10 Bad UX Examples for Beginners

Laura Angelica updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53
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Ever ended up in the community support forum of an app seeking answers, only to find the other users are just as lost as you are? If yes, you've most likely been a victim of bad UX. You will find a lot of bad UX design examples even some created by well-known designers.

Most of the major apps also have bad UX that does not offer the users the experience expected. Some other bad user experience examples that fail their purpose. In this article, we offer you 10 bad UX examples and the reason why they are a failure.

bad ux
1. WhatsApp's delete-message feature 2. Netflix hover autoplay
3. Ryanair's booking platform 4. Apple's storage management system
5. Super long dropdowns 6. This classic password kerfuffle
7. 02's live-chat system 8. This Hulu app tab
9. Fiverr's 5 start display 10. The Juicero juicer

1. WhatsApp's delete-message feature

WhatsApp is one of the top-chat apps with its top-notch UX and a well-organized interface. One of the scenarios you experience when using the App is when you create a message to send to a friend but accidentally sends it to someone else. You may send it to a person you do not know or even your workmate. There is no problem with this because there is a delete option. It is possible to delete the message and pretend that you never sent the message. When you delete the message, you find a collection of messages indicating 'you deleted this message'.

2. Netflix hover autoplay

This Netflix autoplay feature perturbs users since it was launched in 2015. If you happen to hover over the film or TV thumbnail usually instigates the autoplay of a montage or looped trailer. This means that if you want to see the information or details of the show you have hovered or clicked on, you cannot do it without a loud trailer playing.

3. Ryanair's booking platform

If you are a frequent flyer with Ryanair, you may have gotten an unpleasant experience with its booking platform. No one expects that booking a weekend out can cause a lot of problems. Its booking interface can be termed as a bad UX. It has UX design tactics making the experience more confusing and complicated in a way that makes users spend more money than they would have expected with the hidden add ons. For instance, you find the option of no insurance hidden within a totally unrelated menu. This makes it hard for you to find it.

4. Apple's storage management system

During the time-sensitive, priceless moments that need to be captured on camera to give memorable experiences, you need instant storage of such moments. Such moments may include your kid walking for the first time or when you spot your favorite celebrity in your local hotel. However, you get disappointed when you get an instant message telling you that your storage is full and it is not possible to take the photo. This is what you get from Apple's storage management system.

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5. Super long dropdowns

At times you may find it down to choose your nationality from an infinite dropdown and with no search bar insight. This causes more inconveniences if you come from a country like the UK that has several names such as Great Britain, United Kingdom, or Britain. It is tiring to go through a lot of countries to look for yours.

6. This classic password kerfuffle

There is nothing more frustrating just like having unnecessary complex password requirements. It is hard to remember complicated passwords. This means that you end up wasting a lot of time as you create new passwords to replace the old ones.

7. 02's live-chat system

o2 encourages its users to make use of the live chat box to chat now instantly with their customer representatives. However, it does not account for the number that responds to every client. This makes clients be placed in a queue instead of having the ability to chat instantly with a customer representative as advertised.

8. This Hulu app tab

There is a high number of users who are now using apps instead of conventional websites. This means that they do not access the full digital experience of the site or product. Hulu redirects people to a site in order to manage the Hulu plan. So, there is no need to have a tab in the app.

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9. Fiverr's 5 start display

Instead of showing the number of stars in an explicit way, Fiverr goes against the standard UX conventions by deciding to represent a five-star rating with one star.

10. The Juicero juicer

This is one of the bad UX because of being too complicated. The greatest mistake with this UX design is that you need a strong internet connection to use it. You are also supposed to download the app on either Android or Apple phone if you really want to know how to make juice.


The final objective of a UX designer should be to create aesthetic and intuitive interfaces. It must generate trust, leading to more conversions. It is good to keep all the above mistakes that make a bad UX in mind to create a design that is of value to your end-users. Consider having a design that is not user-friendly, but one that can stand the test of time. Make sure you focus on the small details that matter than big things that may not matter to the end-users.