What is Redesign and Why Redesign

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:47:42

After you have created an amazing product, it is not the end of you and the product design. The market landscape evolves rapidly and you might have to redesign your website/product to remain competitive. There could be plenty of reasons why you need to do a redesign but ultimately you require a suitable redesign tool. If you want to redesign your product to meet your customer needs, then look no further. In this article, we are going to shine a light on everything you need to know as far as product redesign is concerned.

What is Redesign?

When you design a product and unleash it for use, probably there are areas of the product that would appeal much to the respective users. Again, there could be some elements in your design that users aren't amused and bring down the user experience. It might be because the user needs have rapidly evolved and those features are slowly losing taste or are outshone by competitors. Since user experience is a very sensitive element, you are obliged to fine-tune your original product to meet the customer's needs and take their user-experience to a good level. This is now what we refer to as redesign.

A redesign is not just about making the product more eye-catchy but rather making high-quality changes that improve the product look and feel for a better user experience. You cannot just wake up and decide to redesign your app. It should be driven by concrete reasons that would improve your product. This process should be meticulously done to avert pulling your product down thinking you are doing positive fine-tuning.

Why You Need Redesign

As aforementioned, product redesign can't just come from nowhere. There should be genuine compelling factors before pulling the trigger. While some may be more compelling than others, the general consensus is that every redesign process aims to polish and ensure that the product is a better version of the previous one. Some of the reasons why you need a redesign include:

1. Need to expand Reach/Audiences

When you first designed the product, perhaps you targeted a certain group of audiences. With time, you realized you needed to incorporate other audiences to grow your product more. Here, you are obliged to add more capabilities to the old product to make it accommodate other audiences as well.

2. Declining Customer Satisfaction

One of the most crucial elements of every product is to ensure good customer satisfaction. If customers aren't satisfied, they drift away from your product and subscribe to those of your competitors. This could be because some features are outdated or competitors offer better versions of those features. So you need to redesign them to make them suit their need.

3. To upgrade Security

With small businesses and entrepreneurs being more vulnerable to cyberattacks, you need to fortify your cybersecurity. Customers are comfortable with secure products and maybe you need to redesign by adding more security features.

Other reasons could be an unresponsive product, the need for better product control, unmet expectations, and need for updates among others.

The Best Tool for Redesign

Wondershare Mockitt is a powerful design, prototyping, and collaboration tool leveraged by a multiplicity of people across the continents. It is a reliable, fast, and easy to use tool that transforms how you create designs and collaborate with team members. This tool has plenty of design resources ranging from diverse templates to a plethora of icons and widgets.


Users simply pick these design resources, edit them, and save them in their widget library for reuse. With Wondershare Mockitt, users can transform static designs into interactive designs with the help of transitions and animation features. This way, you seamlessly steal the client's glances and win the contest. Besides design and prototyping, Wondershare Mockitt is also a wonderful collaboration tool. It allows team managers, developers, and designers to meet and work on the project on the same page. It doesn't matter the location or time because you can sync all your team members and have them comment and receive feedback in real-time. This streamlined communication accelerates the project's pace thus saving you both time and energy.

  • It has plenty of templates that suit different fields and industries and hence you don't need to start your design from scratch.
  • It offers a wide range of widgets, icons, and several components to make your interface more appealing. You can use the built-in widgets, fast widgets, My Widget library, and icons.
  • This program supports animated and interactive prototyping.
  • Wondershare Mockitt allows team members to work together on the same page by editing, commenting, and getting feedback in real-time.
  • It allows users to test their prototypes directly and share them with friends using the project link and QR code.
  • Users can hand over the prototype to developers by generating the respective CSS code on the program.

Conclusion: Now that you understand every relevant aspect of redesign, it is time you considered redesigning your product/website to meet the changing needs and skyrocket customer satisfaction. When you redesign, remember you need the best redesign tool to get the best redesign experience and result. Leverage Wondershare Mockit and you will be amazed how excellent your redesign becomes.