Top 10 UX Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:48:49

Today's digital world is in a position of steady change. Similarly, as you become accustomed to another plan pattern, another shows up, constraining you to reconsider how you approach every user project. As a UX specialist, it's dependent upon you to ensure that you have your finger on the beat on the most recent changes in the business. Notwithstanding, it tends to be trying to know without a doubt which patterns you ought to be viewing appropriately and which you can overlook.

One alternative to refine and improve your plan venture is to focus on UX influencers. UX influencers aren't only there to manage clients into settling on buying choices. These individuals are thought-pioneers in their field. They invest the entirety of their energy finding thoughts and ideas that truly work. That way, they can keep an effective standing on the web.

The Top 10 UX Influencers in 2021

1. Andrew Kucheriavy

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Andrew Kucheriavy is the phenomenal co-founder and CEO of a company named Intechnic. Andrew was one of the first people in the world to be given the "Master in User Experience" award. This means that he's an excellent person to pay attention to if you want help understanding the ins and outs of user experience design.

As one of the leading visionaries in UX, business strategy, and inbound marketing, Andrew has useful information to offer professionals and learners alike. Andrew is particularly active on Twitter, where he's constantly sharing insights on design and marketing. You can also find input from Andrew on the Intechnic blog.

2. Jeff Veen

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Another must-follow for designers who want to learn more about understanding their audience and their position in the marketplace, Jeff Veen is a leader in UX and product design. Veen got his start with the founding team for Wired before he created the Adaptive Path company for UX consulting. Jeff Veen is also known for being responsible for various aspects of Google Analytics.

Over the years, Jeff has expanded his knowledge in the design space and mentored various companies, from WordPress to Medium. He also has a fantastic podcast that you can listen to for guidance when you're on the go. If you can't catch one of Jeff's presentations at UX and product events, you can listen to his podcast or follow him on Instagram.

3. Jared Spool

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Jared Spool has been tackling the most common issues of user experience since before the term "UX" was even a thing. Excelling in the design world since 1978, Jared has become one of the biggest and most recognizable names in the user experience environment. He's the founder of the User Interface Engineering consulting firm. The company concentrates on helping companies to improve their site and product usability.

Jared offers plenty of handy information to stock up on in his Twitter feed. Additionally, you can find plenty of helpful links to blogs and articles that he has published around the web on Twitter too. He's followed by Hubgets, PICUS, and many other leading brands. Make sure that you check out his collection of industry-leading talks on UIE.

4. Katie Dill

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Katie Dill is the former Director of Experience for Airbnb, so you know that she knows her way around some unique experiences. With an expertise in working with companies that harness new technologies and UX design, Katie Dill is at the forefront of the user experience landscape. Katie Dill attends various UX conferences throughout the year and publishes a range of fantastic videos on YouTube. You can find blogs and articles from Katie published on the web; however, you'll be able to get the most input from her by following Katie on her Instagram.

5. Khoi Vinh

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Khoi Vinh is one of the most friendly and unique UX bloggers and influencers on the market today. He knows how to talk to people interestingly and engagingly – even about more complicated topics in UX design. Vinh is a principal designer at Adobe, and he has his own podcast called Wireframe. However, he still finds time to keep his followers engaged on Twitter.

Over the years, Khoi has worked as a Design Director for Etsy and the New York Times. Vinh also wrote a book called "Ordering Disorder" which examines grid principles in web design. According to Fast Company, he's one of the most influential designers in America. Additionally, Khoi has a brilliant blog where you can check out all of his latest insights into UX design.

6. Cory Lebson

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Cory Lebson is a veteran in the world of web design and user experience. With more than 2 decades of experience in the landscape, Cory has his own dedicated UX consulting firm named Lebsontech. Lesson and his company concentrate on offering UX training, mentoring, and user experience strategy support. Cory also regularly speaks on UX career development, user experience, information architecture, and more.

Cory is an excellent influencer to follow on Twitter, where you'll find him sharing various UX tricks and tips. You can also check out Cory's handbook on UX careers or find him publishing content on the Lebsontech blog too.

7. Lizzie Dyson

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Another amazing woman in the industry of UX, Lizzie Dyson, is changing the experience landscape as we know it. Although she's a relatively new figure in the web design world, she's recognized worldwide for her amazing insights into the world of web development. Lizzie also helped create a new group specifically for women who want to get involved in web design.

The Ladies that UX monthly meet-up welcomes a community of women into the digital landscape, helping them learn and expand their skills. Lizzie regularly publishes content online as part of Ladies that UX. Additionally, she appears on the Talk UX feed – an annual design and tech conference held for women worldwide.

8. Chris Messina

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Chris Messina is a product designer and a technical master who understands what it takes to avoid disappointing your users. With more than a decade of experience in the UX design landscape, Messina has worked for various big-name brands, including Google and Uber. He is best known as the inventor of the hashtag!

Chris is a highly skilled individual who understands the unique elements that engage customers and keep people coming back for more on a website. You can see Chris speaking at a selection of leading conferences around the world. Check out some of his talks on YouTube or track down his schedule of upcoming talks here. Chris also has a variety of fantastic articles on Medium to read too.

9. Jen Romano Bergstrom

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Jen Romano Bergstrom is an experimental psychologist, User Experience Research coach, and UX specialist. Jen is one of the most impressive women in the web design world. She helped to create unique experiences that customers can access on Instagram and Facebook. Additionally, she has specialist knowledge of eye-tracking on the web. You can even check out Jen's books on eye-tracking and usability testing.

When she's not writing books or researching user experience, Jen is blogging and tweeting about usability and researching new strategies in the web design space. It's definitely worth keeping up with Jen on Twitter, particularly if you want to be the first to know about her upcoming seminars and learning sessions.

10. Elizabeth Churchill

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Finally, Elizabeth Churchill is a UX leader with an outstanding background in psychology, research science, psychology, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, human interaction with computers, and more. She knows her way around everything from cognitive economics to everyday web design. Churchill also acts as the director of UX for Google Material Design.

A powerhouse of innovation and information, Elizabeth Churchill. Churchill has more than 50 patents to her name. She's also the vice president of the Association for Computing Machinery too. When she's not sharing information on Twitter. Elizabeth also has a regular column that you can tune into on the ACM Interactions magazine.


UX influencers are something beyond apparatuses for computerized promoting; they're a great wellspring of direction for developing UX creators as well. Regardless of whether you're searching for motivation, direction, or data, the correct influencers can convey some brilliant experiences into the universe of website architecture. There are many thought pioneers out there in the domain of client experience that can change the way you approach your customer projects. You may even find another most loved webcast to tune in to or an astounding arrangement of recordings that assist you with bridling new abilities.