Top 5 Solutions to Mail Not Working on macOS Big Sur

Laura Angelica updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Mail app in macOS Big Sur has amazing features designed for receiving, sending, and viewing email messages. Due to capabilities such as highlighting conversations, viewing messages in a simplified column layout, and muting conversations to reduce inbox noise, it makes emailing an enjoyable task. However, you may find mail not working on macOS Big Sur since it is like any other app that can develop issues especially after macOS upgrade. Mail not working on macOS Big Sur can be due to multiple reasons. This article states the common issues with Apple Mail on macOS 11 and how to fix them.

Top 5 Solutions to Mail Not Working on macOS Big Sur

1. Launching the Mail app from your Applications

After updating your Mac to macOS Big Sur the application may refuse to launch. Considering that this is an unexpected reaction, it is a clear indication that Mail is not working after macOS Big Sur update. This is a common problem that can be fixed easily by launching the Mail app from your Applications. Here are the steps;

  • If you normally open your Mail app through the Applications folder, drag the icon out of the dock.
  • When it disappears, drag the copy of the icon that will be made back into the Dock.
  • Now, close Mail and then try to open it again through the Dock. This approach should solve Mail not working after macOS Big Sur upgrade.
mail not working on macos big sur

2. Restart Mail using the Activity Monitor

One other reason why Mail is not working on macOS Big Sur as expected is because it keeps crashing or running slowly. Such behaviour interferes with how you access and send your emails. The best solution to fix such macOS 11 Mail problems is by restarting Mail using the Activity Monitor.

Use these steps to do so;

  • Through functions such as Utilities, Siri, or Spotlight, locate the Activity Monitor
  • Type in Mail in the search function to find the app
  • Click on the X symbol on the app to force close it
  • Then attempt to restart it the normal way.
common issues with apple mail on macos 11

3. Check the Spam folder in the Mail app

When Mail does not show new messages in the inbox, you will definitely know that Mail is not working on macOS Big Sur. This issue occurs when a new message triggers a spam filter. To fix such email problems on macOS Big Sur, check the Spam folder in the Mail app through the following procedure;

  • Check the Spam folder in the Mail app
  • If the subscription of your Spam folder is not done locally, check with the original sender to confirm if the message went through or bounced back.
  • If the emails were sent, try resolving the problem using the following method to trigger the entry of emails.
  • Close your Mail app first
  • Go to /Users/your_profile/Library/Mail/IMAP-account_concerned/
  • Delete the hidden folder .OfflineCache
  • And then launch Mail app again.
fix macos 11 mail problems

4. Ignore the "Verify Certificate" notification or opt to continue

Sometimes you may find Mail app presenting a notification claiming that it can't verify the certificate. You are likely to encounter this issue when you are preparing to use an SSL connection that is secure. To use an SSL connection with the Grid, you must use incoming and outgoing Mail server as the domain. This issue gives the impression that Mail not working after macOS Big Sur upgrade.

However, you can fix these email problems on macOS Big Sur by ignoring the warning or by simply opting to continue.

Note that ignoring it will cause the appearance of the message in the future. Therefore, it may be better to opt continuation instead.

fix email problems on macos big sur

5. Check the Mail Connections

Some of the common issues with Apple Mail on macOS 11 occur due to missing Mail folders. To fix these email problems on macOS Big Sur and get the Mail app working again, try to check the Mail connections. Here are the steps to follow;

  • Open Mail application
  • In the top menu locate and access the Windows
  • Here hit the Connection Doctor. It should show whether there are any issues with connecting to the Mail app.
  • Counter check account settings
  • Now delete and re-add Mail account to reset it

This solution should fix macOS 11 Mail problems by making the Mail app and emails accessible again.

mail not working after macos big sur upgrade

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