How to Fix a Frozen Mac Update on macOS Big Sur

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:49:24

Apple keeps its clients happy by keeping the macOS installation process simple. So, installing macOS 11 is easy. However, sometimes the process does not go as planned. If you get the message that "The macOS installation couldn't be completed" then there is a problem causing your Mac update to freeze. A frozen Mac update occurs due to multiple reasons and could leave you wondering what to do if your Mac gets stuck during macOS 11 update. You should learn how to fix a frozen Mac update installing macOS Big Sur. This article contains information on fixing a frozen Mac update on macOS 11.

How to Fix a Frozen Mac Update when Installing macOS Big Sur

Are you wondering what to do if your Mac gets stuck during macOS 11 update? Here are some tips that have proven helpful in the past with other updates such as macOS 10.15 Catalina and macOS 10.14 Mojave:

  • Shut down your Mac and then restart it after 10 seconds. This is considered the easiest and first option to fix a frozen Mac when updating macOS 11 because it solves multiple Mac problems. Simply press and hold the Power function until Mac shuts Mac down, and then do the same to start it up again.
  • If you wish to confirm if you have fixed your Mac that gets stuck when installing macOS 11, check on the update or installation process. Simply go to System Preferences and then access Software Update. On the older Mac versions access Mac App Store and go to Updates to check.
  • You can also check files installation progress through the Log screen. Simply press Command and L keys as soon as the progress bar appears. If the Log screen indicates that nothing is going on, try the next tip.
  • Install the Combo update from Apple's support website if the problem persists. However, back up your information first in iCloud or Time Machine. This Comb updater provides you with the files that are required to update macOS Big Sur.

Also note that the Combo version of the update replaces all the system files, thus completing the update. Consequently, it fixes a frozen Mac update on macOS 11.

However, note that combo update updates Mac from a prior version of macOS within the same major release. To use it; visit Apple's comb update site and find the right one and download it. Quit all Mac apps and follow the onscreen instructions.

fix your mac that gets stuck when installing macos 11
  • Installing in Safe Mode can also fix a frozen Mac when updating macOS 11. Press on the Power button to turn Mac off and hold down the Shift key to start the Mac up in Safe Mode. Release the Shift key when you see the login screen. Log in immediately and access App Store and update your apps while in Safe mode. When the update is complete, exit safe mode by restarting your Mac in the normal way without pressing Shift key.
fix a frozen mac when updating macos 11,
  • If Safe Mode fails to fix your Mac that gets stuck when installing macOS 11, try resetting NVRAM. Restart Mac and hold down Command, Option/Alt, P and R keys. Wait until the Mac restarts and wait to see if it starts updating.
  • Lack of enough space for installation can also cause a frozen Mac update. So creating room is exactly what to do if your Mac gets stuck during macOS 11 update. Put your Mac in safe mode and then delete anything that could be unnecessary.
  • Installing the OS from an external drive is also a great solution.
  • Alternatively, fix a frozen Mac update on macOS 11 through Recovery Mode. Simply restart Mac in Recovery Mode by holding down Command + R at startup. From the various options; performing disc repair, recovering your Mac from your last Time Machine backup, just choose to Install new OS option. As Mac reinstalls macOS 11, it will replace all Apple system files and in the process overwrite any problematic issues that cause it to freeze. Confirm that the update includes macOS Big Sur through Software Update.
fix a frozen mac update on macos 11

After updating and fixing a frozen Mac update on macOS 11, ensure that you run Disk Utility. Its purpose is to rectify the issues leading to the frozen update. So, it should only occur when you finally get the software up and running.

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how to fix a frozen mac update installing macos big sur

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