All Figma Shortcuts to Faster Your Design

Laura Angelica updated on 2020-09-25 16:26:16

Interface design and prototyping are time consuming activities. Designers spend a lot of time to understand the problem at hand and coming up with ideas to solve the problem. Visual design and prototypes using Figma serve as the perfect way for designers to get the ideas out of their minds and validate them with users and other stakeholders. Without a doubt it is imperative for Figma and other interface design tools to enable designers to deliver faster. Figma shortcuts including Figma keynoard shortcuts and Figma hotkeys come in handy to speed up your design process.

All Figma Shortcuts You Should Know

When working in the Figma Canvas, you will have access to all the Figma shortcuts. Below are the steps to view all the available Figma shortcuts:

  • Click on the '?' icon seen on the bottom right corner of the Figma canvas. This is the option for help and resources.
  • From the help and resources menu, select 'Keyboard Shortcuts'. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl-Shift-? on Mac and Ctrl+Shift+? on Windows)
  • A taskbar view opens up at the bottom of the canvas. This taskbar view gives you insight about the various keyboard shortcuts available. You can use this view to refer to the various shortcuts available.
  • As you make use of a shortcut, it will appear in blue color to indicate the shortcuts you have exercised.

Some of the most useful Figma shortcuts you must know to speed up your work are listed below

  • File & Properties
Ctrl+Shift+E Export
Ctrl+Alt+S Save to Version History
Ctrl+Shift+K Place Image
  • Edit
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+Shift+V Paste Over Selection
Alt+drag Resize from Center
Alt+drag Duplicate Selection
Ctrl+Alt+C Copy Properties
Ctrl+Alt+V Paste Properties
  • Select
Ctrl+right click Select Layer Menu
Ctrl+click Deep Select
  • View
⎵+drag Pan
+ Zoom In
- Zoom Out
Shift+1 Zoom to Fit
Shift+0 Zoom to 100%
Shift+R Rulers
Ctrl+Shift+3 Show Outlines
Ctrl+Alt+Y Pixel Preview
  • Arrange
Ctrl+] Bring Forward
Ctrl+[ Send Backward
Ctrl+Shift+] Bring to Front
Ctrl+Shift+[ Send to Back
  • Tools
V Move
C Add/Show Comments
P Pen
Shift+P Pencil
R Rectangle
O Ellipse
L Line
F Frame
S Slice
I Pick Color
  • Text
T Text
Ctrl+Shift+V Paste and Match Style
Ctrl+B Bold
Ctrl+I Italic
Ctrl+U Underline
  • Object
Ctrl+G Group Selection
Ctrl+Shift+G Ungroup Selection
Ctrl+Shift+H Show/Hide Selection
Ctrl+Shift+L Lock/Unlock Selection
Ctrl+E Flatten Selection
Ctrl+Shift+O Outline Stroke
Alt+double+click Crop Image
  • Components
Ctrl+Alt+K Create Component
Ctrl+Alt+B Detach Instance
  • Misc
Ctrl+Shift+/ Keyboard Shortcuts

These Figma shortcuts help you design and prototype faster and more effectively on the Figma canvas. It is no surprise that Figma shortcuts and Figma hotkeys are a basic requirement in any interface design tool. However, let's face it – Figma involves quite a bit of learning curve. Designers need to spend time understanding and navigating the tool before they can start being productive with the tool. Further more, Figma can burn quite a hole in your pocket especially if you are a freelance designer or a small/medium enterprise. This leads us to explore other alternatives.

The Best Figma Alternative

Designers are increasingly looking for tools which enable them to design their ideas faster and with minimal tool interaction. Wondershare Mockitt is a modern interface design and prototyping tool that welcomes beginners with open arms. Mockitt has an extremely intuitive and simple interface. The tool is easy to use and offers the capability to simply drag and drop the widgets, and a beginner can finish a prototype rapidly in 10 minutes. This makes Mockitt a clear winner over Figma. It comes with a great collection of libraries full of built-in UI assets and templates. But that's not all. It allows designers to create and reuse their own libraries which allows customizations within workflows.

figma shortcuts

Most designers work as part of a team and with team members becoming more geographically dispersed, a real time prototype builder where multiple designers can make changes simultaneously is imperative. By using Mockitt, team members can view and co-edit projects, communicate in real-time, and seamlessly engage in remote work. This avoids delays and eliminates the wait times for manual syncing. Multiple users can create versions and collaborate efficiently. Version information can be appended to find it faster. Restore with one click and pick up where you left off. Designers can compare versions, track changes, and see the iterations flow naturally. Mockitt empowers designers to collaborate not just with fellow designers but also with developers. The tool offers browser based inspect and export tools which enable seamless communication of design specifications with the development team. Mockitt also supports the Sketch plugin which oversimplifies automated handoffs to your development team.

When it comes to choosing a cost effective interface design tool, Mockitt should be your obvious choice. Unlike, Figma the pricing options offered by Mockitt are extremely reasonable and pocket friendly. You can get started at absolutely no cost for your first 3 projects. Mockitt is supported on Windows, Mac and Ubuntu. You can also use the online version by simply firing up any popular browser.

With all of these rich features and considering the advantage of shorter learning curve and better pricing, it is apt to call Mockitt a superior alternative for Figma. Indeed, Mockitt speeds up your design process. If you are an agile designer, who loves to focus on your ideas and creativity and eliminate the hassles associated with design tools, go ahead and give it a shot now.

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