How to Download Balsamiq Mac for Free

Laura Angelica updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

When you are designing a screen, wireframing is an important step of the process. Creating low-fidelity prototypes is an essential part of the entire workflow. The rest of the process is based on the foundation established by that specific structure.

Various software have been developed to help designers accomplish prototyping. Balsamiq Mac is one such software that can help you create the necessary wireframes. It has different versions supporting different operating systems. Hence, downloading Balsamiq Mac can help you create your own mockups through a Mac system.

Does Balsamiq Support Mac

However, there is a small problem there for Mac users. Balsamiq in itself does not support designing through a Mac operating system. There is no Balsamic download Mac version that you can rely on for your design related needs.

That means that you can't use Balsamiq as your primary design software while you are on a Mac system. You have to look for a suitable alternative that would make up for the creativity gap created by that problem.

That is where Wondershare Mockitt can create a significant difference for you. You can trust this platform to provide you with the required tools. It is an interactive design software that can help you create low fidelity wireframes to high fidelity prototypes – just like Balsamiq download for Mac.

balsamiq mockups 3 mac

Mockitt allows users to flex their creative muscles and produce amazing designs with sufficient functionality supported. You can use it to leverage everything from marketing designs like posters and advertisements to user interfaces of mobile applications.

If you are using a Mac system and you can't find a Balsamiq Mac download, you can just open your browser and access Mockitt. You can also download the Mockitt application for Mac and use it freely.

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How to Use Balsamiq for Mac Alternative

You can follow a few simple steps to create a prototype with Wondershare Mockitt:

Step 1: Sign Up & Beginner's Guide

The first step is to sign up with your email, choosing a password that you can use to access your account. The platform then presents you with one or two questions about what role you are playing and what purpose do you mean to fulfill through Mockitt designing.

After that, you get to go through a beginner's guide that helps you understand how different buttons and functions work. It teaches you that you can drag and drop different widgets on the screen you have chosen.

balsamiq mac download

Step 2. Create a Prototype

  • Create a new project by clicking on "Create" on the left top corner after you are redirected to your dashboard.
  • Choose "Prototype".
balsamiq download for mac

Step 3. Choose the Size for Your Canvas

Select the screen for which you are creating a prototype – iPhone, MacBook, Samsung S7, anything. The orientation and sizing will be selected accordingly.

balsamiq download mac

Step 4. Start Designing Your Prototype

Navigate through the various widgets displayed on the screen to find the ones you want to insert. Drag and drop the right widgets to their individual places on your screen.

balsamiq mac

Change their fonts, sizes, alignments, and images to suit your design.

balsamiq mockups 3 mac

Step 5. Make Your Design Interactive

You can add a new screen or keep editing the previous screen. And to state the logic of your prototype, you can link different screens to each other. For example, when you click the button in your design, it should jump into the target page.

balsamiq mac download

Step 6. Preview and Share Your Project

The "Preview" function has many modes, for example, you can preview with a real device frame, you can preview your design as a long page, or you can use the "PRD" mode to show the whole design.

balsamiq download for mac

It is also very easy for you to share your project with others through a link. People can open the link to see the design and members can make comments to leave their feedbacks.

balsamiq download mac

Finally, Mockitt helps generate the code automatically, and you can find the "Handoff" mode to handover your design to the developers.

 balsamiq mac

Hence, Mockitt can prove to be just as useful or maybe more so, as compared to downloading Balsamiq Mac - if it had existed.

Tips for Downloading Balsamiq Mac Alternative

You need to make sure that you are using the right software, obviously. The reason is that user experience is the main driving force behind all types of design these days. Gone are the times when design used to be oriented more towards the limitations set by corporates themselves.

The competition across several industries has increased so much that it is tough for companies to survive without UX design. The users need to be given exactly what they need, in the best way possible. Similarly, designers need to create their designs in accordance with user motives.

That is why there is a lot of scope for software like Mockitt that provide alternatives to Balsamic download for Mac. Designers can take advantage of such tools and leverage sufficient wireframing to create perfect high fidelity designs further along the road.

Mockitt is an intuitive and interactive platform that is designed with the user needs in mind. Navigating complex interfaces can make designing look way tougher than it is. Most designers are discouraged by the complicated tools that they have to use. However, that is not the case with Wondershare Mockitt.

It promotes free and easy designing on the basis of an aesthetic sense and creativity mainly. You don't have to be a tech savvy to be able to use the platform and create good, viable screens. The process of using Mockitt is as simple as a few drag and drop gestures.

You can choose an iPhone screen, a MacBook screen, any screen orientation and size before you start designing. There are also options to adjust these things later, and you can always add new screens to edit, in the same project. There are very simple buttons laid out in front of you to help you edit widgets in different ways.