Things to Know Before Being a UI Graphic Designer

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:49:19
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The craze for interface graphic design is increasing with time. At any moment, this must impress you to be one. But before you take any step further, there is a lot you need to know about UI designing.

Software, mobile apps, and websites, these are the crucial part of our lives. The current graphic designing and UI designing market is running on the basic principles of UX designing.

Here you must wonder, aren't graphic & UI designing the same? No, they are not. There is a difference between both these.

In this article, we have covered the basic guidelines about UI graphic design. Keep scrolling to read.

What is the difference between UI design and graphic design?

The moment you step into the web designing market, these factors must come across. Due to inadequate guidance, graphic designing and UI designing are getting troublesome with passing second. To understand both these, dig your hand deeper. Scroll to read the ins and outs of UI graphic designing.

UI Design

As a visitor, the first thing that compels you about the website is its looks. UI designing aka. User Interface design is about designing the devices, website, and software with a prime focus on the looks. UI designers design their products in such a way that they attract users to themselves.

UI designers work through the basic guidelines of user experience (UX). For any product's success, Graphic UI design is a critical factor. This factor has the potential to turn the success score of any product upside down.

The main elements in the UI design gameplay are;

  • Decline the cognitive load
  • Pleasure the user
  • Make everything comfortable about the product
  • Assurity of interface consistent

Three main types of UI design are;

  • Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)
  • Menu-based interfaces
  • Command-Line Interfaces (CLI)

Graphic Design

Graphic designing is about unleashing your inner artist. If you have an idea about converting messages via videos and images, you can better understand graphic design. Graphic design is the practice of converting messages and providing solutions via visual presentation.

Graphic designers apply visual hierarchy, use typography & visual elements to meet the criteria of the users. A simple example you can take of graphic designing is logo making. Suppose you have a brand without a logo. How will you convey your brand message to the audience without any logo?

Your brand logo will escort the audience about your brand niche & the use of visual elements will attract the audience to be your customers.

Is Graphic UI Design a Safe Career for the Next 10 the Next 10 Years?

graphic ui design

Being fascinated by the services of the UI graphic designers, you must be awe-struck & think about starting your career as a UI graphic designer. But before you step proceed, are you sure that this career is safe to have? Will you be able to make a comfortable living with this profession?

The simple answer is yes, graphic UI designing is a safe career choice for the next ten years. Following are the benefits you will get by choosing UI graphic designing as your career for the next ten years and beyond.

  • Flexibility in Work: As a freelance UI designer, you work as an independent worker. A worker who is free from any restriction and works whenever he wants. You do not have to visit the office and stay there 9-5. You have flexible working hours, you charge as per your skills & experience, and you remotely.
  • A Creative Career Decision: Being in the designing industry, you will learn new things every day. Each client will have his half-cooked recipe that you have to complete by sprinkling the secret ingredient. The half-cooked recipes will give you diversity and allow you to be versatile in what you do.
  • Plenty of Opportunities every day: You think that you are the only one thinking of making his lifestyle better, then you are wrong. You work as a freelance UI graphic designer, then remember everyday new business launch which requires creative workers like you. UI designing career is in demand these days and increasing with time because the folks are crazy about the looks.

As highlighted above, this career is demanding. Make your place today before the competition gets more intricate than ever.

Where Can I Sell My UI Graphic Designs?

It can be such a troublesome decision to cherry-pick the best marketplace to sell your UI graphic designs. As the internet market is spacious, you will inevitably find the best marketplaces. 

After exploring, the following are the top places where you can sell your UI designs.

  • The Creative Market

The first option for you to sell Graphic UI designs is the Creative Market. Either you are a beginner, or an experienced UI designer looking for more opportunities to grow your business, Creative Market can be the best option for you. 

Sign up on the platform, provide your basic information, and start selling your ready-to-use designs.

As the Creative Market is one of the leading marketplaces for UI designers, you can also have freelance working opportunities besides selling your ready-to-use designs.  

  • Design Modo

In search of the best marketplace to sell UI designs, if you have visited any public forum, then you must know that 90% of folks recommend Design Modo.

The most tempting part about Design Modo is they pay a virtuous amount for the designs, which is a transcendent thing for any designer.

But to earn a good amount, you have to pass several standards of Design Modo. Their UI category kit makes it effortless to find work and meet new clients.

  • Graphic River

Here is another transcendent option to sell graphic UI designs. The moment you will land on the website, you can see that sellers are selling their ready-to-use and also customized UI designs. You can sign up on the platform, fill in the criteria, and start selling.

  • ThemeForest

Here is the last best option for you to sell your UI designs. The slogan of ThemeForest is quality first. This marketplace is already jam-packed but has career-changing opportunities for designers. Visit the website and discover more about their rules and regulations.

To upscale your UI designing career, you need to use the best UI tool. Hey, are you thinking about which the best UI tool is? Scroll down to check.

Mockitt- The Best UI Design Tool

ui graphic

You accept it or not, but to make your work precise than ever, you have to use several Graphic UI designing tools. Among all the wireframing tools available in the market, Mockitt is the best available option. 

Although Mockitt is a recently launched tool, back in June 2020. Due to its user-friendly terms and condition, folks consider using it. The active user count of Mockitt is 2 million with 15,000+ enterprises. 

The best part about Mockitt is the convenience of designing. For a better understanding of the tool, check out the below features. Ensure to roll to the last to fathom the ins and outs in detail.

  • Flowchart

You can understand the flowchart as a tracker that keeps an eye on your progress and how far you proceed while designing the layout. A flowchart is not only a tracking tool but also aid in guiding where your project should stand.

Using this feature, you can adjust between styles & themes, either adapt a new prototype or drag & drop a new one. It also keeps a history of which style & theme you used in the design.

  • Designing Tool

For interface graphic design, of course, you need a designing tool. For efficient & converting designs Mockitt includes designing tools such as Pen tool, Page layout tool, Vector tools, and Widget tools. 

If you are the owner of an agency, then by using Mockitt, you can guide your team to use the same designing tools.

At previewing the page layout to your client, Mockitt allows you to make on-time changes to win wow from your client.

  • Prototyping

This feature is considered one of the best parts of Mockitt. This aid in drag and drop prototyping the zero learning curves of templates and widgets library.

  • Pricing Plan

The good news for you is Mockitt is a free UI designing tool. Using the free version, you can design unlimited with unlimited flowcharts. The downloaded files will be in PDF/PNG form with a watermark.

For premium users, there are two packages. For personal use, the package is $69/year with unlimited features. You can download the files with a watermark. For enterprises, the set is $99/user/year. 

Isn't it amazing to buy an out-class tool at such affordable packages? You can pay via PayPal and other payment methods.

Do use Mockitt as the best tool for UI designing. The number of UI graphic designers is increasing on the Mockitt platform. Make sure you are one of those.


See? Isn't it amazing to be a UI graphic designer? Remember, there is a difference between graphic & UI designing. While choosing your career between graphic & UI designer, make sure that your skills match your choice.

Being a UI designer will help you in making a comfortable living. Besides, this career has many benefits. Most importantly, you are not restricted to obey any deadline. You have flexible working hours and demand per your work.

Lastly, do not forget to use the Mockitt UI designing tool. You will see a visible difference in your work progress after using the tool. Try to use the free version first, then upgrade to the premium version.

Happy designing to you!