Top UI Designers to Follow in 2024

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:48:57

The User Interface experts work on visual design, layouts, and fonts to acquire a better look for the website. There are top UI designers available in the digital space establishing unique works. If you are concerned with how the webpage looks, get some enlightening ideas from the best UI designers worldwide. You can explore their creations through their blogs and websites and sharpen your design skills to acquire better works.

After surfing their blogs, you will understand better about the trendy designs and helps you to think out of the box to design unique amidst the competitive grounds. Choose the perfect designer entertains you with the best design ideas. In this article, you will discover talented designers who have established their works at greater heights. Connect with their blogs and websites and scale your design thinking to the next level. Surf below and conquer the right design ideas to meet your needs in your design tasks.

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Top 10 UI Experts to Follow in 2023

In this section, meet the UI experts who had displayed their design skills and attracted many viewers through their creative talents. Read exciting facts on top UI designers and look through their innovations to obtain desired outcomes. Every individual discussed below is specialized in unique concepts in the UI design field. You can connect with the perfect webpage and enhance your design skills. The UI design experts will aid you to improve your creative thinking. Their tutorials will guide you optimally on the right path to achieve desired results.

  • Leo Natsume

Most designers consider him as one of their favorites. He had started his career as a freelancer then worked with a reputed platform like Instagram, Twitter, Google, Uber, etc. Finally, he is now working as a digital designer at Grupo RBS. You can look at his dribble page that attracts every individual who surfs through it. People seeking their career in the design field grab the best opportunity after surfing his page. His design works persuade the viewers, and they can learn a lot from his fine works. Every design element is well focused to obtain a mind-blowing outlook. Leo Natsume's design works were recognized and awarded as the best product design.

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  • Daniel Korpoi

Daniel is a design enthusiastic and pursued business field in his graduation. His passion for design had encouraged him to take up the design career initially as a freelancer. There are 32,000 followers on Instagram. He had titled his LinkedIn account as a passionate builder. His design page acts as the best influencer for the newbie who wants to start their career as a designer. You can connect to his Instagram page to learn trendy designs on the UI platform.

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  • Salim Dabanca

He is a Turkey-based one of the top UI designers influencing the designing enthusiasm worldwide. You can find more than 23000 followers on Instagram. His works are still rocking at that social media environment attracting young designers. Salim UI designs teach a unique pattern, and the viewers can learn a lot from its works. He has a LinkedIn page displaying facts about his masterpiece design tasks. His profile encourages beginners to start up a design career without any hesitation.

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  • Jide Lambo

Jide is a front-end developer and pursues his career in the UI/UX design field. He is from Finland and shared real-time experiences in the UI design process on his website. When you step into his page, you will feel excited to witness the mind-blowing design versions in the UI field. Lambo had worked as a design lead and identified the UI design elements between the web and mobile versions. In his webpage, he had shared the challenges encountered during his design tasks and their related solutions to resolve them.

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  • Zhenya Rynzhuk

Zhenya is a creative art director and pursued her graduation in visual design. She is a co-founder of a Design Thinking School at Sochnik. In her web page, she had discussed the effective methods to think out of the box while handling crucial design projects. She encourages the readers to discover unique and identify independent solutions. Her approach towards the design tasks is appreciable, and she teaches how to create a better design through creative thinking. In her dribble portfolio, you can explore mind-blowing UI design ideas that assist in your design tasks optimally.

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  • Nguyen Le

He is an Australian-based designer who established his works in different online platforms like Twitter, Dribble, websites, e-books, and journals. He is well known for hosting a course website teaching the end-to-end design process in UI/UX. He had discussed the importance of typography and the hierarchy related to it. The journals are published in a reputed space, and aspiring ideas persuades the users in no time.

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  • Gary Simon

Gary is a renowned personality on the YouTube channel. He had presented tutorials on the tips and tricks associated with UI design. Here, he had taught the users how to handle the UI design optimally. In Gary's channel, the viewers can enlighten with unique tips on UI design. You can learn the different methods to design creative UI elements.

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  • Mike Locke

Locke had started his UI/UX design career in 1997. Initially, he had worked with many reputed firms like Yahoo, Fox, CBS. Now, he is sharing his insightful ideas on UI/UX design at ML UX Academy. Through his YouTube channel, he had started to share his knowledge and experience in UI/UX design.

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  • Gleb Kuznetsov

Gleb is knowledgeable in visual design concepts and working as a design chief at Brain Technologies. He is a specialized designer in the Voice UI design field. You can follow him on Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. He had won many awards for his design works. His webpage acts as a better platform for the designers to enlighten with reliable data on UI design patterns.

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  • Eric Muller Moreno

An award-winning UI designer adopts a comprehensive approach while handling the UI design process. His strategic view helps to design a unique design pattern with the best features. On his website, he shares his ten years of experience in the UI design field. His innovative ideas and in-depth knowledge in the UI field persuades the viewers quickly.

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Introducing the best UI design tool for Beginner - Mockitt

It is high time to find the best tool to give life to your innovative ideas. You can choose the perfect designer tool to give shape to your creative thinking. Convert your design concepts in real-time using the sophisticated tool Wondershare Mockitt application. It is the best tool to scale your design thinking and push your imagination beyond limits. You can surf the below mind-blowing features of this program in detail for better understanding.

Simple Interface

The Wondershare Mockitt application has a user-friendly interface to help the newbie users optimally. You can reach out for the controls quickly without any delay. The working space is comfortable, and the floating built-in controls give easy access. You will be able to design in a better way using this exclusive web design tool.

Built-in Templates

In this web design tool, you can discover 20 industry-specific templates to fasten your design process. You need not start your webpage design from scratch, instead drag and drop the desired template from the asset library and start your design process in no time. You can quickly complete the design tasks using the in-built components.

Editable Widgets and Icons

In the asset library, you can view unique design elements, icons, and widgets. You can drag and drop them on the working space based on your web design needs. Then, edit those components depending on your design requirements and save them for future use. The edited icons and widgets can be stored at the desired location for easy access.

Unique Gestures and Transitions

The Wondershare Mockitt application assists in creating unique gestures and transitions in your website. You can link the pages optimally and establish smooth navigation between the web pages in a website.

Easy to share

The Hands-off option helps you to share the design with the developers for further processing. You can share the files with your teammates to refine the design concepts. Based on your needs, you can transfer the design file to any environment effortlessly.

These are the remarkable features of the Wondershare Mockitt app, and it stands unique amidst the other web design tools in the digital market.

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Thus, you had an insightful discussion on the top UI designers worldwide. You can step into their tutorials, e-books, webpages to learn more about UI design in detail. Their resources are reliable and help you to pursue a design career without any hesitation. You can find many trendy design ideas to use in your design projects to obtain desired outcomes. Connect with this article to discover exciting facts on UI design ideas.