Top Dribble Designers that you Must Follow for Inspiration

Laura Angelica updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

There are stalwarts in every industry. These are the people who have set the bar high for everybody and work tirelessly to retain their crown of being one of the most talented or most followed personalities.

The reel world has actors/actresses, the sports have sports persons, and dribblers adorn the world of design and creativity. They are the creative geniuses who are at the top of their game and have taken the industry by a storm. Their designs are creative, innovative, advanced, and will inspire you to become a dribbler.

But it is also important to follow the right people and make excellent role models. Out of the 12 million dribblers, we have selected the top 10 dribbble designers for you to follow and get inspiration from.

10 Most popular Dribbble Designers

1. Dribbbler: Zhenya Rynzhuk


Design by Zhenya Rhynzuk

Zhenya is an award-winning designer from Ukraine, and currently, she works from New York. She has over 150 thousand followers on Dribbble and holds expertise in product and visual design.

Apart from this, Zhenya was also the judge at 2018, 2019, and 2020 AWWWARDS. You can also follow here if you have an interest in mobile and web design interface plus animation.

Zhenya's innovative animation styles and smooth transitions are something that sets her apart from other dribbble designers.

2. Dribbbler: Mike | Creative Mints

dribbble designer

Design by Mike | Creative Mints

When it comes to creating illustrations, icons, and working on graphic designs, there is no one better to follow than Mike. He has held the distinction for years altogether and makes designs for websites and games while adhering to innovative UI techniques.

Mike works through his brand, Creative Mints, which has bagged international recognition. As a dribbbler, Mike has become so popular that his designs are recognizable across various platforms.

Those who have worked with Mike share that he first draws his illustrations by hand to explain them to the clients before filling in colors. His account on Dribbble has more than 200,000 followers.

3. Dribbbler: Yoga Perdana


Design by Yoga Perdana

The art of logo designing might seem like everyone can do it, but that is not true. Ask this dribbble designer, Yoga Perdana who has around 164K followers. Yoga's logo designs are fresh, creative, modest, catchy, and they carry the brand's message beautifully.

You can check Perdana's dribbble shots and designs on his account. They are a feast for the eyes. Because Yoga Perdana focuses on developing just the logos, his designs are sure to be timeless and sustainable.

4. Dribbbler: Divan Raj

dribbble designer

Design by Divan Raj

There are more than 67,000 people and dribbblers following Divan Raj. He is a master of creating designs boasting the ultimate expression of UI and UX designs.

Due to his expertise in the field, this dribbbler designer has an impressive portfolio of mobile apps, websites, landing pages, information architecture, animation, illustrations, and much more.

Divan's designs are clean and smooth. They boast a unique vibrancy of colors in his work is unparalleled.

5. Dribbbler:Giga Tamarashvili


Design by Giga Tamarashvii

This dribbbler designer is popular on the platform for his contemporary design styles and interaction-oriented frames. Because of his unique style, Giga enjoys a following of more than 55K followers. He works from Georgia and has helped several organizations implement the perfect designs laden with extraordinary UI/UX patterns.

Giga's UI/UX works have another unique aspect, and that is the color combination. While creating bespoke colorful designs, Giga is also the one who inspires everyone with his innovative masterpieces.

6. Dribbbler: Gil

dribbble designer

Design by Gil

Gil is a part of Ollie (branding agency), but he also has his own fan following on Dribbble with a strength of 52K and counting. This dribbbler excels at creating the website UI designs while helping organizations execute a big shout out in their branding efforts.

Apart from being a pro at UI web designing, Gil was also a jury member for the AWWWARDS and you can also find him sharing his expertise at Skillshare. One thing that you should know about Gil is that he creates minimalist designs with outstanding typography and boldness.

7. Dribbbler: Meghan Robuchaud


Design by Meghan Robichaud

Meghan, Dribbble designer, is a pro at creating fun and interactive illustrations. Simplicity has a very important place in the design world because simple designs are more engaging and understanding. We have found that most of the dribbblers are very much interested to use colors, but Meg is different.

She uses fewer colors without compromising on the engagement and visual appeal of the entire design. Apart from this, Meghan's designs are sure to express her wittiness, which is the USP of illustration designers.

Meghan has more than 40,000 designers on dribbble.

8. Dribbbler: Filip Justic

dribbble designer

Design by Filip Justic

Filip Justic is cruising on a whole another level of designing with the help of his agency, the Balkan Brothers. This dribbbler designer's mission is creating clean designs the likes of which you may have not seen before.

With Balkan Brothers, Filip creates designs for websites and mobile applications. Another glorious thing about him is that he is a self-taught designer and a genuine expression of the adage, we cannot teach creativity, it comes from within.

By creating soft shadows and using smooth colors, Filip has got a fanbase of more than 44,000 people on dribbble.

9. Dribbbler: Slava Kornilov


Design by Slava Kornilov

If creating designs and graphics were a force, Slava Kornilov would be the one to become the leader. His ability to use large and small images plus the animation styles is one of the best things that you will love.

This dribbbler designer takes working with the website sliders and carousels to whole another level. His work represents a powerful message about the brand and its vision. Due to his expertise and his dribbble portfolio, Slava has almost 34K followers. In 2019, he was also a part of the AWWWARDS jury.

10. Dribbbler: Hrvoje Grubisic

dribbble designer

Design by Hrvoje Grubisic

Hrvoje is an established designer and creative personality. He has been part of the AWWWARDS jury since 2015 and also works as a lead product designer for Mediatoolkit and as a design director for Bornfight. Working from Croatia, this dribbbler designer is a faculty member of the Architecture School of Design Graduate.

On dribbble, Hrvoje has more than 41,000 followers, and his bold designs set him apart from others. One of the best things about Hrvoje is that is happy to share his work, knowledge, and expertise with the audience. Plus, you will never see Hrvoje running away from experimenting with a design.

What Software do Dribbblers Usually Use?

A dribbbler's design is as good as the tool or software he/she uses to create them and impress everyone. You may have heard that it is not the car that wins, but the driver who wins the race.

But, if you decide to race in the de Leon with a Toyota Corolla, then you are bound to come late. A driver can only win if he has the right car steering in his hands. Dribbbler's use four designing tools majorly;

  • Sketch
  • Figma
  • Adobe XD
  • Wondershare Mockitt

Among these tools, Wondershare Mockitt is slowly growing on the modern-day designers and creative heads. Mockitt is an online and offline design tool boasting an assortment of features and integrations that can turn out to be a paradise for the designers.


The creation of Mockitt has a purpose, and that is to scale the designer's thinking. Because we are traversing into an era where the user experience must be self-understood and relative to what will impress the end-user.

So, with this in mind, Mockitt by Wondershare can help any type of dribbbler designer to create prototypes, custom libraries, wireframes, mobile app designs, web designs, and much more.

Plus, you can also share the work with the collaborators and other team members. With this, Mockitt allows capitalizing on the collective intelligence of other members to create bespoke designs.