Meet jQuery UI, A Curated Set of UI Library

Albert Shepherd updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

What Exactly is jQuery UI?

Most UI designers had come across the term jQuery. It is a lightweight concept that embeds the Javascript on your website effectively. It adopts a method of write less and does more on your web pages. This jQuery wraps up many modules in a single line code to ease your design task. You can use jQuery to simplify the Javascript code in your web design process. The jQuery UI adds more value to your website design with fewer codes. The updated version of jQuery provides many functionalities to your website. There are built-in elements to carry out the desired tasks. The built-in library comprises various web elements to create an interactive webpage for your needs. The full-featured UI controls are available on this platform to ease your website design.

If you take a closer look at jQuery, it is a simplified environment to build a responsive webpage using the Javascript code. This user interface reduces the complexity in java codes and assists you to embed the desired UI controls on the webpage flawlessly. The recently updated jQuery supports in developing mobile version websites precisely. You can step into the official website of jQuery to discover its hidden functionalities in detail.

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What Can You Do with jQuery UI?

You must be wondering about the uses of jQuery and what it can do to your website design. Here are few applications of using jQuery in your UI design process. It provides the following built-in functionalities to embed in your website design without any hassles.

  • Interactions
  • Widgets
  • Effects


Using the interaction module, you can insert the mouse-based activities on the web elements like dragging, resizable, selection, sorting, droppable, etc. You can perform these activities on the design elements flawlessly by implementing this module in your web design process. You do not have to insert codes to activate these functionalities. A single code in jQuery is sufficient to trigger these mouse-based activities on the web elements.


Full-featured customizing widgets are built-in for ready-to-use in this user-friendly space. You can view basic widgets like buttons, tabs, spinner, slider, dialogue, accordion, etc. These widgets add richness to your web design and create a positive impact. These UI controls enhance your web design and embed high-end interaction with the users.


Using this module, you can add an extra glow to your website. You can work on animating colors, transitions and add special effects to your webpage. Enhance the visual appearance of your website by adding custom effects using this module. You can find class animation, visibility, and color animation to bring richness to the website's appearance.

These are the features you can implement in your web design with the help of jQuery. It helps to add the desired effects, transitions, animations, and interactions to the website design.

The jQuery Javascript applications provide simple design elements. If you want to make further changes to your website design, you must add Java codes to enhance the overall web design. Designers with Javascript knowledge can use this program without any hesitation. The design codes play a vital role in activating all the web elements on your website.

Initially, the beginners will struggle to get adapt to this environment. You can learn through experience. The professionals those who are expert in Java will be able to handle this jQuery space optimally. Coding knowledge helps to add more value to your web design. You can opt for jQuery if you have confidence in your coding skills. Only limited functionalities are available in this design space. If you are looking for a unique website design tool, then you must look for an alternative. The below-discussed content will give you some insightful ideas about the best UI design tool.

Introducing the best tool for UI design – Mockitt

You can create a responsive website without using complex codes and programming languages. The Wondershare Mockitt app helps you to design a website without any difficulty. This web design tool ensures flawless web design development. The user-friendly interface triggers you to build an interactive web design for your needs. It assists in a comfortable design journey and scales your design thinking to the next level. The Prototyping concepts are appealing to the users. You can create theme-based websites and reach the target audience quickly. Simple drag and drop actions are enough to complete the entire design process.

Here are the features of the Wondershare Mockitt app for better understanding.

  • The Asset Library contains sufficient built-in icons, widgets for ready use on the web design.
  • The built-in web elements are editable. You can change the attributes to enhance the appearance of the design interface.
  • You can save the edited web elements for future use. It allows you to store them in any storage space for quick access.
  • The available gestures and transitions effects are notable.
  • This app assists you to work with your team by sharing the design files easily.

The above-discussed features help you to design a persuasive website irrespective of its complexity. All the web elements available in Wondershare Mockitt are reliable, and you can work comfortably on them. The link between the pages effortlessly using this tool, and you can build a smooth navigation feature in your website in no time. Embed the remarkable functionalities in your website flawlessly using the Wondershare Mockitt app.

If you are a newbie or a beginner designer who had just started to taste the flavors of web design, then Mockitt will be the best design partner to satisfy your needs. This app also convinces the professionals by offering high-end web elements to implement on the websites.

The Wondershare Mockitt app provides you with a platform to design websites for various environments like a mobile, desktop, tablet. It offers you the perfect page layouts and dimensions to ensure proper visibility of the design elements. Most web design process completes using the mouse action. In no time you can create a responsive website for your needs using this incredible program. The simple interface attracts the designers to try their projects on this web design app without any hesitation.

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The differences between the jQuery JavaScript Libraryron and Mockitt's community (library)

The jQuery Javascript library comprises UI controls and widgets to add to your website design. Here, you can find a wide range of modules to enhance interaction, animations on your website. The widgets and icons available in the built-in library are basic web controls. There is no unique element to improve the overall web design process. You must start your web design task from scratch because there is no template to guide your design process. You can find only limited collections of built-in web elements in the library. You must embed codes if you want to design unique website elements.

In the Wondershare Mockitt app, the asset library comprises immense collections of ready-to-use controls like icons, widgets, industry-specific templates to work optimally. You can also find icons and web elements suitable for industry types like finance, food, education, etc. It helps the newbie designers to get some idea before they start with the web design process.

The resources at Wondershare Mockitt are incredible and the ready-to-use method triggers the newbie users to go for it without any hesitation. There are customized options available with built-in widgets, icons, and templates. You can save the edited web elements for future projects. The ease of handling of this asset library adds comfort to the designers.

In the community library of Wondershare Mockitt, you can find a wide range of icons collections like social media logos, YouTube icons, Anti-epidemic icons, handwashing icons, credit cards icons. The built-in template collections like Travel app, bank load app, fitness, home furniture app. You can grab the desired icons, widgets, and templates to commence your web design process.

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Therefore, this article had given you glimpses on jQuery UI and its benefits in embedding the ready-to-use functionalities on your website design. The Wondershare Mockitt app is a handy design tool providing immense collections of built-in website elements to enhance your design skills. Using Mockitt, you can design the website quickly and satisfy the requirements optimally. Choose the Wondershare Mockitt app to build a high-end interactive webpage for your needs. It is the perfect program to give life to your design ideas. It assists in building realistic shapes for your imaginary ideas in the website design. Connect with this article to explore the tips and tricks associated with effective website design. The Wondershare Mockitt app satisfies both professionals and beginners. You can try this program without any hesitation. Quickly step into its official webpage and access this tool to discover new horizons in the website design field.