Want a Job in UX? Don’t Worry! Check Out the Top UX Job Boards Bringing You Requirements from All Corners

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58
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Getting a job in the UX industry is easier said than done. Where you can easily find run-of-the-mill jobs that will only ask you to utilize what you know, make some designs, and go home only to repeat the same next morning. For some, this might be the dream job, but if you are a growth-frenzy person who thrives on challenges, this kind of job will never fit the bill.

However, getting a job that gets you into heated brainstorming sessions, challenges your knowledge, regularly check, and creates exponential growth opportunities is not easy. Some job boards do list out such kinds of jobs that any growth-oriented person will want to get, but it is imperative to know those platforms.

We have curated a list of the top 10 UX job boards that will help you approach some of the industry's best design organizations. While applying for a job, choose an organization that has a challenging yet growth-oriented environment.

Top UX Boards Worth Checking Out in 2021

IxDA Jobs

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One of the best job boards and one that you should check regularly if you want to land a good role in UX designing and its associated fields are IxDA. Here, you will mostly find American companies looking for people from varied domains. Plus, there are a plethora of roles that you will find on this job board.

To help you understand better, there are roles including but not limited to UX/UI designing, front-end development, industrial engineers, product managers, experience design directors, environmental graphic designers, and so on.

Ergo, there are roles based on the different industries, roles, and levels of expertise. Along with the US, this UX job board has open positions from the UK, Netherlands, Australia, Netherlands, and other developed nations.

UXPA Job Bank

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UXPA stands for User Experience Professionals Association, which means that it is an official association of UX designers. UXPA acts as a support body for UX designers across the globe. They have set some ground rules and codes of conduct that must be followed for dealing with UX designers.

The UXPA job bank is yet another proficient place to find relevant and potent UX roles. As one of the best UX job boards, the platform has job posts coming from some of the greatest design organizations across the globe. Most of the jobs are associated with the USA.

Some of the job roles present at the time of writing include Senior Interaction Designer, UX Strategy and Research Manager, Senior UI Developer, etc. Added to this, on UXPA, you will also find resources on landing a job and preparing for an interview. The same goes for the hiring managers and how they can select the right employees for their organization.


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Considered the number one job boards for UX designers and associated roles, this platform helps people find their jobs and employers find the perfect employee for their organization. The best part is that this platform will offer jobs with a global perspective, even though most of the jobs are listed in the US.

Apart from UX design, the roles also include graphic design, engineering, and product management roles. Some of the job roles present in this best job board at the time of writing include Senior UX designer, UX consultant, UX manager, UX Strategist, etc.

There are plenty of jobs that you can choose and pick the role that you want the most. Added to this, you can also get help to prepare yourself for the said role via a vast amount of resources present on the platform.

AIGA Design Jobs

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AIGA Jobs is a membership-based platform that brings highly paid jobs from various organizations to the users. As a job finder portal, AIGA focuses on connecting companies with the most outstanding employees and vice versa. This also means that the jobs you will find on the platform are challenging and will certainly ask for more than you bargained for.

But, if you want to grow and stream ahead, it is vital to work in tough roles. While writing this article, the jobs present on the platform included, Senior Art Director, UX designer, Design Research Lead, Graphic designer, and so on.

What's different with AIGA job boards is that here, you will find full-time, part-time, and freelance designing roles. You can choose any type of work structure you want to pursue and get cracking with the interviews.


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With a focus on the US market, Krop is one of the most prominent UX job boards in the country. It has design roles from every industry including web, product, UX, and graphic designing. Krop has two kinds of job postings, one that is directly connected to the organization, and the users either need to fill out a form or get in touch with the company.

The second type of posting is when the users are redirected to other job boards like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc. There are job roles including but not limited to senior product designer, product designer, UI/UX web designer, etc.

These job roles are coming from different industries and not primarily limited to designing organizations. You can also set some preferences to find specific and relevant job postings.

Just UX Jobs

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Based on these job boards, you can understand there is no dearth of high-potential job requirements across the industry. All you need is access to the right platforms and find the right company and job for yourself. Just UX Jobs has job listings from the US and Canada.

The job types include Senior UX designer, product designer, UI designer, among others. These job postings have predefined parameters for applying and you can also filter the job based on your preferences.

Consequently, there are different types of roles like part-time full-time, and freelancer that you can choose from. Apart from working as one of the top job boards, here you will also get access to the latest industry news and insights that will enhance your knowledge about the entire domain.

Authentic Jobs

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Authentic Jobs is a collaborative platform that includes job postings from different industries including designing, development, and creativity. One of the best things that you might also notice after using their website is that they have an amazing UI.

When it comes to listings, this design-focused jobs board is one of the most active and populated platforms. So, you can expect a heavy footprint of both candidates and employers. It will be great if you can visit here two to three times a week.

There is a wide range of positions available on Authentic Jobs, which only makes it a great option for both experienced and amateur UX designers as well as creatives.


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Want to work in the world's best organizations spanning across different industries like automotive, technology, lifestyle? Coroflot must be bookmarked in your browser if you want to work with the likes of GM, Adidas, Dell, Hp, and so on. Also, the jobs are sorted as per the role, location, and levels.

The platform gives you access to a high level of design-related jobs mostly centered in the US. Similar to Authentic Jobs, Coroflot also boasts an impressive UI which makes finding the kind of job you need easy and quick.

Apart from featuring jobs, Coroflot also lists out the topmost designers, projects, and high-salary roles on the platform. There are jobs including, but not limited to, Industrial designer, product developer, marketing manager, creative director, and so on. There are job


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For remote jobs in UX, Remotive is by far one of the best job boards. This also means that you should check it almost every day. Even though Remotive is not an exclusive platform for UX jobs, you won't find a lack of such jobs on the platform. While writing this article, there were 73 UX and related jobs available on the platform.

This includes UX designer, Lead UX designer, technical product owner, product designer, and so on. The roles coming up on the platform are diverse and industry-relevant.

Another good thing about the platform is that it will help you connect with a dedicated community of designers on Slack, Webinar, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Also, you can also check out the blog section to read through some informative guides and tips.


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Dribbble is a dedicated platform for the designer community boasting some of the world's best designers and creatives. A platform that attracts global talent will surely have companies looking to hire that talent for their work. And this created the Dribbble job board, wherein you can find the job of your dreams and even get some inspiration while doing so.

There are two kinds of listings on this UX job board, Full-time projects, and Freelance projects. Every day new job posts are added to the platform and rest assured that these are serious people looking for good designers because one job post on Dribbble costs $249.

The best thing about Dribbble is the community support and the ability to find a good amount of work provided you have the talent to prove your mettle. Also, you will almost fall in love with the Dribbble UI because of its attractiveness and ease of use.


So, after going through the list of the best job boards for UX designers, one thing is evident, that there is no scarcity of awesome platforms to look for jobs. Before today, all that you needed was for someone to point you in the right direction. Here you are, these are the top job boards that will help you find work and give you the opportunity to work in the company of your dreams.

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