make a move, you need to get to know the psyche of colors. In simple words, go through the basics of choosing the color theme for website. With that, you should also know what the organization is? And what they do Or which services and products they are offering to the customers? This is important for the designer to know about the organization to choose the right color that reflects its motto.

2. Must Familiar with Color Theory

Color theory is the first thing that every designer must familiar with before selecting the color theme for website. It's a primary science that tells how the nature of color works. It's not the easy part for the new designers who are not familiar with color theory. There are some simple concepts you should starts with.

You need to have a clear understanding of Primary and Secondary colors.

Primary Colors:

Consists of three colors, i.e., red, yellow, and blue. These colors cannot be made by mixing any other colors. That is why these are called primary colors.

Secondary Colors:

These colors are generated by mixing two primary colors. For example, you combine blue and yellow; you'll get a green, considered a secondary color.

Mixing Color Combinations & Visual Appeal

You've learned the basics of colors. It's time to mix the colors and generate color combinations through different color palette techniques and online tools. Lastly, choose the appealing colors and make a perfect combination for the color theme for website.

How Professional Designers get color theme inspiration?

At some point in life, everybody needs some kind of inspiration or boost. With inspiration, one can touch the sky-many ways of inspiration strike you. Here we'll discuss some of them that most designers get inspirations from.

  1. Here's the thing, inspiration isn't the technology nor part of your graduation; it may come from uncommon sources like surfing the web, listening to music, or watching a movie. We asked web designers from the globe: "Where you get the inspiration for choosing the best color theme for website." Upcoming points have the answer to this question. We've edited their answers for clarity to readers.
  2. Most of them get inspiration from music. Getting inspiration from music is quite popular among designers. They put headphones and listen to music, and with music, they dig all the time. No matter which type of music you are listening to, you're bound to playlist and let your brain thinking.

    It's a spectacular way to get inspiration, isn't it? Whenever you need inspiration on work, listen to music, and let inspiration flows through you. That's how things work, according to famous designers around the globe.

  3. Some designers get inspiration from new and trending things. Social media platforms are the best example of ideas for selecting color themes for websites. People share different ideas and content that lead designers to inspire from those content.

    Sometimes, designers share their sample work on various social media platforms and ask users to give any ideas/suggestions related to the design. This technique is quite popular among designers. Good use of social media platforms may be helpful for your work.

  4. Last but not least, and designer finds their inspiration from playing video games and watching sci-fiction movies. As we told you before, inspiration isn't a study; it comes all of a sudden, and you don't even know. What if we tell you that some designers get motivated by watching fashion shows. Yes, you heard that right. They get the ideas of color theme for website through models on a catwalk.

Well, these were some ways from which the designers get inspiration for choosing the best color theme for website.

Tool Recommendation: Useful tool for your website design

Well, there's another way you can gain motivation. You can also get inspiration through different prototyping tools. Many tools can help you design a beautiful website layout for selecting a color theme for website. But choosing the right tool, itself is a big task, especially for the new ones. Some tools are way too expensive, and some with fewer features. How should designers choose the right one? Well, you shouldn't be worried about the tool. We've got a fantastic tool that will undoubtedly help select a suitable color theme for website.

Wondershare Mockitt

Like any other prototyping tool, Wondershare Mockitt is used to design beautiful websites and mobile app designs. With its help, you can create magnificent and responsive website designs and color themes for website. Why we're suggesting Mockitt to you? Answer: Because it is simple, easy to use, less complicated, and most importantly, it is cost-effective. Don't want to believe us?

See the features first and decide for yourselves.

Features and Advantages of Mockitt

Many features available to assist you in selecting a color theme for website, but here we'll cover some of the important ones.

  • Assets

Mockitt has many pre-installed widgets and templates present in the "Asset Library." All you need is to pick one them start designing your layout. You can also customize your widget and save them for future usage.

  • Design

Who else wants to work in a free environment? Sure, everyone wants to. Mockitt gives freedom to use your assets freely, with no restrictions, and no further purchases. Plus, you can utilize the functionality of drag and drop in it.

  • Cloud | Collaboration

Another thing that inspires us, Mockitt gives its users a cloud service. With this service, you can access or share your work with other team members for collaboration.