Top General Assembly courses for Every UX Designer

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:47:58
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General Assembly is a learning platform for anyone aspiring to become a UX/UI designer, project manager, entrepreneur, digital marketer, and software engineer among others. The platform offers plenty of industry-standard courses that impart learners with skills targeted in the modern world by employers. The beauty of the General Assembly is that it leverages innovative teaching approaches to meet the dynamic needs of employers and customers alike. Again, learners are assigned expert mentors in their field to help them acquire relevant skills and create useful career connections. Learners graduate with a stunning portfolio and industry-recognized certificate that puts them at the forefront of the job market.

Top 10 UX courses on General assembly

As mentioned above, General Assembly offers multiple courses suitable for UX designers. As a UX designer, you need to pinpoint the right courses to take your UX design to another level. Fortunately, we have made things rather seamless by picking the top 10 UX courses on General Assembly that are good for UX designers as explained below.

1. Visual Design

With more than half the jobs in tech and IT as well as other industries demanding digital design skills, visual design is becoming more important than ever. This is why the General Assembly began offering this after-sought skill through visual design. This course equips learners with tools and vocabulary for tackling a wide range of design challenges in real life. GA's visual design advisory board is constantly on the lookout for better and innovative teaching approaches to meet the rapidly changing employer needs. Here, you will get acquainted with some of the popular and cross-career tools in a bid to produce ready designs. Learn cutting-edge UI design skills and showcase your prowess with a portfolio of responsive web designs. Before getting started, you can join introductory classes to familiarize yourself with relevant design software such as Sketch, Photoshop, and Figma.

2. UX Design Course

This is a beginner-friendly 40-hour course meant to equip designers with relevant skills to translate the user demands/needs/wants into an intuitive real-life digital experience. Whether you are an amateur designer or working on design jobs, a UX Design course can be a great platform to acquire credible knowledge to tackle complex design issues at work. The good thing about UX design skill is that it complements other backgrounds and sparks your career movement. When you complete this course, you are given an industry-recognized GA certificate and you can seamlessly create job connections to positively impact your career trajectory. You can learn for 10 weeks in the evenings or join the in-depth 1 week accelerated study course wherever you are located.

3. Front-End Web Development

This is one of the most enrolled courses of General Assembly and takes a total duration of 60 hours. This course aims to enable learners to build interactive and responsive websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In the end, you will be equipped with a set of skills that allows you to work without friction in areas like design, marketing, and tech-related roles. The web development literacy from GA is outstanding and you can confidently trounce others in tech-driven fields. Besides, you get one-on-one guidance from an experienced instructor for both learning and career goals. Upon completion, you are given an industry-recognized GA certificate that would serve as genuine proof of your web development prowess.

4. Software Engineering Immersive Online (Flex)

This course is a part-time online coding Bootcamp often highly-registered by scores of UX enthusiasts worldwide. The course covers a plethora of UX design aspects immersed in software engineering. If you want the full-time version of this course, you can find it in remote and on-campus formats. You don't have to attend the online classes during the day. Just go about your work during the day then avail yourself of a class in the evening and during the weekends. This part-time online coding offers credible skills because you are assigned an individual expert mentor. He/she gives you career coaching and even connects you to top employers for hiring. With this course, you are certain of a strong technical foundation that would help you meet global demands as a UX designer. Just like all the other GA courses, you will collect a credible industry-recognized certificate upon successful completion.

5. User Experience Design

User Experience Design course is meant to equip learners with relevant knowledge and skills to design digital products that customers love. Whether you want to enhance your UX/UI design performance or want to improve your design creativity, then the User Experience Design course is appropriate for you. The good thing with user experience is that besides being on-demand, it is full of fun, robust, and flexible as well. In this course, you have a platform to tremendously improve your skills through one-on-one guidance by expert mentors. Here, you get techniques like prototyping, wireframing, user research, and persona mapping among others.

6. Product Management

Product management may look far from UX design but is closer than you think. The relationship between UX design and product management is the key to delivering products that have long-term success. In this course, you are enriched with skills that help you strike a balance between product viability, technical feasibility, and customer desire. The beauty of this course is that you get to learn from a seasoned expert through individual mentorship sessions not only for product management skills but also about career advancement. After completion, you are given a credible GA certificate as proof that you are a ready-made product manager.

7. Digital Marketing Course

How can you effectively design a product if you don't understand the market dynamics and landscape? This is why GA offers this beginner-friendly Digital Marketing Course. Here, you are taken through concepts to help you build confidence and acquire relevant skills to apply modern marketing techniques in your job. In 5 years alone, the demand for digital marketing skills jumped by approximately 92% and this highlights its relevance in the current market. This course is suitable for designers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and project managers among others. Here, you learn versatile skills from la crème de la crème. These expert mentors give you both digital marketing knowledge and career guidance for a successful career. Again, you are taught to concentrate on crucial tools that help to effectively execute digital marketing strategies in real life. Also get hands-on experience with search strategy, Google Analytics, social media, and conversion optimization among others. At the end of the course, you are going to collect a credible industry-recognized GA certificate.

8. Data Analytics Course

For every effective design, you need information regarding how potential customers react to your product. If you just design and unleash it without being considerate then your product might be headed for an inevitable fail. However, if you analyze data quite well and integrate the outcome in your design, your product won't struggle to impress. This explains the importance of data analytics to designers, project managers, entrepreneurs, and just anyone interested in UX design. At General Assembly, you are taken through powerful analytic tools and techniques including Excel, SQL, and Tableau. The aim is to build confidence and credibility to be ready to apply the set of skills for diverse jobs. Here, you also meet practitioners and peers who can help transform your career through mentorships and connections.

9. Dash-Free Learn to Code

Dash is a free online course that is full of fun and knowledge on basic web development skills. This is possible through a series of projects you will be subjected to on your browser. Here, you learn to code amazing websites with the help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You will interact with web building blocks, modern site design, balance layout for content and navigation, styled landing page design, modern navigation elements, modern responsive design, user events, and UI effects.

10. Data Science

Data Science has skyrocketed to become one of the most sought-after courses across the world. Solid data science skills are key in navigating the huge-data driven market. If you are a UX designer, knowledge of data science will help you analyze data more effectively and seamlessly add user needs into your product. General Assembly offers this Data Science course to help you create a robust predictive model with the help of statistics and Python programming. The acquired skills and knowledge will enable you to create confidence and credibility in tackling complex machine learning problems. Upon completing this Data Science course, you graduate with an industry-recognized GA certificate. The good thing here is that you are assigned expert mentors to help spark your career path and improve your general skills in data science that are vital in product design and development. Also, the real-world portfolio projects will add more taste to your CV.


If you are a UX designer, the list above should give you every reason to dive into a course and light your UX design career. Whichever level you are at, there are suitable courses for you. Simply choose a suitable General Assembly course and take your UX design to another level. Don't just hesitate. Take advantage of these pocket-friendly courses and change the trajectory of your career like never before.