Top 15 UI Design Agencies in 2024

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:49:12
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Have you ever visited a website and thought: "Wow, this company is really cool and has a great product", but you were just as enthusiastic about it, was the intuitive and lean layout of the website? The UI designer did a great job. With the rapid development of the mobile Internet at any time, in the design of many user experience industries, all-around talent is no longer a new concept. With the need for rapid product iteration, this has become a necessary skill. So there will be such a term UI designer.

The responsibilities of a UI designer are more cosmetic than those of a UX designer, without being in any way disrespectful. A UI designer is responsible for presenting a product. But that doesn't mean that a UI designer just selects a few images and a logo and doesn't worry about it. A good UI designer studies how everything on a page relates to one another. The visual elements you see on a page - such as buttons and icons. Also, the interactivity of a product is the responsibility of a UI designer.

Top 15 UI design agencies in 2023

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1. Digital Telepathy

Telepathy, a UI/UX design agency based in San Diego, began as a web design firm in 2011 and later evolved into a UI/UX agency. Chuck Longanecker, well-known for his tribe-building ambitions, provides a posh office for his 45-person team. Adobe, Patagonia, and Marriott are among Telepathy's most well-known clients. They collaborate on fixed projects or via design subscriptions.

2.Creative People

Creative people creative agency is one of the leading companies in the field of web development and is engaged in the design, development, and support of Internet projects, as well as branding and creation of creative advertising concepts.


One of the leading agencies in the field of web development: the creation of high-tech websites and mobile applications, design and design of user interfaces; production of animation videos and presentations; integrated promotion on the Internet.

4. Nectarine

A full-service digital agency "Nectarine", the main activity of which is the implementation of complex advertising campaigns on the Internet, as well as the development of web projects, mobile applications, and viral videos.


Digital agency ARTW specializes in the development of large-scale Internet projects: corporate websites and portals, online stores and web services, UI design, mobile applications. The company provides a full cycle of services - from analytics and design to the development and promotion of projects.

6. RedKeds

One of the leading creative agencies offering services in the areas of UI design, development of advertising strategies and scenarios, implementation of interactive communications, creation of promotional sites, and special projects in the digital environment.

7. AIC

AIC company is engaged in research and analytics in the field of CX / UX, specializes in service design, develops websites and mobile applications, implements loyalty programs.


Synergo Group provides comprehensive services, end-to-end technical solutions for mobile and web platforms. From UI/UX design and prototyping to development, testing, development, and support, they have a dedicated team in every step of the application development life cycle. Synergo Group differs from other providers by aligning our goals with the goals of our customers.

9. ArtLebedevStudios

One of the best and largest design studios, engaged in the creation of corporate identity and website development, graphic and UI/UX design.

10. Heads and Hands

Design, design, and development of mobile applications and web services, development, and support. Heads & Hands specialists turn ideas into full-fledged business tools.

11. Consultica

Consultica is a full-service mobile application consulting company that cooperates with top startup companies and enterprise-level clients. Since 2009, they have developed hundreds of applications for iOS, Android, and the Web. With offices in Canada, the United States, and Europe, CONSULTICA is the preferred partner of dozens of companies that benefit from our high-quality code, user-centric design, and expertise in mobile application analysis.

12. Network Solutions

Network Solutions is a global digital technology company that helps brands use design, analysis, and engineering techniques to create meaningful and personalized customer experiences for the web, mobile, social, and cloud. They also focus on outsourcing product development, e-commerce, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, and the Internet of Things.


Webclues Infotech is an award-winning digital agency based in New York that helps companies and organizations around the world save the world one application at a time.


Osellus is a full-service mobile development company. We have successfully executed projects for many new mobile companies and Fortune 1000 customers, including Verizon, LG Electronics, NASA, Bank of Montreal, Deloitte Touche, Daimler, Cisco Systems, Samsung, and Oracle. They will immediately turn your application creativity from concept to reality. The result is a beautiful, fascinating, and useful application that puts you ahead of the competition.

15. Clay

Clay is a full-service UI/UX design, branding, and development agency in San Francisco. Most of their engagements are confidential. They mainly work with Silicon Valley unicorns and Fortune 100 enterprises. As a full-service digital design firm, they do everything from UI/UX for mobile apps and brand identities to marketing websites and enterprise software.

Introducing the best tool for UI design - Mockitt

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Creating a design for a mobile application is one of the most important stages of the entire development process because the user interface primarily attracts or repels users. Creating a great user experience should be your number one priority, as it has a direct impact on engagement, conversion rates, and therefore revenue.

There are many mobile app prototyping and design tools out there to help you create beautiful products and bring them to life. Compared to other prototyping tools, Mockitt is a simple service that allows you to load screens already drawn in another program and place the necessary links. The service works on the basis of a drag-n-drop interface, as well as a package of tools for fast processing and works in the browser itself.

Many experts call its design tool a real designer's dream. With a huge library of components, the platform is used to create realistic prototypes. Wondershare Mockitt is a powerful tool that provides powerful capabilities for the overall activities of team members. The tool is cloud-based and suitable for Windows and Mac OS. Mockitt makes it possible to significantly reduce the time and financial costs for designing and developing applications.

Here is just a basic list of tools:

  1. Frames (artboards) - there are ready-made options, but you can create your own for specific tasks.
  2. Modular Grid - for conveniently organizing design elements in frames.
  3. Vector forms - for drawing various interface elements.
  4. Curves - for creating curves and simple vector shapes. You can additionally download them from Sketch or Adobe Illustrator.
  5. Images - to quickly add graphic elements to the layout.
  6. Effects and masks - including overlay effects, gradients, and the ability to conveniently work with multiple layers.
  7. Text - with support for Google Fonts and additional tools using Font Installers (for the desktop version).

Why should you try Mockitt?

Prototype design

You can seamlessly complete the switch from design to prototype presentation in Wondershare Mockitt. There is no need to repeatedly synchronize the design drawing to a third-party platform. We can also use Figma Mirror to preview the effect on the mobile phone.

Multi-user editing mode

You no longer need to send layouts between designers, send them to the customer for approval, store dozens of versions on your computer. It is enough to send a link to the project, opening access for editing, and another designer will be able to make his own changes to it. They will immediately appear on the rest of the participants. And if something happens, you can roll back to one of the previous versions at any time.

Real-time collaboration + built-in comments

In Mockitt, the design and collaboration can be carried out simultaneously, anyone can add comments anywhere in the design, you can review at others or comments marked as resolved. Previously, you had to take screenshots of individual parts of the layout, describe what needs to be changed, and so on. In Mockitt, you can simply click on the desired element and leave a comment on it. Again, no file transfers and long correspondence in messengers.


If you are aiming at high-quality website support, then you cannot ignore the question of involving a professional UI designer in the team. Of course, a UI designer can be hired one-time for specific tasks of working with the interface. Or not to use his work at all, and shift these responsibilities to the programmers. But this approach is fundamentally flawed. The UI designer has to be on the support team, and this is very important.