How Is Springboard Bootcamp?

Laura Angelica updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Bootcamps are specialized training sessions to enhance the skills and help students become better in the subject of their interest. Since Springboard is a platform that helps learn programming, data science, software engineering, data analytics, and UI/UX designing.

The purpose of a bootcamp is to deliver transitioning skills making the student more knowledgeable and aware about programming and designing. Bootcamps are different from regular classes because the students and participants have the basic knowledge and are here to upgrade themselves or reskilling.

Joining the Springboard bootcamp helps you evolve and grow with the changes in technology and understand the future of the industry. Technology is at the forefront of fostering a change in almost every industry and these bootcamps allow an individual to get a sense of this dynamism and make sure that they are up for the high-end technical tasks.

What is Springboard Bootcamp?

Springboard runs bootcamps for Design and Data Science enthusiasts. Within these bootcamps the students delve into integrated and connected understanding of the subject matter. These are the arenas where students come together to learn from dedicated and determined mentors while helping each other grow and work together.

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There are two main bootcamps offered by Springboard;

  • UX Design Bootcamp
  • Data Science Bootcamp

In Data Science Bootcamp, there are two paths to take, Core and Plus. The differences in Core and Plus courses include number of hours, personalized study plans, and the fees.

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The upfront fee for the Core Data Science course is $7,500 with the option to pay month by month, via deferred tuition, and financed tuition.

The UX/UI bootcamp is what we will be talking about majorly in this article. The Springboard UX design bootcamp is a great way to begin your career in designing and works even if you are not familiar about UX/UI designing.

Because there may be new students joining the course, the course will start from the basics and develop as the understanding of the user grows. Moreover, the course is flexible, personalized, and practical. The one-time fee to join the Springboard UX bootcamp is $10,000 but if you want to take monthly classes, then the fee will be $1299 per month.

Who is Suitable for Springboard Bootcamp?

The best part about Springboard bootcamp is that any person irrespective of the background is welcome to join the course. The only requirement is that the student must display a strong visual understanding along with boasting creative skills and engaging communication.

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This is because the technical part of designing can be taught and any individual can adjust the learning tactics to understand the technicalities of the subject. But a person needs to be innately creative.

Designing is part creative and part technical. Moreover, before joining the course, the individuals need to evaluate themselves in visual skills and analytical thinking. The most important part of joining is that the person should know how to empathize with the end users.

This is important because while creating a design, if the designer does not understand what strikes a chord with the end user, it will be difficult to create the design.

Besides the evaluation part, individuals who want to build a career in UX designing stand to gain from this bootcamp as they are taught and trained in all the skills that will help secure a growth-oriented job in the competitive industry.

Springboard bootcamp Review: What the Students Said?

One of the most resounding things that we hear from the students who are taking the Springboard UX design course is that this course is great for all types of designers. The beginners are able to start their careers and experienced designers are able to upgrade their skills and understanding of the aspects related to UX design.

More importantly, joining a new course let alone a bootcamp can be a bit overwhelming. You come across several individuals who may be better or even more experienced. But, the Springboard mentors make sure that none of the students feels the pressure of the load.

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As per several Springboard bootcamp reviews, the UX design course is comprehensive and detail-oriented. This is something students find missing with other online education platforms like Udemy or Udacity.

Coming to the curriculum, the Springboard way of teaching via video, mentor sessions, and notes is good for all types of students. Those who understand better by reading can refer to the notes and those who learn with visualizations can watch the videos.

But the practical aspects of the lessons must be learned by videos and other forms of visual content curated to help students understand the practical applications of UX designing.

A lot of students are attracted to the course because of the job guarantee. It is great that the course providers are ensuring a job after the course is completed. For some this can be a defining moment, but there are several caveats attached to the job guarantee.

We want you to be realistic and not over expect or put blind faith in the system. Some of the caveats include applying for a minimum number of applications every week. Plus, you cannot turn down any job offer (seems a bit harsh, but this is also one of the conditions.)

So, even if you are joining the world's best bootcamp with Springboard UX course, you still have to take the lead and take the matter in your hands. One of the issues with Springboard's courses is that the one to one mentor sessions are not very great. The time length and frequency is inadequate.

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Before we move on to the next part, the capstone project module available in the bootcamp is yet another reason to join the course. This is because by the end of the course you will have a portfolio of design projects to show for interviews.

Prototyping Tool for UI/UX Designers

UX/UI designing as a career path involves two things, creativity and technical understanding. Courses will teach you the technical aspects, but to increase your creativity levels, it is essential to practice and implement whatever you learn in your course.

We recommend that you work with Wondershare Mockitt to implement the course modules. For instance, right after the first module, Introduction to UX Design, you can start practicing whatever is taught on Mockitt.

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The bootcamps teach you Design Thinking and User Research. The aspects related to design thinking need to be grilled and everything that you do within the Springboard bootcamp is gist to your mill.

You understand the user and try to create designs based on those principles. After user research, the course also teaches you to understand interaction design. These lessons teach accessibility and help create an understanding about visual communication and UI design.

On Mockitt, you can use the theory aspects to recreate the same on the artboards and try making designs for mobile interfaces, websites, smartwatches, etc. Mockitt helps you get better at designing and cements your understanding of the course while making you better at theory and practical.