Top 10 Web Design and UI Trends for 2024

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:49:04
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It's the end of 2022, and we've already witnessed some unique and realistic web designs. In 2022, we've seen lots of positivity in user-interface designing or website designing. There's no doubt that technology changes fast. Every year we see more and more changes in technology, replacing the older one with new.

UI design trends work precisely the same. Each year, new trends replace the old UI trends. That means if you don't make further changes according to the trend, people won't take any interest in your design. That will lead to a low conversion rate of your website.

Whenever you feel that your website's conversion rate is going down, you need to make some changes to your designs. Now, people are not finding amusement from your website. This might be an alarming situation for any business running online. Unfortunately, we can't help you in this regard but can guide you on how to increase your conversion rate by following the latest UI trends.

In this article, we will discuss some latest web designs and UI trends happening in 2023. You may follow the following trends to increase the productivity of your website.

Top 10 UI Design Trends in 2023

As we mentioned above, UI design trends may affect the reputation of your website. So, it's better to recognize which UI trends are happening right now and which UI design would suit my website. These are the things that every business owner must take care of.

Although many trends are circling over the internet, the following UI trends are chosen by the best website designers.

1.Parallax Animations

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We've witnessed the popularity of web-based animation UI trends year after year. If you're following the trend quite often, then adding animation inside your website isn't a bad thing at all. People are attracted to sharp and moving elements.

But it can slow down your website loading speed—a substantial negative factor of Search Engine Optimization. In addition, placing parallax animation on your website isn't child's play. It requires skills and patience.


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Neumorphism is the successor of skeuomorphism. We have seen many designers show their interest in Neumorphism in the past year and 2023 also. In the past years, this design approach doesn't seem realistic and easy to identify. Still, now designers have worked on this approach and give people more realistic, uniform, and identifiable objects.

In upcoming years, we see Neumorphism as a top UI trend in the world.

3.Abstract Art

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Abstract art is the future and alternative of photography. However, abstract shapes are those consisting of geometry elements like squares and circles. If they came across, they attractive and straightforward shapes in a minimalistic way. However, designers in 2023 are integrating them into complex structures.

In some cases, abstract art is used as the arrangement of photos and illustrations. These types of abstract art make more sense than some geometrical elements.


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How often do we need to see minimalism as a trend? It's been in the UI trend for the past few years, and the users love it. We see lots of advertisements and continuous discount ads on different sites. These types of overwhelmed interface annoying to the users.

Nowadays, everything has changed. Now, most people prefer to see only what they want to see.

5.2D Illustrations

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Although many web designers don't prefer to put illustrations on the website, 2D illustration is on UI trend this year! Generally, minimalism came through the absurd 2D illustrations. However, these little drawings are beautiful and give an excellent experience to the users.

Now the 2D illustration has becoming fancier and fancier and beating up even faster than before. If you're planning to put illustrations on your website, use SVG file format for graphic illustrations.


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After neumorphism, glassmorphism is getting pretty famous day by day. Well, glassmorphism is entirely different from neumorphism. This trend comes from the blur effects or blurred background. When you look at the design, it seems like you see glass. Therefore, they named it glassmorphism.

Currently, glassmorphism is being used in mobile interfaces. Not yet tried the web designs, though.


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Every web designer needs to choose a suitable Typeface. Nobody would care about typography if Google didn't use it. People on the internet usually don't read; they scan. Most websites are entirely created on typographies. And the good thing is they all look fresh and entertaining.

8.Story-Telling with Scroll-triggered Animation

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Honestly, you'd not be surprised to see this as the top UI design trend of 2023. This UI design trend is the best trend so far on our list. It is the collection of multiple approaches like typography, animation, etc. The combination of typography and animation are the crucial elements of this design. Also, it plays an important role in creating an exceptional user experience.

9.Retro Designs

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Never underestimate the power of vintage website design. Usually, all retro designs in 2022 are inspired by 90's designs when the typography was common on website designs. Still, retro designs are the trends in 2023. Who imagined that we'd see retro designs and typography in the end of 2022?

10.3D Visuals

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Only a few websites have the functionality of 3D graphics. However, with the advancements of high-resolution cameras and screens, 3D graphics have made their way to website design. Apart from all, it has been an excellent UI trend in 2022. We've already seen high-quality visuals on different web designs.

Well, these were some UI design trends to follow in 2023. Science has made lots of advancements in the field of technology. Science has made impossible things possible. Who thought that we'd see 3D visuals on a website? All this happens because of the hard work of scientists and engineers.

Introducing The Best Tool for UI design - Mockitt

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So far in this article, we've discussed the different UI trends of 2023. If we tell you, all these designs can be made in a single tool, i.e., Mockitt.

So. Mockitt gives your design a boost and confidence in your thoughts. It's barely possible to make a practical design without the help of tools.

Therefore, we brought Mockitt to improve your design. Mockitt is an all-in-one prototyping tool that contains hundreds of modern features which you wouldn't find in other tools. It has changed the way of designing. All features are accessible in Mockitt.

Still, wondering how to use Mockitt for the first time? Don't worry about it because the interface of Mockitt is designed so perfectly that anyone can get familiar with one or tasks. In short, Mockitt is specially designed for beginners, but that doesn't mean professional designers can't use it. Furthermore, the features of Mockitt are open to everyone in the world. It is not limited to country, state, or region.

Recently, Mockitt has made different changes to their system and added more exciting and cool features. Let's discuss some of its newly added features:

Features of Mockitt:

Here are some features of Mockitt that you can use in your webs designs or any other graphic designs:

  • No Coding Required: Yes! You heard that right! Mockitt does not require any kind of skill or learning. All you need is simply drag and drop from the asset library.
  • Asset Library: Every element or widget and template are stored in the asset library. Even your edited items are saved inside the asset library for future use.
  • Sketch Plugin: Mockitt also supports Sketch, so you can download slicing directly from Sketch and then easily download slicing files with few clicks.
  • Interactive Linking: With interactive linking, you show the relationship among pages.
  • Team Management and Collaboration: Team management and collaboration are essential when working on a bigger project. With the Mockitt, you can collaborate with other team members in real-time.
  • Color Solution: Mockitt has an advanced industry of color solution that automatically generates the page color. Also, with that, you can customize the color palette and make it personal and limited to you.
  • Design on Cloud: Mockitt is a cloud-based tool. That means you can edit, share, and design anywhere and anytime in the world.
  • Permission Management: Mockitt has some strict security policies. You can set flexible permissions in folders, projects, and pages.


Summing up the topic! We've seen some quality UI design trends of 2023 and conclude that it will be impossible to survive in graphic designing if you do not remain up-to-date with the latest trends. That's how important it is to stay with the newest trend. So never think about sitting quietly on the desk. The internet world is a very fast, cruel world. Things change so fast as in a blink of an eye.

And lastly, don't forget the importance of graphic designing tools. Graphic designing or prototyping tools are the ones that made it all possible.