How to Get a UX Job with No Professional Experience?

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:47:28

Part 1: Introduction

In the current scenario, the UX recruiter looks for unique qualities in the job seekers other than professional experience. To compete with the advancements, the UX designer must adapt to the upcoming technologies of UX. Innovation is born by creating changes to adapt in pace with the environment. Similarly, the UX designers must possess the adaptability skills to encounter the changes in UX design. The qualities of the UX designer play a vital role during the selection process despite certificates. The employers look for detail-oriented candidates to fill the UX designer posts in their firm. The UX designer should work on minute details of the product to bring improvements to the micro-level. This effective change helps the product to stand unique amidst the competitive market.

The trending future of UX predicted to capture new markets. It brings considerable growth in service industries. The economies of India and China increase quickly. You can find a blend of old and new technologies implemented in the UX design. Smartphones and TV will switch to progressive changes for the user's comforts in the upcoming days. The future of UX depends on Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. A lot of voice user interfaces will evolve in various fields to support the convenience of the users.

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Part 2: Know your transferable skills

There are many transferrable skills available from your previous career to connect with the UX job. You can get a job in UX design without having prior experience in this field. Surf through the below list for better understanding.


Communication skill is an essential skill for most of the jobs on earth. It plays a vital role to carry out the desired tasks optimally. Your prior knowledge in communication will help you to grab your passional post in UX. You can switch to a UX career if you have previous experience in sales, marketing, and customer support. You can use your effective communication while discussing your design ideas with your team in the UX design jobs.

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Soft Skills

Soft skills include time management and communication play a vital role in the UX designer post. In your prior profession, you might work with deadlines to complete the tasks and that nature of working will get you the UX design job effortlessly. Most job profile requires the timely completion of tasks. It is a crucial part of any job to survive consistently.

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Empathy and Collaboration

If you have experience in customer support, then you can think from the user's perspective easily. The quality of empathy is a necessary skill to become a successful UX designer. You must possess this quality to get through UX designer post interviews. This skill helps you to begin a UX career. You must learn to feel the product and services to put forth your ideas from a design perspective.

It is appreciable if you have experience working in groups and team to carry out the necessary tasks. The collaborative nature will help you to grab a UX design job effectively.

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Part 3: Find design mentors and friends who can challenge you and give feedback

Initially, to unveil the flaws in your UX design, you need professional design mentors. The design mentors and your friends will highlight the pros and cons of your design work effectively. The positive critics will help you to make progressive changes in your design skills. Constructively use the feedback and sharpen your skills. Using the support of design mentors, you can discover the new horizons of UX design and proceed to the next level enthusiastically. Choose reliable and supportive design mentors and skillful friends to travel in your design journey. You can connect with design forums to identify the right person to guide you. Using this strategy, you can become a UX designer with no experience.

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Part 4: Never stop learning.

For any profession, 'Learning is a never-ending process. You can update your knowledge only through continuous learning. To enlighten with trending design skills, connect with UX courses, UX blogs, podcasts, and communities. You can enroll in informative UX courses in an online mode and improve your design skills at your comfort without any difficulties. As you all know, UX has a big future in the coming days, and you must improve your design skills to compete in the competitive market. Through consistent learning, you can grab the UX job without any professional experience.

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Part 5: Learn from people who have successfully changed careers into UX design (examples).

Are you excited to switch between careers? Then listen to the mind-blowing experiences of people with the successful transformation to UX jobs. You can get some positive words from the people who had successfully changed their career to UX design. Surf through the blog posts people sharing their personal experience while switching careers. There is a lot to learn as a newbie in the UX field. Most people before moving their career to UX they enrolled in a reliable UX course to update their design skills in real-time. They had spent quality time while completing the course successfully by working on projects and getting feedback on their design works etc. Using the career guidance people start to move with another career without any hesitation. Talk to the experts to get a clear picture of the opportunities in the UX field. The people who had successfully switched to a UX career had undergone many changes professionally and personally. During this transformation, they had a change in thinking skills. They had started to think from different perspectives while carrying out the design process. Connect with the right people to explore the insights of a career change in the UX field without any issues.

Part 6: Gain your UX experience.

It is high time to search for a reliable platform to build your design skills to the next level. To obtain design experience, you can try out a redesign with an existing webpage. While working with the existing design, you will encounter challenges to resolve which improve your knowledge in design skills. Another way to get UX experience is to approach a non-profit design firm. You can work on design projects as a team and learn through practical experiences. To test your current UX design knowledge participate in a hackathon both online and offline mode. You must stay connected with the websites conducting hackathon events near your locality and enroll for it without fail. You will be able to explore a lot after participating in these worldwide hackathon events. You will meet UX designers from other countries, and discover a different level of design skills globally. It gives you good exposure to learn about trendy UX design beyond boundaries.

You can try out a startup design project to test your UX design skills personally. Connect with the experts to get feedback on your design project. Identify a small-business group in your locality to exhibit your UX design skills. Through real-time experience, you can bring innovative changes to your design skill. It helps you to learn new techniques, and you will be able to refine your design strategy using these valuable experiences. All these above-discussed strategies help to get valuable experience in the design field.

Part 7: Finish your UX Portfolio and Apply

Most professionals recommend creating a UX portfolio before applying for a UX design job. The UX portfolio will highlight the design skills of a UX designer. It displays the real worth of the UX designer without compromising on any factors. The recruiter will get a clear picture of your design skill after witnessing the UX portfolio. Before applying for any UX design posts, you must spend your valuable time creating an excellent UX portfolio. It speaks a lot about your design skill to the recruiters.

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Part 8: Conclusion

Thus, in this article, you had a clear picture of how to get a UX job without any professional experience. The UX recruiters have a broad perspective while selecting candidates for the UX design posts. Apart from experience, they will look for design qualities and thinking skills as a crucial part of the selection process. A successful UX design depends on various factors, and the designer should possess the right skills to meet the expectations. From the above discussion, you had a better understanding of how to win a UX job without having any prior experience. You can get assistance from experts, career guides, mentors and enroll in the best UX courses to establish your design skills on the right platform. Build a stunning UX portfolio to start your career as a UX designer flawlessly. To discover exciting facts on UX design and UX design jobs stay tuned to this article.