How to Be More Creative?

Laura Angelica updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

being more creative

To survive amidst the competitive UX design field, you must develop unique creative skills. Creativity plays a vital role in the success of the UX design. Choose wise design patterns to convey your ideas innovatively. Connect your creative thinking with a real-time design pattern to obtain desired outcomes. In this article, learn how to be more creative to invade the customers in no time. There are surplus tips and tricks associated with creativity to boost up your UX design pattern for excellence. Surf through a constructive discussion about it below and understand the importance of being creative to succeed in the competitive space. It is high time to improve your creative skills to bring out the best in you while handling complex UX projects. Enlighten with simple ways to be creative in your UX design works by viewing the below content.

Part 1: How to be more creative while still putting user needs first?

As a knowledgeable UX designer, the first question arises in your mind how to be more creative? Creativity is an inborn skill, and it is present in many individuals effortlessly. Few individuals must try to improve their creative skills to excel in their UX design tasks. In this section, you will learn to be more creative by implementing user requirements. As a UX designer, cultivate creative thinking and implement the user expectations without compromising on any factors.

Creativity dwells in your day-to-day lifestyle. You can find innovative ideas in your environment. Observation plays a vital role to be more creative in your tasks. It is high time to observe your environment to collect cumulative ideas for your UX design needs. You can surf through the below suggestions to implement your creative ideas without giving up on the user expectations.

how to be more creative at work
  • Understand the User Requirements:

The foremost responsibility of a UX designer is to get a clear idea about the user's requirements. You can come up with creative ideas if you are comfortable with user expectations. Surf through the user requirement file many times and understand it clearly. Most confusion occurs due to the misunderstanding of the underlying requirements from the user's perspective.

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  • Connect your Creativity:

If you are clear about the client's needs in UX design, then the next step is to trigger associated creative ideas. You must learn to connect creative thinking in pace with the user requirements. If you can practice such design techniques, then you can embed your creative ideas without compromising the client requirements.

how to get more creative
  • Implement Your Creative Ideas:

While searching for creative ideas, you will end up with immense collections. Initially, list out those ideas and identify the feasible ones. From a practical perspective, few creative ideas are impossible to implement. You must filter those ideas and sort out the right ones in the list. Then, you must analyze the creative ideas and identify whether it satisfies the user requirements. You can work on selective strategies which meet the expectations of the clients.

how to become more creative

Using the above steps, you can embed your creative ideas along with the user needs into consideration. An excellent UX design should meet the trendy environment and customer requirements. Both the innovations and client needs are crucial factors for a successful UX design. The UX designer must carefully handle the task to embed trendy design ideas without compromising its sole purpose. The above-discussion guides you on how to implement your creative ideas in the UX design and meet the client requirements.

Part 2: Simple ways to boost the creative process

If you want to develop your creativity, then browse the below points. Creativity is an inborn quality, but still, you can nourish it by practicing a few techniques. Do not hesitate to discover feasible methods to improve your creative skills in UX design. If you want to become successful in the UX design field, then creative ideas play a vital factor. Use the below strategies to explore your creativity to the next level.

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  • Think out of the box:

To be unique, you must think out of the box. Your usual ideas and strategies fail when you compete on competitive grounds. You must widen your perspectives and try to think differently. You should train your mind to imagine beyond scenes to discover the unknowns. An extraordinary UX designer has a broad perspective and visualizes things from different angles. You can establish your creative ideas if you prepare your mind to see out of the box.

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  • Identify Best Practices:

When you handle any design ideas, you must try to sort out unique methods to implement them. You must identify the best practices to embed your innovative thinking flawlessly. Through this technique, you can effortlessly implement complex design ideas in your projects.

To be more creative, train yourself and prepare to obtain knowledge from all sources round the clock. You should find simple methods to gather inspiring concepts from unique platforms. There is a need to invest time in exploring a wide range of fields to identify the best practices. You can work on the field intersections to acquire innovative ideas.

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  • Pick the best ideas

While brainstorming to resolve a particular problem in the UX design, it is advisable not to stop with just one creative concept. You can proceed with divergent thinking to identify possible perspectives to resolve complex issues in the design process. When you think of the best ideas, you must focus on quality, quantity, and feasibility.

During the brainstorming process, you must try alternate thinking to explore different perspectives in resolving UX design issues. From the list of ideas, you can make minor modifications to suit the requirements.

how to be more creative in thinking

You can adopt the SCAMPER technique to work with the listed ideas.


'S' - 'Substitute'-You can substitute a part of an idea with another intellectual concept

'C' - 'Combine' -You can connect many ideas

'A'- 'Adapt'- Flexible with new working ideas

'M'- 'Modifications' – You can make minor changes in the listed ideas

'P'- 'Put to another use'- which refers that you can embed this idea to solve another issue in your design task.

'E' – 'Eliminate' – to remove complexity and simplify it

'R' – 'Reverse or Rearrange'- Reverse the process to acquire different concepts.

The concept of 'Crazy Eights' helps you to identify the right ideas to resolve your design issues. In this method, you must draw the eight ideas within eight minutes. This activity aids you to eliminate unwanted and complex ideas from the brainstormed list. This strategy is the best method to filter design ideas and to obtain the right ones effortlessly.

Using the above strategies, you can work on your creative skills to obtain desired outcomes in the UX design process. Lateral thinking with inspirational ideas boosts your creativity while handling complex UX design tasks.

Part 3: Tricks associated with Creativity

how to be more creative

The universal tips and tricks to enhance your creative skills are as follows.

  • Make a research on the given task before making judgments. Do not be quick in judging its complexity. Your mindset plays a vital role in developing creative skills.
  • Frequently practice to brainstorm and do not stop questioning yourself during the brainstorm session. Practice yourself to look for the best ideas, and never quit with your first ideas. Try to collect cumulative concepts to implement a better approach to your design task.
  • You must work from the given inputs and sort out your ideas clearly without any dilemmas.
  • When you find the time, you must practice reading many things associated with the UX design concepts. Make a note of the inspiring ideas to implement in the future.
  • You must inspire by new ideas and try to implement them regularly. Say 'Yes' to all innovative concepts and overcome the mental blocks if you have any.
  • Time plays a crucial role in improving your creative skills. You must invest your valuable time to work on your creative skills.

The above-listed tips and tricks will help you to nourish your creative skills. You can follow these ideas and work on them to discover unique perspectives while resolving design hurdles in the UX design process.


Thus, you had an enlightening session on how to be more creative to become a successful UX designer. This article describes the importance of creativity in UX design and the need for the designer to develop creative skills. You can refine your creativity by practicing the above-discussed methods. Choose the best ideas to nourish your creative skills. You can effortlessly embed your creativity in the UX design without compromising the user requirements. These effective strategies boost up your creative skills and help you to handle complex issues flawlessly. You can build an inspiring UX project using your creativity and meet the client's expectations without any compromises. Connect with this article to train your mind to be more creative and excel in your UX design projects.