Top 10 Free Xmind Alternatives for Data Visualization in 2024

Albert Shepherd updated on 2023-12-19 17:46:17

Xmind is a multiplatform mind mapping and brainstorming tool. It bills itself as a "full-featured app that, like a Swiss army knife, offers a complete toolset for thinking and creativity. This app has over 100 million installations, a testament to how good it is.

But what if you don't like Xmind? Perhaps it does not have something that you consider very important. You could be looking for a great alternative. And you have come to the right place. Here are the 10 best Xmind alternatives in 2023.

Why Look for an Xmind Alternative

Xmind is one of the most popular apps for data visualization. It is cross-platform, so that's expected. The app offers so many useful features that let you create mind maps and such with ease. However, the application is neither perfect nor irreplaceable. Xmind comes with some limitations that may turn you off.

Three things come to mind. One, there are no free plans available. Two, large mind maps can take a while to load. Three, Xmind lacks project management features. So it is not suited for agile and scrum teams.

Best Xmind Alternatives

Here are the 10 best Xmind alternatives in 2023.

1 - Wondershare Mockitt 2 - Freemind
3 - Taskade 4 - ThinkComposer
5 - MindManager 6 - MindMup
7 - Creately 8 - Mindomo
9 - 10 - EdrawMind

1 - Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt is one of the most reliable design, prototype, and diagram-creation tools. It offers a lot of useful features for data visualization. And the visuals are outstanding, as Mockitt lets you create picture-perfect icons and vectors for your mind maps.

editing a mind map on mockitt

Super easy to use.

Available on different platforms

Includes collaboration tools

Stock library with lots of resources

Lets you create dynamic mind maps


The mind mapping feature is only free for a limited time

G2 Rating: A user wrote a review on G2, saying that Wondershare Mockitt is "definitely a game-changer app." They loved how you could make custom libraries and share them with each other. This user gave the app 5 out of 5 stars.

2 - Freemind

Freemind is a free mind mapping and productivity tool. This piece of software doesn't just let you create mind maps. It also improves your efficiency.

Freemind's biggest strength is the folding feature, which lets you hide and unhide the things connected to a node with one click. It allows you have a clear view of your mind map.

xmind alternatives freemind

100% free mind mapping tool

The folding feature makes Freemind very convenient to use.

Switching to another mind-mapping program is easy. Mind maps are stored in XML format. Programmers will find it easy to write a conversion program.


The image files you add to the mind map should be on your device when you open the mind map. Otherwise, the image will not show.

Freemind does not have collaboration tools.

Fancy graphics are not much supported.

Sometimes, opening links and files from the mind map does not work.

3 - Taskade

Taskade is an app that lets you "build a second brain for your team." It has various task management and diagramming features. Its mind mapping feature is robust. There are templates you can use to set up a mind map quickly.

editing a mind map on taskade

Offers robust collaboration tools

Mind maps made with Taskade double as planners/schedulers.

Includes a messaging feature

The mind maps are stunning.


No theme customization options

Free for only 30 days.

G2 Rating: One user left a review of Taskade on G2. She said Taskade is the best organizational tool for her goals. The user liked how you can work with your team, call them, and make mind maps for brainstorming. She gave the app 5 stars.

4 - ThinkComposer

ThinkComposer is a tool that lets you create expressive, advanced mind maps, concept maps, and flowcharts. The best thing about it is how it lets you have child diagrams for your ideas. It's especially handy when tackling vast subjects.

mind map created with thinkcomposer


It has a lot of useful features

Easy to use

It lets you add diagrams inside your diagrams


ThinkComposer has not been updated since 2015

Does not have collaboration tools

5 - MindManager

MindManager is an app built specifically for making mind maps. Because the developers focus on this, MindManager offers robust mind mapping features. You will surely like how easy it is to visualize data using this cross-platform app.

creating new mind map on mindmanager

Lets you create presentations using mind maps

Has integrations with Skype, MS Word, MS Excel, and Outlook

Offers different views

Available on different platforms


The free version lasts only 30 days

G2 Rating: A user wrote on G2 that he had downloaded MindManager because he saw a Strategic Thinking instructor teaching his class using MindManager. He was amazed by how easy it was to understand the lesson because of mind maps. The user claims that MindManager helps him excel. He rated the app 5 out of 5 stars.

6 - MindMup

MindMup allows you to "capture ideas at the speed of thought." It lets you make unlimited mind maps, absolutely for free! Also, you can brainstorm from anywhere, as this Xmind alternative is available on any device.

editing a mind map on mindmup

The free version allows you to create an unlimited number of mind maps.

MindMup automatically adds images and contextual information when publishing mind maps to social media so the maps will look good on the chosen platform.

Supports concurrent editing

Easy administrative controls

No account or log-in required


The free version limits the mind maps you can save on the MindMup storage to 100 kb. These maps are saved only for six months.

The collaboration tools are exclusive to paid users.

G2 Rating: A user review on G2 says that there is nothing to dislike about MindMup. It has all the tools you need to create mind maps to make focused efforts. They gave MindMup 4.5 stars.

7 - Creately

Creately provides you with a "data-connected Visual Workspace." There, you can brainstorm, plan your projects, and capture knowledge. This app lets you create so many types of diagrams. You can make whiteboards for brainstorming, org charts, cloud infrastructure diagrams, mind maps, etc. Indeed, it is a great app for data visualization.

editing a mind map on creately

Includes collaboration tools

Usable for making any type of diagram

Pre-made templates make mind map creation easy.

The ability to add wikis, tasks, and links to the canvas offers convenience.



The free version gives you only 3 canvases, each with a limit of 60 objects.

The free version can only export diagrams as raster images.

G2 Rating: A user review on G2 reads, "Creately is an intuitive and user-friendly diagramming software that has revolutionized the way we collaborate and communicate visually." The user loves the app's many templates and shapes, which enable them to create professional-looking diagrams in minutes. They gave the app a rating of 5 stars.

8 - Mindomo

Mindomo is an all-in-one visual tool that lets you visualize data by making mind maps, concept maps, outlines, and more. It offers real-time and offline editing and is multiplatform. Thus, Mindomo is a very accessible tool.

editing a mind map on mindomo

Offers collaboration tools.

Available offline and online

Templates make diagramming easy.

The free version is sometimes enough.


You need to pay to use all versions (cloud-based, mobile, and desktops of Mindomo.

Free users are limited to 40 topics.

G2 Rating: A validated reviewer on G2 wrote that Mindomo is a great app for data visualization on the go. They love using the app on their phone or tablet. The reviewer gave the app 4 out of 5 stars.

9 - lets you create mind maps to organize your ideas visually in a way that is easy for you and others to understand. It features a minimalist interface design, which helps you focus on the task at hand.

xmind alternatives bubblus

Works the same on mobile and on the web.


The minimalistic interface ensures there are few distractions

Fantastic collaboration and sharing tools.


The free version only allows you to make 3 mind maps.

No desktop version, meaning you can't use it offline.

G2 Rating: One advantage of using is it lets you export the maps as lightweight image formats, wrote a user on G2. That makes sending by email, attaching to webpages, or editing the mind maps easy. They added that it is usable for students and work environments. Five stars is what this user gave as a rating.

10 - EdrawMind

EdrawMind (formerly known as MindMaster) is an amazing collaborative mind mapping and brainstorming tool. With multi platform compatibility, real-time collaboration, and one-click generation, EdrawMind allows you to make mind maps very easily.

creating a mind map on edrawmind

Lets you easily export your mind maps to popular file formats

EdrawMind can create mind maps from well-structured files almost instantly

Offers collaboration tools

Available in different operating systems


The free version has limited capabilities

G2 Rating: A user left a review on G2, saying that EdrawMind provides them with all the features they need. Furthermore, it is not just a mind mapping tool but also a project management tool. The satisfied user gave it a perfect rating.


Xmind is a good app for data visualization. But it does not mean it is the "must-use" software. You can use other tools if you want. We recommend Wondershare Mockitt. Its mind mapping feature is so reliable. The stock library of photos, plus the note and annotation tools, ensure that the mind maps are easy to understand for everybody. And that is the main point of making a mind map.