Getting a Sneak Peek Into Springboard from a Customer’s Eye

Laura Angelica updated on 2020-09-25 16:26:16

Online education is all the abuzz today. Not exaggerating, but there must be millions of hours of courses available on several online learning platforms that provide educational content to individuals.

But an even better way to address the growing needs of the students learning from online platforms is personalizing the study experience. This is where Springboard plays an important role in giving access to student-centered courses.

Creating personalized courses based on adaptive learning helps every student and encourages questions. An open and constructive online platform is much better at creating a better learning scenario than a course where the instructor makes a video and the students are just watching the screen without any interaction.

Platforms like Springboard create a better experience for the students while helping them navigate through the real-world problems

What is Springboard?


Springboard offers a platform for young students and professionals to learn job-ready skills and stream ahead to face the challenges. With a perspective to prepare the students for the real world, Springboard provides bespoke guidance prepared by industry experts.

The education material and model on Springboard helps students launch their careers or upgrade themselves to provide critical workplace skills and advantages. In this pursuit of consistent knowledge acquisition, Springboard's mentor focussed online courses helping students gain advanced knowledge about Data Science, UX Designing, Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, and Cybersecurity.

On Springboard, the students are matched with a mentor suited to their background, skill level, and expertise. This enhances the efficiency levels of the students to learn and understand the lessons as the courses are engineered to deliver the best results.

Based on this advice, Springboard creates real-life skill development programs combined with practical advice for professional personal interactions and networking. The best part is that the mentors are always connected to the students and stand to receive constant support from them during the course duration.

What courses does Springboard provide?

On Springboard, you will find four main types of courses;

Data Science Career Track

Springboard prepares the individual to develop a career in data science while clearing the way to build an advanced career in this field. After gaining the basic knowledge, the students become ready to proceed into advanced levels of machine learning and natural language processing.

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Added to this, during the entire course, the student will complete 14 projects that will help build a portfolio and help gain an industry-level understanding of the concepts.

AI/Machine Learning Career Track

what is springboard

The AI or ML course is split into 9 units between 30 to 100 hours. It provides an overview of AI and ML proceeding to build an understanding of integral concepts of AI and ML. There are units covering deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, building and deploying AI systems, and the capstone project to build realistic projects.

Data Analytics Career Track

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Analysts need only be good at technical analysis, but they also need to be good at strategic thinking and understanding. The Data Analytics course at Springboard also includes working on two capstone projects, 5 Units, one career service, and one mentor support program.

UI/UX Design Career Track


Building a career as a UI/UX designer involves understanding the basic concepts while knowing about information architecture, UX research, and visual designing. With Springboard, you will get market-ready skills to create dynamic and intuitive interfaces from scratch. Within the 9 units, you will go through the integral study material of UX/UI design along with creating a portfolio.

How's the Experience with Springboard?

Before we move on to discuss the industry-wide personal experiences of people using Springboard and giving it a formal shape, let's first understand what is Springboard. The term “Springboard” means when someone uses ideas by others as a platform to launch or grow.

So by this Springboard meaning, we can deduce that the platform is about helping students and professionals launch their careers or advance themselves to a higher level by taking help from these courses.

If you are wondering what the Springboard experience is, then it may be a bummer, but there is no single and direct answer to this question. It is true that most of the reviews that you will find online or what we found were positive.

springboard definition

But within this positivity, we found that the experiences were good because the students or users were determined, or at least they knew what they wanted to do here and how to proceed further. So, we checked two things, the return on investment, which implies how much time or how quickly a springboard course helps you get that money (fee) back.

The second aspect we found playing an important role was the course configuration. Since Springboard has personalized mentor-based coaching, it takes online learning as close as possible to classroom learning.

It does not take an expert to identify that if the students are allowed and encouraged to raise dissent within the class; it creates a better learning environment. As per the Springboard definition, they help students become learners while giving them a platform to share their opinions without any fear of negative feedback.

what is springboard

This is another significant thing about Springboard that teachers encourage collective learning. Also, it may happen that the curriculum of the subject is outdated or not relevant to the current standards. However, the Springboard mentors manage to help students secure updated information and conceptual knowledge about the same.

Students also love the fact that they are allowed to have one-on-one mentor calls. But if the frequency of these calls were to increase, it would have been even better. Learning any sort of technical skill is about getting the actual picture and gaining practical knowledge.

Springboard allows the students this privilege while assuring that they can receive timely updates and learning from the mentors.

Seeing to the success of these online learning platforms, anyone would want to build a similar e-learning portal or even something better. Creating a product that fits the market and engages the audience requires building a prototype that will allow you to understand how any user will interact with your solution and what will be their experience.

Prototyping Tool You will Need

As important as prototyping is for successful product development, choosing the right tool for this purpose is equally imperative. Out of several tools like Sketch, Figma, InVision, AdobeXD, Origami Studio, Axure, and Wondershare Mockitt.

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The efficiency of a tool depends on the features and functions it proffers to the users. In this respect, Mockitt by Wondershare is one of the best tools for prototyping, wireframing, and creating web or application designs.

With Mockitt, the designers get access to an advanced design tool suitable for all levels of designers. Mockitt is built to work collaboratively and enhance the productivity of the design team.

One of the best things about Wondershare's Mockitt is that it is self-explanatory. It is easy to understand and has a flat learning curve. The library of items, widgets, icons, shapes, and animations can be inserted or resized as per your requirements.

Mockitt gives you the freedom to do anything, anytime, and with anyone without causing any delays. Creating an online education portal requires some heavy work because you will be addressing a great number of users at once.

Creating user interface, admin panels, profile pages, course pages, etc becomes easier with Mockitt as it allows you to create product-specific layouts. Even if you have a custom library stacked on another platform, it is possible to import them on Mockitt and use them in your design. It is easy, efficient, and made to help you amplify your creative efforts.

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