Knowing About Designlab UX Academy: Courses, Prices, and Reviews

Laura Angelica updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

User Experience or UX is the field of designing related to how a user feels while using a digital solution. It can be an application, a website, a software, a web tool, or anything, UX is the core of ensuring favorable customer response and traction. However, to learn UX designing, you need assistance similar to what is provided by Designlab's UX course.

There are several boot camps that provide crash courses or full-fledged courses in UX designing, UX research, among other courses. But since Designlab UX Academy is predominantly a platform to help students learn everything about UX designing, this platform is best for those who want to build a career in User Experience and UX research.

What is Designlab?

Designlab UX Academy is an online platform that proffers training and learning in technical skills that helps people become a UX designer. On the platform, you can take two routes, either start to build a career in UX or join a course to reskill or upgrade your UX designing skills.


The courses are specifically created to cater to both newbies and experienced UX designers. To help new students understand everything deeply, the platform provides one-to-one mentoring sessions and understand the design fundamentals.

Apart from regular course teachers and coaches, you will be able to learn from mentors who are currently employed in global organizations and harness a better industry experience.

The Designlab UX academy is popular in the industry for its affordable education, a challenging curriculum that ensures better course understanding along with retention. The mentors at the Designlab aim to build a human connection with the student. The students will be able to build a cordial and learning relationship with the top designers in the industry.

With Designlab UX and UI courses, the students will also become part of a global community of designers and creators. They can collaborate with each other and leverage the impact of networking in learning.

Courses offered by Designlab UX Academy

There are two cohorts of courses on Designlab;

  • The Foundational Course and UX Academy - The main constituent course of UX Academy Designlab is its foundational course which will then take the student to the next level and help launch a career. The foundational course runs from 4 to 8 weeks and helps the student understand the key concept and practical skills.
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After gaining the foundational knowledge, the student will have to complete a design challenge that will become a basis or eligibility criteria for their UX Academy application.

The succeeding course of UX at Designlab Academy will take the students through rigorous training of 480 hours. The mentor-led training model takes skill enhancement to the next level and helps develop professional-grade UI/UX design skills.

  • Short Courses of Design Fundamentals, UX and UI - This segment of courses on Designlab UX Academy includes Design 101, UI Design, UX Research and Strategy, and UX: Interaction Design. The purpose of these courses is to help students become better in their field of practice.
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These small duration courses are specially designed for experienced designers who are only looking to become better at what they do. This can be learning more about color psychology, UI design patterns, prototyping, creating designs, understanding the users, their goals, and creating wireframes as well as mockups.

There are a lot of reasons to start taking these courses from the Designlab UX Academy apart from the cost. This includes learning the core principles of design usability and the fundamental interaction pattern.

Along with this, the students will be able to build their portfolios and also a certificate of completion. Where the full courses have several mentor sessions, the short courses will get you four mentor sessions.

How much does designlab cost?

There are three types of Designlab UX Academy cost plans, monthly payments, Upfront payments, and extended plans. The total cost of the monthly plan is more than the upfront plan. The extended plan is credited by a financial institution and the cost to choose this sort of arrangement is the highest.

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The 6-month plan involves a $399 deposit and a total cost of $6,649. The latter figure is divided into six monthly payments of $1,041 each. In the upfront plan, the course deposit fee of $399 remains unchanged but there is a single payment of $6,249. So, a student paying the entire fee upfront can save $400.

The extended plan is financed by Climb Credit financial institution. Here too, the course deposit fee remains the same as others, $399. The monthly payments range between $177 and 194 per month. As per the credit terms, the total cost of the course can increase up to $6,941 to $7,611.

In all three types of courses, the students can get a discount of $500 if they are joining the main Design UX Academy course after going through the Foundation courses.

Designlab Reviews

Most of the students who have been associated with the Designlab UX Academy find the courses a bit hard but intellectually rewarding. Not scaring or discouraging you from joining the course, but only to put out a disclaimer that you should only join these courses if you are ready to put in the effort.

The UX and UI design industry is highly competitive and you will need all the motivation and time you need to move ahead and learn to become a designer. Let's talk about the community now. Any online course community is as important as the course curriculum, mentors, and overall features.

The mentors are from the same industry. They are designers, UX researchers, UI professionals who have been working in the industry for years and are capable enough to help others learn and grow. The calling sessions with mentors are great, but their length and frequency need to be increased.

As per the Designlab UX Academy review on short courses, these small foundational courses explain everything about the subject matter and its tools before the student actually joins the class.

Designlab UX Academy's initiating process is one of the primary and most important things about the platform. Mentors provide insider knowledge and give accurate plus constructive feedback, which helps create a better understanding of the course and the field.

Because this UX academy has a step by step process of teaching (the foundational and central course), it actually helps a newbie or even someone who has heard the words 'UX design' for the first time build a career in this field. Everything on the platform is designed to create a learning environment for students.

Simply put, the Designlab UX Academy is a great and resourceful platform for all sorts of designers. It offers a great curriculum, efficient learning process, and helps gain a deeper understanding of the technologies related to the course.

Prototyping tool for UI/UX designers

Prototyping is what every designer aims to ace and train for. Not only it requires adept industry knowledge but the designer needs to understand the ins and outs of the associated aspects of designing.

The Designlab UX Academy gives an introduction to the online design tools that can help all types of designers. Wondershare Mockitt is one of the tools that a lot of designers are using for prototyping, wireframing, and creating mockups.

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A tool that streamlines the design process by incorporating advanced tools in an easy-to-understand user interface and helps create complex designs easily. Mockitt has a ton of features and functions to help young designers explore the intricacies of UX and UI designing.

Without good software, the end result of any design can be of sub-standard quality and not adhere to the UX and UI principles. Mockitt gives you access to a wide gamut of items and elements added to create efficient designs.

It is primarily a collaborative tool allowing more than one user to work on the same design. It has an in-built preview and handoff mode. The preview allows visualizing the design before coding and the handoff makes it easier for the developers to imitate the design as per the dimensions easily.