Airdrop Not Working on macOS Big Sur? 5 Fixes to Try!

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

A lot of early users have complained about AirDrop not working on macOS Big Sur after the upgrade. Specifically many users said that AirDrop was not working on MacBook Pro models. Some even complained about AirDrop not showing up on macOS 11. Is there a fix for these issues so you can get AirDrop to be visible or get it to work properly? What about AirDrop iPhone to Mac not working on macOS 11? What's the solution? Fortunately, you can fix the issue without having to resort to downgrading to Catalina or doing a factory reset and reinstalling macOS Big Sur.

Fixes for the 'AirDrop not working on macOS Big Sur' Problem

Fix #1: Turn off Personal Hotspot on iOS and Check macOS Big Sur AirDrop Settings

This fix requires you to pick up your iOS device (iPhone or iPad), turn off your Family Sharing feature in Settings → Personal Hotspot and also disable others from joining. After that, turn on just your Bluetooth or just your Wi-Fi, but not both. Your Mac running macOS Big Sur must have both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turn ON. Your AirDrop settings must be set to Everyone so your mobile device can be recognized.

airdrop not working on macos big sur

Fix #2: Tap or Click Accept on the Receiving Device

This works both ways. Unless you hit the Accept button on the device receiving the file or photo, the transfer won't happen and you might think it's not working. The Accept button established the AirDrop connection, so make sure that's not the problem.

airdrop not showing up on macos 11

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Fix #3: Turn Off Messages and Log In Again

If the other device is too far away or blocked by a concrete wall, AirDrop might not work in macOS Big Sur. But the problem is not with AirDrop. Trying getting a clear line of sight between the two devices and maintain a distance not greater than 30 feet (approximately 9 meters.) The closer the better, but line of sight is crucial.

Fix #4: Make Sure the macOS Big Sur Computer is 'Awake'

If you've got 'wake for network access' enabled, then sleep mode won't allow wireless communication. Make3 sure your Mac is awake and connected to Wi-Fi and has Bluetooth turned on. Also make sure the other device is not screen-locked.

macbook airdrop not working on macos big sur

Fix #5: Logout and Login - iCloud

It could also be a problem with your iCloud login after the upgrade to macOS Big Sur. To eliminate this as a possible cause, log out of iCloud and log in again. If AirDrop works, that was the issue.

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airdrop iphone to mac not working on macos 11
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