10 Common UX Design Interview Questions You’ll Be Asked

Laura Angelica updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Part 1: Introduction

The foremost goal of an interview session is to identify the right person for the job position. Most interviewers handle a lot of techniques to test the candidate. They analyze the candidates from different perspectives. Apart from knowledge, stress and time management plays a vital role in the analysis process. Choosing the right candidate for the job is a challenging task for the interviewers. The success of the business depends on the potential of the employees. In this article, you will study the interview questions for UX designers. You can scroll down to discover the widely asked questions in a job interview for the UX designer posts.

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Part 2: Expected 10 Common Interview Questions

In this section, you will study common interview questions for UX designer posts in an organization. Take a quick look at the enlightening question and answers listed below.

  • What is the value of UX Design?

Here, you must talk about the demand for UX design works in the creative market. With the help of your answer, you can display the worth of UX design globally.

The impeccable UX design worth a lot in the digital market. According to recent research, a dollar investment in UX design yields $100 in return. From this, you can predict the value of UX design. In the online space, 8 in 10 customers are ready to pay a lot to acquire the best user experience. You can increase the conversion rates of your webpage using an incredible UX design.

  • What is the difference between UX and other design disciplines?

The answer to this question analyzes your basic knowledge about UX design, and you need to approach it intellectually.

You can feel the webpage using the UX design. The User Experience serves a vital role to develop better interaction between the user and the product. It helps to design an experience to use the product in the digital space flawlessly. The User Experience focuses on the user's journey on the webpage. The UX designer plans a user's route map on the webpage using the brain-storming and analysis process.

  • Describe your design process and what methods you follow.

Here, you must discuss the general design process you used to employ and highlight the method you adopt to complete the design process. The design process includes a design thinking approach. It consists of five phases. They are Know your audience, figure out their requirements, trigger ideas or design templates, transform ideas to real-time implementation and finally test your design.

In the user research phases, you can employ storyboard and customer journey map methods. To establish the next phase User flow-diagram assists precisely. After determining the user's moves on the webpage, you can try out to draft site maps. In this process, you will be able to identify and organize the screens optimally. Next, create low and high-fidelity prototypes using UX designer tools to embed the interactions on the webpages. At last, evaluate the design with the help of the Usability and Analytics report.

  • Tell us about your most (or least) successful UX design project?

In this interview question, you can describe your recent works on UX design projects. It is highly advisable to explain the project in short instead of talking in-depth. You must be sure about the hidden methods and techniques adopted to carry out the project successfully. For example, recently had developed a landing page for an e-commerce webpage. The success depends on the conversion rate of visitors into customers. In the landing page design, you can implement it in such a way as to convince the visitors to become valuable customers in no time. In the landing page, embedded sign up a template using the reliable Email address and collected necessary customer's data like name, address, email ID, product interest, etc. Finally, the page ends with the thank you note for a successful signup.

  • Describe a recent challenging project, and how did you approach the problem?

You must discuss the challenging task you had addressed in your past works. With the help of this question, the interviewer will realize your potential in UX design. You can highlight your capabilities by answering it optimally.

The most challenging task of any UX designer is to rebuild an existing page. When you step into the webpage, you are ignorant of the hidden data and the adopted techniques to embed the elements. While replacing some of the features on the existing page you will face difficulties. To handle this situation, you must improve the technical skills related to UX design. Thorough knowledge of the design strategy of the existing page assists in modifying its pace with the requirements.

  • Please provide some examples of your experience dealing with user research and usability testing?

In this question, the interviewer understands how you will conduct user research and usability test to start with your design process. While addressing this question, you need to be clear and concise and describe your approach optimally.

User Research is all about analyzing the target audience. Based on the end-use of the product, you can figure out the customers globally. Using surveys and field studies, you will be able to identify the target audiences. For usability reports, the UX designer can conduct one-to-one discussion sessions to list out the data precisely. With the help of the key elements, the designer can come up with actionable insights.

  • How would you improve the UX of our product?

The interviewer expects a straightforward answer to this question. You can think for a moment while answering this question.

To improve the UX of any product, the UX designer must start from the first phase of user research up to the design process. The target audience expectations vary with time the UX designer must consistently focus on the user research to update the UX design. You will survive amidst the competitive grounds when you meet the expectations of the target customers continuously.

  • When a client says: "I don't like this design." What do you do?

This question tests your emotional approach to unsatisfied clients. You must handle this question cautiously.

The UX designer sharpens his/her skills only when he/she looks deep into the projects. The negative comments trigger the designer to proceed with further research and develop the existing skills for better outcomes. The UX designer must use this situation and create an outstanding design during the revision process. The unsatisfied results occur due to a misunderstanding of the client's needs. The UX designer must focus on the requirement file and contact the target audience again to collect relevant data for a better design.

Further, you can ask the client to be specific on what he/she dislikes in the design. Based on their feedback, the UX designer can take the necessary action. For example, the designer can bring creative changes to the color, proper alignment of the elements on the page, etc. Only through satisfied clients, you can complete your role as a UX designer.

  • Who are your design heroes? What are your favorite apps for UX? Explain why.

In this question, the interviewer tests your passion in the design field. It is highly advisable to mention the trending UX designers worldwide.

The real design heroes are Don Norman, the person who is responsible to frame the name 'User Experience', and he is a well-known personality on the Interaction Design Foundation Board. Bill Buxton, this guy is the main researcher in Microsoft. Irene is an awesome interaction design researcher and served in reputed institutions like Yahoo, Google, etc.

The UX designer's favorite apps for UX are Cleo, Pi Network, etc. The Cleo app assists to manage the spending of an individual. It has an AI-powered chatbot and keeps track of money transactions. The Pi Network application is compatible with mobile gadgets and focuses on the cryptocurrency mining process.

  • What do you think will be the next big thing in UX design?

The interviewers analyze whether your knowledge is up to date with the advancements in the UX design field.

The next big thing expected by most UX designers worldwide is the concept of Augmented Reality. The design speed increases due to the advent of 5G. The UX designers focus on voice-enabled interfaces, ID recognition, etc.

Part 3: Conclusion

Thus, the above-discussed question and answer sessions are quite interesting. These are the common interview questions asked by the interviewers to identify the right candidate for their UX designer job post in their organization. The UX designers must impress the interviewers to win the competitive race during the selection process. The prompt responses with a positive attitude bring expected results in your efforts. To grab your passionate UX designer job you need to update your design skills in pace with the technological advancements. Connect with this article to explore the tips and tricks related to UX designer interviews.