10 Best UI Design Inspiration Sites in 2021

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58
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Creatives rely on inspiration when it comes to developing creative designs, concepts and designing new layouts. Sometimes, however, the best ideas are just a long time coming when you need them urgently. Every UI designer periodically needs UI inspiration from somewhere. This is especially important for UI/UX designers of all directions since they work not only with the picture but also with the mood that the user gets when working with a certain product. Plus, resources keep you on the cutting edge of the latest design trends.

Thanks to the rapid development of the Internet, we are able to easily obtain a variety of design resources and UI design inspiration from the Internet. There are dozens of websites available on the Internet to inspire UI designers. To become a sought-after specialist, it is important to understand the benefits of each of these resources, find suitable ones and train your observation.

Top 10 UI Design Inspiration Resources Online.

There is no shortage of websites for UI/UX designers now - there is only a shortage of time to look through them and find something worthwhile. As a UI/UX designer, collecting materials, finding UI inspiration, appreciating excellent designs, and improving design capabilities are very important tasks! Here are the top ten must-have design websites for designers, and see which ones do you use frequently?


ui design inspiration

Image Source: Shutterstock

This site is a kind of social network. It is intended for lovers of creativity. Here you can find many ideas not only for Internet projects in particular but also for corporate style in general. UI design inspiration is available not only for UI/UX designers, but also for stylists, architects, photographers, and anyone else interested in design in a variety of fields. In addition, their blog contains a wealth of useful information.

2: Dribbble

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Image Source: Shutterstock

Like Behance, Dribbble is a social network for creative professionals. You can publish screenshots of projects, give feedback to others. to the participants On this site, users can share their own experiences in UI/UX design with each other. There are much quality works here, each of which is able to inspire the user to create their own project.


web app design inspiration

The website AWWWARDS is designed to recognize the talent and efforts of the world's best UI designers, developers, and agencies. It focuses specifically on the beautiful user interfaces, highlighting the best UI/UX designers. In addition, authors of works receive awards for merits. The news and blog are constantly updated, and any designer will definitely be interested in following this web resource.

4: UX Design Edge

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The UX Design Edge website is a place where UI/UX designers can not only find useful information and read all the news in the world of digital development but also sign up for courses and individual consultations on UI/UX design. The blog on the site is constantly updated and can be a place to find news and UI design inspiration, so if you are not interested in learning, then it is worth taking a look here.

5: Pttrns

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Image Source: Medium

Pttrns is a collection of mobile apps. The creators of Pttrns have managed to put together an excellent collection of design templates and the best UI examples on their websites. Here UI/UX designers can easily find any necessary elements by choosing among the two main blocks on the control panel - respectively to the device and other categories.

6: 99designs

ui design inspiration

You can find UI design inspiration here. 99designs' Discover has brought together thousands of talented designers from all over the world and more inspiring designs, making it a great platform for beginners as well as experienced designers and developers. In addition, there is a convenient search function that will simplify your way of finding exactly what you need to implement your design idea.

7: Land-book

mobile ui inspiration

Another platform where you can find a huge number of UI design inspirations and ideas for your new website. Visit this resource and learn more about what elements and creative blocks are used in modern design.

8: Uplabs

web app design inspiration

Uplabs is a resource recommendation community specially created for UI/UX designers. It brings together a lot of front-end design works, as well as a large number of Android and iOS UI resources, which are updated in real-time. In addition, Uplabs also has a good marketing function. You can download resources for free or paid.

9: Pinterest

app ui design inspiration

Image Source: Shutterstock

Pinterest, I believe everyone is familiar with it. Pinterest can be called the picture version of Twitter. Users can save the pictures they are interested in on Pinterest, and other users can follow and forward the pictures. The content covered by this platform is very rich, including design, home improvement, and recipes, etc. It is a collection of pictures on a website.

10: Mockplus blog

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Mockplus blog was created in order to maximize the tools for quick template creation for UX / UI designers, developers of various web applications, managers, and owners of online projects. An experienced team of specialists in the field of software development is working on this. There is a lot of great news and tools for UI/UX designers here to help you turn your ideas into useful products.

The Best Tool for UI Design – Mockitt

ui design inspiration

Wondershare Mockitt is an advanced web-based UI/UX design tool that provides next-generation collaborative work on UI / UX prototyping. It's a robust application that allows you to create unique UX designs that are easy to use, yet professional. Wondershare Mockitt is an all-in-one product prototyping tool that allows the creation of wireframes for mobile devices (Android and iOS), desktop (PC and Mac, Ubuntu), and web applications, which helps to ensure that specific models match all design best practices. With the help of Wondershare Mockitt, UI/UX designers can quickly get the first visual impression of the future website or app, without waiting to get the final screen design and verify your ideas in a few minutes.


Wondrshare Mockitt is a browser-based tool. Accordingly, it has an internal prototyping ecosystem. You don’t need to install third-party extensions.

Instance swap menu

Wondershare Mockitt added a push menu to the instance swap menu in 2021. This allows UI/UX designers to easily surf between the components. You can also use the drop-down selection to switch between team libraries. There's an elegant thumbnail for component preview.

Rich community platform

Mockitt has a resource-rich community platform where you can post your projects for other members to study or revise. There are thousands of developers out there and you can get the following resources:

  • Open Illustration Library
  • Sprint in remote design
  • Material design kit
  • Mockitt design templates
  • Mockitt plugins are powerful and at the same time stable and secure.

Collaborating tool

With design becoming more of a collaborative process these days, more attention must also be paid to how designers collaborate with other designers and how their work is shared with other team members, colleagues, and clients. Sharing files and different versions of draft designs through your chat or email programs could be a thing of the past. With Wondershare Mockitt, all your design work is produced, shared, and communicated in one place.


Wondershare Mockitt tries to cover all segments of web design work. One of the main features is interactive interaction. From the first versions of the cloud platform, opportunities for modeling dynamic UI began to appear.

  • Fixing objects when scrolling.
  • View the interface in mobile or tablet mode.
  • Effects for buttons.
  • Display pop-up windows.
  • Interactive connections.
  • Overlay support.

Built-in commenting, editing, and access functionality

This program allows you to work on projects as a team. To do this, you need to configure the settings for accessing the service for each user. Someone, for example, will only be able to view the work, while others can edit. Each team member can leave his comments or wishes on the project for further discussion. This functionality is especially convenient for teamwork on one project.


UI Designers need UI design inspiration and ideas. Inspiration is the most important spiritual work for UI design. Only works full of spirituality can move people's hearts. In addition to inspiration, UI designers must also have professional knowledge and ability. When talking with customers, it must not only reflect its design expertise and accomplishments but also highlight its design creativity and ideas.

To achieve maximum results, continuous, daily review of these resources is recommended. It sets you up for work very well and charges you with the maximum amount of positive energy, and most importantly with unexpected ideas that sometimes arise at the intersection of what you see and your personal experience.

Inspiration is a process that takes time to develop. Not every problem has been solved with a flash of light. Inspiration is not so much an idea or a piece of creativity as it is a piece of beauty waiting to be discovered by you. More often than not, inspiration is simply a random existence. Something beautiful may appear if you look and try harder. All we have to do is wait patiently and then investigate with zeal.

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