How to Make a Free Flowchart Online- A Simple Guide

Laura Angelica updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Flowcharts have always had a significant value in the creative world. From expressing ideas to describing the workflow, it has been a need for designers and managers to embed interactive flowcharts in the presentations. Having access to a well-designed flowchart makes everything easier to understand and discuss.

Creating online flowchart can be a lot of fun and a learning process provided you have the right tool with a lower learning curve. But do you have spare time to download, install, and then set up the software for it? Most probably not!

With this guide, we introduce you to a robust, powerful tool that has the potential to bring out your productivity. It will streamline the process to create flowchart online for free and give you space to be more creative.

How to Create an Online Flowchart?

We put forth the software-Wondershare Mockitt as a tool that can scale your designs. It is a professional grade prototyping and collaboration tool that is platform-independent. If you need a free online flowchart developer, Mockitt is the answer. From enabling programmers to designers, this software will improve their productivity by giving a stable space where planning and designing can be done hand-in-hand.

online flowchart

You can try the software for free to create three projects. And after that, a premium membership will be required. Looking over the list of features Mockitt offers, it'll be hard to resist the purchase. Here are some unique features that are worth exploring.

  • A comprehensive Asset Library that allows the users to customize and share the creative space with team members
  • The cloud-hosted platform that eliminates the need for download, installation, or even documentation
  • No hardware or software requirements for Prototyping tasks
  • Hundreds of built-in UI assets and templates to customize the workflow smoothly
  • Dynamic gestures, animation effects, and transitions are also present for interactive designs
  • Suitable feedback and review mechanism for high-level management tasks
  • Slick interface to allow beginners to adapt to the complex prototyping environment in a hassle freeway

Once you get familiar with the software, it'll be hard not to try it even once. We can help you create flowchart online free with Mockitt. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Start by signing up on Mockitt as the account will provide you access to the Workspace. Verify the account and log in. Press the Workspace button, and you will enter the online software interface.

create flowchart online

Step 2: Tap on the Create option and choose Project. Name the Project and choose the template ratio from the drop-down list below. You can select the device, and the template of that specific size will appear in the list. After choosing, hit the "Create" button.

flowchart online free

Step 3: In the interface, you will see the widget tab on the right side. It contains the "Built-in" list of widgets and icons that can be useful to create flowchart online. Before adding a shape from the list, make sure that you learn their meaning.

create flowchart online free

Step 4: Add the shapes and text from the widgets and finish your flowchart. Click on the shape and drag it to the graph screen. You can customize the color, text, and also add background images to the flowchart.

online flowchart

Once the Project is complete, tap the "Export" button to save it on your device. You can also save the Project as an HTML5 zip file. Or directly hit the "Download" button at the right bottom side of the screen to save the project.

Tips for Online Flowchart

People who had to design flowcharts on a regular basis would appreciate this online flowchart tool. But having such a possession doesn't mean that you don't need to be careful while creating a free online flowchart. Follow the tips below for online flowchart as well as offline diagrams.

Always Use Consistent Design Elements

From shapes, lines to texts, every element of the flowchart diagram must be consistent. Without this, different elements will cause unnecessary distractions in the data flow. Prevent this from happening at all costs, even if you had to spend a few extra minutes customizing the flowchart.

Try to Fit the Workflow on Single Page

The biggest benefit of free online flowchart tools is that they allow the users to fit every aspect of the workflow within the same space. Although sometimes it becomes almost impossible, this tip is still worth following to retain the reader's interest.

Focus on Data Flow from Left to Right

Ensure that the flowchart structure goes from left to right to convey the information in a comprehensible way. This is a standard flow of information that allows easy access and enhances the ability to absorb the information correctly.

Use Split Path instead of Traditional Decision Symbol

While traditional flowchart relies on the diamond shape for decisive actions, online flowchart prefers a split path. The diamond symbol has coherent problems of breaking the flow and unfamiliarity with the symbol.

Put Return Lines Under the Flow Diagram

It is no surprise that we read a flowchart from top to bottom. Hence, the logical way to put return lines is to place them under the diagram. It will ensure that the lines don't overlap with each other, and the flow isn't disturbed.

Make yourself familiar with Mockitt and learn to use widgets and icons to create flowchart online for free. Sign up and unlock the ultimate design potential!